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I T 8t R ANNAN 8t SONS LTD 164 Woodlands Road. 332 0028. Mon-Iii 10am—5pm; Sat 10am 12.30pm.

' Works by variousartistsandpermanettt

collection of Glasgow photographs and reproductions.


357 392‘). Mon -Sat l0am—5pm'fil‘hurs 10am—9pm: Sun noon-(rpm. Cate. |D|

, Voluntary guides are available free of charge to conduct parties or individuals

round the main galleries. Ask at the enquiry desk.

? From Turner's Studio Until 1 Sept.

'l‘wenty—nine oil paintings front the Turner Bequest at the Tate (‘iallery - acollection of the works found in Turner's studio after

“t his death. including unfinished works and

preparatorystudies. 'l‘urner'soilsketches

fortn the core of the exhibition and v arious paintings and sketches represent different stagesin his life.

The Age of Turner t'ntil 1 Sept. A complementary. scene-setting look at the work of'l‘urner's contemporaries. including works by Daniel Alexander. Alexander Nasmyth and Sam Bough which illttstrates the changingattitude towards landscape painting from mid—18th early 19th centttry.

I ART EXPOSURE 53 West Regent Street. 3320808. Mon Sat Illam-bpm. Introductions I not 31 Aug. lixhibitionol work by Printmaking and Drawing and Painting graduates ot (ilasgow School of

Art and lidtnburgh College of Art. Q IARTFROMTHEBILLIARDROOM2l7 Saucltiehall Street. 332 371 l . Mon Sat

lllam--5pm. Originally designed asa

billiard room by ('harles Rennie

Mackintosh. with his ow n pancllingand stained-glass w tndow. SummerExhibition l'ntil31 Aug. A selection of works. including paintings. drawings. ceramics attd sculptures. by recent graduates from tour Scottish art schools. Also included in the exhibition are works by the gallery 'sfounder membe rs and other well known Scottish artists. I BARCLAY LENNIE FINE ART 203 Batlt Street. 226 5413. Mon l‘ri lllam~ 5pm;Sat by appointment. 19th attd 20th century paintings from stock. I BAY TREE CAFE 4f l5 ( ireat Western Road. 334 50%. 'l’ue Sun lllztitt--‘)pitt. Fred Brock: Recent Works l mu 2 Sept. I BELLGROVE STATION BILLBOARD PROJECT Bellgrove Station (Queen Street to Springburn line i. Simon Grennan and Christopher Sperandio: Posterwork Installation (nut 31 Aug. 'ntutual manipulation‘. ‘a pair olbladcless scissors. ‘the ( ’rossol St Andrew‘. ,. Make ol it what you will this is the lastin it year -lottg serles tit tlttnight-provoking billboard posters. organised and co-ordinatcd by Alan Dunn. arid installed at Bellgrove Station. I BURRELL COLLECTION l’ollokshaw s Road. (i4‘)7l5l . Mon—Sat Illam 5pm.

88'l‘he List l()— 22 August 1991


British Printmaking at Glasgow Print Studio until 31 Aug.

The comparatively small number of printmakers who acheive the international standing of their painting f

counterparts has tended to suggest that

somehow print is a less interesting medium. This exhibition should go a long way to disproving that, including as it does prints by some of the big names of the last few decades. Bringing the work of some of Britain’s most celebrated living artists to Glasgow was one of the objectives of the exhibition, butthis is notjust a show of names: works by well known

\“x " T». \ \WILL

' combination of Ienticular acrylic with

collotype used by another big name

, from the Pop era, Richard Hamilton, to

l create an eerie hologram-like

printmakers, like Patrick Caultield and i

David Hockney, are shown alongside those of artists more often associated

with other media: Paula Bego, Eduardo I

Paolozzi, Howard Hodgkin and Victor Pasmore.

The criterion used by Martin Hopkinson of the Hunterian Art Gallery - in his selection of these fifteen artists, was that they should have played significant roles in the development of printmaking since 1945. His choice demonstrates a variety of techniques, from the traditional etching/aquatint used by Paula Rego in her excellent Nursery Rhymes series to the hi-tech

self-portrait entitled Palindrome. William Tillyer’s Untitled illustrates how print can be used to produce large-scale, colourful, abstract work, and, along with the three intensely coloured works on show by Howard Hodgkin, is a powerful contrast for the smaller, figurative works of Rego and Hockney. Hodgkin‘s largerworlt, Red Palm, and Tillyer's are probably the most striking prints for their sheer size and colour, highlighted by their

positions in the gallery, butTim Mara’s

three screenprints are intriguing for their combination of stark black backgrounds with photographically reproduced objects. Patrick Caulfield is represented by three of his immaculate screenprints, including the witty Picnic Set (1978) comprising three tomatoes and four bottles of wine.

British Printmaking is not, and does not claim to be, any kind of survey of current trends in the print medium. Nevertheless, it is a good collection of

works, made mostly overthe last ten to

fifteen years, by some of Britain's majorartists. (Katrina M. Brown)

Pala Rego's A Frog He Would A Woolng Go

Wed lllant 79pm: Sun noon-ban Cafe. lDl

'I'hecollcctionol Izdwardiantycoon William Burrell housed iii a purpose-built

l gallery which isitsell’aworkofart.

l Pride of Place L'ittil Wed 14 Aug. Aspai't

ot their Diamond Jubilee celebrations. the

National Trust for Scotland has amassed i lurniture.ceramics and paintings from E twenty castles and country houses.

presenting an artistic illustration ofthe dev elopment of Scotland's social and

cultural history from the lhth century to the present day.

I COLLINS GALLERY University of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 552 440(lext 2682. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm; Sat noon—4pm.

Valerie Pragnell: Ring of Alder Until 14 Sept. A loosely arranged circle of sculptural elements. made from alder. through which Pragnell explores cyclical themes of regeneration and continuity.

The Green Man in Scotland Until 14 Sept. A

mysterious motif— possibly pagan found on gravestones throughout Scotland and meticulously researched by Betty Willsher. who compiled this exhibition. I COMMUNITY CENTRAL HALLS 304

Maryhill Road. Mon—Fri 10am—10pm; Sat

10am—5pm: Sun 1—5pm.

; Queen's Cross Housing Association

Exhibition Until 28 Aug. Documentary photographs of the social history of housing in the Queen's (‘ross area.

I COMPASS GALLERY 178 West Regent Street. 221 (i370. Mon—Sat mam—5.30pm. New Generation Artists 1991 Until 31 Aug. Acclaimed annual show of works by the graduates ofGlasgow. Edinburgh. Dundee artd Aberdeen schools ofart.

I CRAIGIE HALL 6 Rowan Road. 427 6884.

: Sat and Sun 10am—5pm.

Mackintosh in the Nineties Until September. Preview exhibition of furniture and decorative fittings for Mackintosh's Art Lover‘s l louse which is

, under construction just down the road.

I CYRIL GERBER FINE ART 148 West 3 Regent Street. 221 3095. Mon—Sat ‘).3(lam—5.30pm.

' Recent acquisitions of British art.

I DOME OF DISCOVERY South Rotunda. (‘iovan Road. 417 1792. Tue—Sun and Batik Holidays 10am—5.30pm. Science

. and technology interactiv c exhibition. featuring 31) images. a vertical

roundabout. art air cannon and Ivan Mocovich's SMART exhibits.

Events in the Tent Livery weekend. Live science shows covering a range oftopics. I EWAN MUNDY FINE ART 48 West George Street. 331 2406. Mon—Sat 9.30am- 5.30pm.

Modern British and Scottish Contemporary

Throughout Aug. Paintings and drawings by the Scottish (‘olourists. the Glasgow Boys. William (iillies. (‘rosbie. Donaldson. (iary Anderson and Jack Knox.

I FINE ART SOCIETY 134 Blythswood

Street. 332 4027. Mon—Fri

t).30am--5.30pm; Sat 10am—1pm.


Works from the gallery's collection of l‘)th ;

and 20th century Scottish art.

I GATEHOUSE GALLERY Rou ken Glen Road (gallery at entrance to Butterfly Kingdom). 6200235. Mon—Fri 1.30—6pm;

Sat and Sun l2.30pm—5.30pm; closed'l‘ue.

Summer Exhibition Until 29 Aug. Includes works by Marj Bond. ('atriona Campbell. Alexandra Gardner and Hamish MacDonald. as well as ceramics by Jane Butler-(‘ole and jewellery by Sheana


I GLASGOW PRINT STUDIO 22 King Street. 5520704. Mon—Sat “lam—5.30pm.

British Printmakers Until 31 Aug. (‘ontemporary works by Paolozzi, Hockney. Hodgkin and others -selected by Martin llopkinson of the Hunterian