_L_iSTitsiGs ART



Achim Bertenburg: Work in Progress at Windfall 91 , Seamen‘s Mission


v Artist at the Month: Fernando Lopes Limit 31

Atig. Brazilian printmaker currently studying in (ilasgow.

I GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART 167 Renfrcw Street. 332 9797. Mon—i‘ri lllam—9pm: Sat 1(1am-- 5pm; Sun 2--5pni.

The Finnish Wooden Church L'ntil 31 Atig. An exhibition demonstrating how folk builders in Finland applied the finesse of international styles of architecture tothe

i Pam Carter: Recent Paintings tiniil ZsAug.

A 1970s graduate of (ilasgow School of Art. ('arter is admired for the subtleton her landscape painting and has exhibited

in Scotland and ('hicago.

I OPEN CIRCLE GALLERY 1 lillhead Library. 348 By res Road. 33‘) 7223. Mon— Fri U.3l1am—-8pin; Sat 9.3llam--1pin.

One of seventy black and white contemporary and archive pictures taken in steelworks some from the Firth Brown

i ' - R ' i I) c. ,. * . .V’”" - g L‘s/v” -' on. it 1 r .v... I. 299‘,” ~ . 5./ M. 2 “e:

2—5pm. (‘losed Wed.

Anthea Lewis’s Jungle L'niii 5 Sept. A skilled artist with a penchant for painting animals. 1.ew is's gouache. watercolour and oil paintings feature jungle settings and surrealistic themes.

I SCOTLAND STREET SCHOOL MUSEUM 225 Scotland Street. 42‘) 12(12. Mon—Sat Wain—5pm: Sun 2—5pm. Cale.

Designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and now home to archiy e material on education in Scotland from 1872 onwards. Reconstructed classrooms giye a flay-our of Victorian. Edwardian. Second World War and 1%1 ls schooldays. Actiy'itiesfor technique of timber-ioining. and how eastern and western architecture are harmoniously combined in Finnish wooden churches.

archive on show in the Days at Steel exhibition at the Summerlee Heritage Trust. in Coatbridge until 29 Sept. Forturther

life and landscapes of the Siberian district

5431. Mon—Fri 9.3(lam—5pm; Sat

Gulag to Gorbachev t'niil31Aug. Photographs by Alexander Kuptsoy and Alexander Kuznetsoy documenting the

of Krasnoyarsk. I HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY L‘iiiy ersity of

Glasgow. 82 l lillhcad Street. 33‘) 8855 ext

; (1.3(lam—5pm.

v myriad ofway's in which artists hay e

The Nude L'ntil 1‘) ()ct. A look at the

f chosen to depict the naked form. from the : 16th to the 2(lth century . The show

L includes drawings by Whistler.

Mackintosh. Rembrandt. (iauguin.

Schiele and Hockney.


L'niy'ersity'. L'niyersity' Ayenue. 5598855.

, Mon—Fri ‘).3llam~- 5pm; Sat ‘)._‘~llam 1pm. Scotland's first public museum takes its

name from William l lunter. a student of (ilasgow L'niycrsity in the 173m. who left his substantial collection of books. prints. and yarious other curiosities tothe uniyersity. Many additions to the

collection have since been made.

I LILLIE ART GALLERY Station Road. Milngayie. 95o 2351cxt22(r.’l‘ue—-l-'ri 11am—5pm and 1-9pm; Sat and Sun

; 2—5pm. Closed Mon. _ Exhibition of Paintingstromthe Anderson

TTUSI L'ntil Sun 28Jul. ln (ialleriesoneand two. Works by Keneth Morrison Limit 34 Aug. Janette Anderson: Paintings Sat 17Aug 14 Sept.

I MCLELLAN GALLERIES 270 Saiicliicliall Street. 331 185-1. Mon— Sat litam—-5pm; Sun noon—6pm.

In Our Time: The World Seen by Magnum Photographers L'ntil 27 ()ct. A major exhibition which has been breaking attendance records all oyer the world. this is the first comprehensiye sui'y ey' ofthe work of Magnum Photos. an agency founded in 1947 by ( 'artier-Bresson. Robert (izipzi. (ieoi‘ge Rodger and others. 'l‘hree hundred photographs take in Hollywood. Northern Ireland. Iran. Nicaragua and 'l'iananmen Square - as well as portraitsof Marilyn Monroe. Henri Matisse and Louis Armstrong. Don't miss it.

I 908 GALLERY l2 ()tago Street. Kely'inbridge. 33‘) 3158. Mon~Sat lilam~opm.


details. ring 0236 31261.

children include a collection ofold games i

which cart be hired for 5llp and played w itli l

: in the school‘s playground.

Mackintosh Originals l mu :0 Sept. A complete set of ten original draw ings lor

Scotland Street School. all signed by

Mackintosh. are display ed alongside

drawings and photograplisol the recent

million pound restoration of the building.

I SEAMEN'S MISSION Bi‘oomielaw. into:

i 552 2822. INC Sun noon 7pmzclosed

Mon. Windfall '91 l'iitil 25 Aug. 'l'he artistic highlightol'(ilasgow‘syear 2barlists front six European coiinti ies hay e spent .in ' inteiisiyc and ereatiy e month lilliiigsome .‘illcxliibition spaces in a large buildingdtie to be demolished. Windlall ")1 includes installation. time-based and photographic. and performance w oi k. It is the third project of its kind. the first took place in London's l lyde Park and the second in the docklands of Bremen. (iermany. I SPRINGBURN MUSEUM Ay r Street. 552 14(15.Mon-I-ri lll.5llam- 5pm: Sat lllam 4.3!lpm: Sun 2 5pm. Winner of the 198‘) Award for Social and Industrial l listoi'y and described asthc lirst real community museum in Britain. Glancing at Dancing t ‘niil Sun 1 1 .-\ug. A Springburn perspectiy c on ( ilasgow 's erstwhile most popular pastime «dancing. i with allthcglit/and bigbandglaiiiourthat i went with it. I STREET LEVEL 27‘) 281 High Street. 552 2151. Wed»Sat l lam hpm; Sun 2 4pm. Acts of Small Significance 1 ‘mil 1 scpi. A multi-mediaexhibition by two(ilasgow artists Rebecca l‘inch tocuses on the rcpctitiye rituals of one woman‘s priy ate life. Rachel Meehaii's subject is prostitution. an examination ot‘the concepts of defilement. morality . abtise and irresponsibility. I THIRO EYE CENTRE ‘5l 1 Sauehiehall Street. 532 2521. 'l'ue-Sat Illam 5.3llpm; Sun 2 5.5llpm. OtherFrontiers t‘niii 1 Sept. i-‘ouioi (‘anada's most innoy atiy e women artists exhibit together for the first time in Britain: (iiselc Arnantea w ill till the smaller gallery with her plaster ‘altai '. complete with pop icons: lee Dickson's mixed-media pieces concentrate on the ‘heart'. while Nell 'l'eiihaai and Mina l 'l'otino question gender. with textual panelsand canyases depictingpopular imagesof women. I TRANSMISSION GALLERY 28 King Street. 552 4815. Mon Sat noon bpm. Angus Hood. Simon Patterson and Thomas Walsh 1 pill 51 Aug l~rom lzdinburgh. London and ( iltisgtm respectiy ely . three young 'paiiiters’ with do use approaches towards current artistic attitudes. .WASPS 2ftKlithlt'ccl.552ll5o-i. Mon- It‘ri‘lam 5pm; Sat Ill..‘~llam 5pm. A shop. exhibition space and resource centre. with iiitormaiion on work by all WASPS artists. slide library and iiitoi‘itiatioii about how tocoiiimission work.


University of Glasgow

THE NUDE Until 19 October

{closed 27-30 September inclusive)

Mon - Sot 9.30 - 5.00

Admission Free

Extended public access supported wrth Funds from Glasgow District Cooocd

'l‘ltel ist lb 22 \iigiisi W"! 89