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to take advantage of. With so many inane or poorly acted children‘s shows gracing the Fringe. Peter Dennis provides a dextrous simplicity certain to charm the pants off children first discovering A.A. Milne or adults

a flurry at the finish. Not brilliant. but worth a visit ifyou fancy an hour away from reality. (Neil West) I The Moon’s Not AVirgin Anymore (Fringe) And Then Some Productions. Calton Studios (Venue

71 ) 556 7066. until 31 Aug

(not Mons). 12.30pm. harbouring cosy £4.50(£4). memories. Indeed. the day I heard

Mr Dennis reading selections from Winnie-The-Pooh. Now We Are Six and When We Were Very Young. his audience was composed exclusively of adults. happily cajoled into providing story requests. Dennis brings the bemused Pooh and his snifny pal Piglet to animation. I left with a startling respect for Eeyore: Old Grey Donkey. Poet. and surely Spokesman for our Times.



AK247 Theatre Co-Op know the dilemma of political theatre— committed boredom or entertaining irrelevance. and in this tale ofa penniless but politically aware theatre group they manage to combine the worst elements of both. ‘Bush'. being a brief history of President George. is a play within a

She may look like any other ordinary elderly Russian housewife going about



Leipzig Bach Competition of Bach’s 48 Preludes and Fugues inspired Shostakovich (who was one of the 'judges that year) to write his own 24 Preludes and Fugues in homage to Bach specially for her and premiered by Nikolaeva in 1952.

At the newly renovated Queen’s Hall on Wednesday 28 and Friday 30 she gives two morning recitals of the complete Shostakovich set, numbers 1—12 on the first occasion and numbers 13—24 on the next. Her recording of the Preludes and Fugues (Hyperion CDA66441/3), released this spring, met with great critical acclaim, as did her Wigmore Hall recital in February. It is no wonder that Nikolaeva has a unique insight into the work, as when each one was completed Shostakovich would excitedly invite her to play it to him, holding her in such esteem that he would ask for her advice on their composition. (Carol Main)

Tatyana Nikolaeva (International Festival) Queen’s Hall (Venue 72) 225 5756, Wed 28 and Thurs 30 Aug, 11am,

human crab. and the trio are as relentless in their energies as in the original.

Understanding is not assisted by the presence of a ‘word-mechanic‘ who

re-writes the rest of the g ofthe buds-WigC drama as " Raiders of the LostAardvark

progresses. making it impossible to become involved with the series of inconsistent incidents which befall them—or don‘t. as the case maybe. An interesting if hackneyed idea rapidly rendered vacuous in all its agit-prop sincerity. (Stephen Chester) I Doing Bush (Fringe) AK:47 Theatre Co-Op. Greyfriars Kirk I louse (Venue 28) 225 2626. until 31 Aug. 12 noon.£4 (£2.50).

HEB}- cornea!

Bother! is a quiet treat which parents should rush


As with most sequels ‘Lost Aardvaark Two‘ tries the same formula as the original. but with the addition of ‘a touch ofsex appeal' in the form of Andrew Buckland. who plays Salty Hepburn‘s undiscovered grandson.

It is another action~packed goodies and baddies story using lots of ingenious and amusing devices in the process ofthe story telling.

Having seen Aardvark One the day before it didn't seem as wildly inventive as the original. yet there are some flashes

Two (Fringe) Netherbow Centre (Venue 30) 23. 26. 28. 30 Aug. 1 lam. £3.50 (£2.50).


Cute script. shame about the acting. Alan Ayckbourn's play. following the adventures of Suzy and her dog Neville. appears on the surface to be nearly indestructable. Certainly the act of villainry our protagonists must untangle ~ the sabotage of sound by the irritable Mr Acousticus— is novel enough. Plus. the characters have a certain

12 New World Class World and British Premieres


o 3 I - 2 2 e z a 3 3

Sllttlllltt talllll‘l SKY WOMAN FALLING Starring Un


. '- GluowHenld LIGHT IN THE VILLAGE by John Clifford

"beautifully directed with a clutch of llflf.‘ performances" - Guardian


(Downstage Theatre - New Zealand) 'origiml.mrchicendlubvuaivo &m .. .notfatbequcemiah' -R:et.ivalTirme

MEMORIES OF AMNESIA Directed by Ken Campbell - Performed by Stephen Oxley

"shocking JIIIAPI(Z\I'~C1>' conveyed . . . beautifully managed . . . an exceptional show" ~ Independent

large unstructured sprawl. (Roberta Mock) her usua' business, but pianist Tawana a badly staged piece of I Bother! Presented by "women has an extraordinary special propaganda whose Peter Dennis (Fringe)

deliberate awfulness is Edinburgh Playhouse and gm' Her nedmmancesmme1gso probably the most Studio (Venue 59) 556

entertaining part ofthe 046] . noon. until 31 Aug. . .' .

piece. £4.50 (£4). of bl’lllldnCL like the

built-in charm. especially Suzy’s man-hungry mother and the oft drunk provider ofchocolate cake. Mr Passerby. It even includes some neat bits of audience participation. The highlight ofthis production. unfortunately. is the sheer embarrassment of the poor laconic soul forced to crawl about on the floor saying ‘woof woof‘. (Roberta Mock)

I MrA's Amazing Maze Plays (Fringe) Theatre West End. Theatre West End (Venue 126). 22. 24. 26. 28. 30Aug. 12.40pm. £3.50 (£2.50).


Deep in an enchanted forest. the fairy elements awaken during an eclipse after 150 years ofsleep.

Through music. song. dance and storytelling. the fairies play and celebrate the magic in all ofus. mixing tales of Little Miss Moffat. tall and short flowers. the most beautiful girl in the world. spoilt boys. and the wonderful world of colours.

This is an impressively polished show that accomplishes a high degree of professionalism in all areas ofits

production. A children‘s feast. that lasts well over an hour and a half.but that manages to sustain an energetic pace and the interest of a broad range of age groups a minor miracle. (Michael

I Balfour)

' lThe Magic mm

a (Fringe)FlyAway

| Theatre Company.

3 FestivalClub(Venue 36). ' 6502395.until3l Aug. 10. 15am.£4 (£3).



Bob Kingdom provides culture vultures with not only the opportunity to revel in a masterful portrayal of Dylan Thomas. but also a chance to hear some cracking good yarns. ln roly-poly language he ventures forth upon the American lecture circuit. drinking outings with his buffalo of an uncle. and back to the streets of Swansea where he served as a junior reporter.

The drinking establishments. schools and parks Thomas rediscovers are only an excuse for the homecoming; the true object of his search is really Dylan Thomas. young. spunky . drunk. and pretentious. Whether Thomas finds this self is irrelevant. since with his acute sense of perception. he probably never lost it. More important is the Dylan Thomas the audience discovers on his journey. a man who is sharp andendearing. (Roberta Mock)

I Dylan Thomas: Return Journey (Fringe) Bob Kingdom. Assembly Rooms (Venue 3) 220 434‘). until 31 Aug. noon. £6(£5)!£7(£6).

Tel: 031 - 661 9121

THE CALTON CENTRE (Venue 1 19) 121 Montgomery Street

"123 SPLOSH"

{3. Mollie 6 Mr Moon in a journey through the weather 5 seasons f ' L 26 - 31 Aug 10.30am 23 (£2.50)

and for juniors


an adventure culminating in a big quiz for the audience

26 - 31 Aug 11.4Sam 23 (£2.50)


INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S THEATRE COMPANY will perform their highly succesle infants show

24 The List 23 29 August 1991