, v THEATRE 'Bad Grassmarket Project 43 The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas Quinquereme Theatre 41 Between The Teeth Theatre For Africa 28 'Bible Stories and Beauty Pageant Casual Theatre 34 The Blind Theatre Zoo 48 Boardroom Shuttle American Connexion 50 Cabaret Essential Music Theatre 48 Can't Stand Up For Falling Down Hull Truck 36 Carnival Street NSTC 36 Casanova Borderline 44 Closure - The Story oi Craig Braidhurst High Theatre 45 A Conversation with Georgia O’Keeie Stageworks 37 Conversations with a Golliwog Glasgow Arts Centre 21 Crossed Wires Fly-Away Theatre 47 Cymbeiine Wales Actors' Company 43 Dear isabel The Custard Factory Theatre Company 28 Decadence QMW Theatre 54 Derek's Dilemma Edinburgh Playhouse Studio 22 Desirs Parade Philippe Genty 39 D.|.V.D.B.C.E. Roaring Girls Theatre Company 31 Dog Dave Cohen 36 Doing Bush AK:47 Theatre Company 24 A Dream Play California Fault-Zone Theatre 34 Dress Suits to Hire Split Britches 33 Oriitwood HFC Theatre Company 41 Dylan Thomas: Return Journey Bob Kingdom 24 East Paradox 50 The Erplngham Camp Aiarmist Theatre 50 Extremitles Glasgow Arts Centre 45 Fall Arius Aquarius 54 The Gilt-Angela de Castro The Arc 54 Guys and Dolls National Youth Music ', Theatre 42 Going For a Love Song Cacciatore Fabbro 48 Greek Theatre West 54 Hanging's Too Good ior Them Western Union 34 The Happiest Days ot Your Lila Onstage 66 The Honours oiDrumlie Leitheatre 44 The ice Pick Aids Positive Theatre 42

In Search oi Omar Khayyam El Hakawati 21 Keepers oi the Deep Sea Light Glasgow Arts

Centre 27 Knlie Games Mania Productions 47 : Knit One Murder One Lip Service 44 ' Knuckle import Theatre 36

The Last Picnic Bunbury and Millstream 31 Lipstick Tango Buster Theatre Living Space The Collective of Natural

Memories oi Amnesia Traverse Theatre 47 Minor oi the Moon Profundis Theatre 47 The Moon's Not A Virgin Anymore And Then

Some Productions 22

Disasters 50 Lone Star/Laundry and Bourbon Kick Back Theatre 44 The Lost Prince Brahma Kumaris 44 The Love oi The Nightingale EUTC 36 Love Lies Bleeding Kaleidoscope Theatre 48 Macbeth Odd Socks Theatre 46

I Making Swiit Edinburgh Playhouse Studio 31 Making The Number Up NSTC 37 = The Master and the Margarita Four Corners Theatre Company 28

A Most Curious Murder Eclectia Words and

Music 46 Nature The Grand Opera ofOklahoma 21 Nine Bells ior Bentley Exacting Theatre Company 28 No Tender Vocabulary NSTC 37 Once Upon a War National Youth Music Theatre 40 The Peasant at El SaivadorCompany Theatre 47 People Pie Time in our 1 lands 36 Pop Changeinspeak 36 Purple Hearts Los Altos Conservatory Theatre 22 Richard ill Cambridge Experimental Theatre 31 Saiehouse KL‘LT 42 Sale Kahle Theatre For Africa 44 ShelterTmu-Na Theatre 52 SingularWomen Lesley Joseph 39 Snapl This Way Up Theatre Company 28 Songs oiJericho Fair Exchange Theatre 47 State oi Play Yorkshire Theatre

Company 31 Sweet Land oi Liberty Consenting Adults Theatre Company 31 The Taming at The Shrew Edinburgh Playhouse Studio 37 Thatcher's Women Stomping Feet

Theatre 34 These Colours Don't Run Bedfordshire Youth Theatre 47

Tomorrow We Do The Sky Traverse Theatre

44 Trophy Hunters Theatre For Africa 28 Vision oi Nostriidamus Big Nazo 42

The Wall Cambridge University Amateur

Dramatic Club 52 Wicked Bastard oi Venus The Custard Factory Theatre Company 28

Witchplay Three Women and a Passion 33 The Wonderiul, Wondertul, Sexy World oi Theatre Confederacy of Fools 54

Woyzeck Berliner Grundtheater 48 Zun Teatr Ekspresji 40


Adele Anderson The Pleasance 34 At Last Close Up Magic Gerry Sadowitz 36 AvnerThe Eccentric Pleasance 44 Cambridge Underground Cambridge Footlights 37 Cheryl Rock Opera 54 Circus Oz Assembly/Wildcat 31 Citizen Keane Dillie Keane 40 Comedy in Tatters TicToc 52 Comparing Notes The Fairer Sax 44 Corky and The Juice Pigs Gilded Balloon 52 The Cutting Edge Comedy Store 40 The Czecks Assembly Rooms 48 Jack Dee Assembly Rooms 51 Doug Anthony Allstars George Square Theatre 52 Orayion Underground The Pleasance 37 Lee Evans and Jeti Green The Counting House 42 The Fabulous Tony Greytriars 47 L The Funny Farm Fringe Club 47 Hammersmith Fats Festival Club 46

Lenny Henry Playhouse and Studio 8 Johnny immaterial and ian MacPherson

Gilded Balloon 46 The Incredible Shrinking Mortgage Show Wilson and Barnes 52 Jenny Lecoat Assembly 51 ' Live esSex Cabaret at the Square 48

Chris Lynam is Lord Byron in Mad, Bad and

Dangerous to Know Chris Lynam 43 Ennio Marchetto The Pleasance 54 Mindreader and Hypnotist Peter Zenner 40 Rob Newman George Square Theatre 51

Clusone Trio TDKJazz Festival 50 Egberto Gismonti TDK Jazz Festival 42 Leon Redbone Jazz Festival 40 That Swing Thang Assembly/Wildcat 47 Bother Peter Dennis 24 Gunpowder. Treason and PlotJester Children‘s Theatre 22 Hour at the WerewoltTheatre West End 22 Last Laugh Flesh it Out Theatre Company 21 Magic Bob Visits Mr BoomTheatre

Workshop 24

l, Magic at Me Fly AwayTheatre

Company 24 MrA's Amazing Maze Plays Theatre Workshop 24 ' Music and Culture at Latin America Leverndale Arts Group 21

One oiourMonstersis Mything Freeiali Monster Company 22 Pips and Panda in Circus-Land Pu rves .1

Puppets 22

, Aardvark Theatre For Africa

Newsrevue '91 Tie Toc at Marco's 48 No Laughing Matter ’91 27 100 Lines Alex Langdon and Vicky

Coren 28 The Oxtord Revue Odd Socks Theatre 50

Oxiord and Cambridge Women's Revue Tic Toc at M arco‘s

Cynthia Payne At Home Pleasance

Play by Ear Sweeney and Steen

Rebels With a Chord Skim Video

Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer Gilded Balloon 52 Regina Fang. Last oi the Romanotis The Traverse

Nick Revell and Stu Who? Greytriars Kirk 52 Something Strange Thomas

Blackthorne 40 Some Silly Slightly Satirical Songs Sheila

Graham 22 Jimmy Tingle Assembly/Wildcat 41


Ballet at The Deutsche Opereeriin international Festival

Collecting Gravity Terry Beck Troupe Nina Corti. Flamenco Inspiration St John‘s Church 48 Jiving Lindy Hoppers Assembly/Wildcat 37

42 48

A Nightmare For Charles Darwin Shanghai Taro Buto Koushi 22 Brazilian Street Procession Weekend Arts

College 21


Leonard Friedman Richard Demarco

Gallery 44 Live Music Now 36 Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra international Festival 40 Tan Dun international Festival 36 Tatyana Nikoiaeva international

Festival 24 DeaiHeights Fringe Club 50 The Lost Soul Band Fringe Club 50

_ v FOLK

Rock, Salt, Hails Fringe Club 50 Stealing Through The Night Boat Thief 42


Return oi the Son at the Raiders oi the Lost


The List 23 2‘) August