Synchronise watches, Festival-goers. and eyes down lorThe List's exclusive minute-hy-minute guide to where to be in Edinburgh at any given moment.


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I 'Ooh, I don'tgo much on the Festival, but I like the tireworits.’ says many a philistine local. This year that hotel on Castle Street has been demolished, thus ensuring a better view. Glenlivet Fireworks Concert (Festival). Ross Bandstand. 29 Aug. 10.30pm.




I Don’t try this one at home, kids. unless you wantto audition lora Hungarian perlormance group.

Living Space-The Collective ot Natural Disasters (Fringe), Demarco Gallery (Venue 22) 557 0707, Until 30 Aug (not 24, 25), 9.15pm, £4 (£3).

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