I ASSEMBLY ROOMS 54 George Street. 226 2842. Daily 11am—midnight‘.Sat l0am—midnight.

Punch 150: Happy Birthday Mr Punch! Until 31 Aug. Festival regulars. Punch's 150th birthday exhibition features all the best jokes cartoons from Steadman. EH. Shepard and others.

I FINE ART SOCIETY 137 George Street. 2206370. Mon-Fri 9.30am—5.30pm; Sat 10am— 1 pm.

Opening the Window: British Artists in Meiji Japan 1880-1900 Until 7 Sept. An artistic contribution to Britain‘s Japan Festival

1991 . including works by Sir Alfred East. ' Mortimer Menpes. EA. Hornel. George Henry and others. The collection presents an insight into a country little understood by the West and reveals the influence of ‘Japonisme’ on some of Britain‘s most important artists.

I NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND The Mound. 556 8921. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm.

Saved for Scotland Until 29 Sept. Works by Blake. Stubbs. Raphael. Poussin. Gainsborough. Velazquez and Van Gogh all acquired by Scottish collections with the help ofthe National Art Collections Fund. set up in 1903 to help galleries buy works of particular importance.

The Stylish Image: Printmakers to the Court of Rudolf I| Until 13 Oct. A dedicated patron of the arts. the Emperor Rudolfll accumulated an impressive collection of engravings from his accession in 1576. until his death in 1612 which was housed in the great palace of Prague. This exhibition includes artists such asJan Saenredam. Hendrik Goltziusand Acgidius Sadeler and is drawn from collections throughout Europe.

I OPEN EYE GALLERY 75 Cumberland Street. 557 1020. Mon—Fri l0am—6pm;Sat 10am—4pm.

From Durer to Picasso: 500 Years of Master Printmaking Until 5 Sept.

I ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lnverleith Row. 552 7171. Mon-Sat ()am—sunset; Sun llam-sunset. Cafe. [D].

Redoute’s Roses Until 15 Sept. £2 (£l) children free. The darling of Parisian society and favourite of two French Queens Empress Josephine and Marie Antoinette Pierre-Joseph Redouté’s paintings of roses are the most famous botanical images ofall time. Redoute. who was born in 1759. once explained that he painted only flowers because ‘it was better to establish supremacy in one field. ' no matter how lowly. than to risk failure in a more exalted one'.

I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY The Mound. 2256671. Mon-Sat 10am—5pm;Sun 2—5pnr

Virtue and Vision: Sculpture and Scotland 1540-1990 Until 15 Sept. £1 (50p). A sweeping panorama ofthe role of sculpture in Scotland from SamuelJoseph. the first sculptor to show at the Royal Scottish Academy in 1826. to Eduardo Paolozzi. William Turnbull and Ian Hamilton Finlay sculptors who bring the images fprimitive and classical societies to bear on their work.

Sculpture in Action Until 15 Sept. A series of week-long sculpture workshop exhibitions with eight leading Scottish artists. Works include portrait busts in clay. wood. stone. bronze and abstract pieces.

George Wyllie Sat 24—30 Aug. The famous creator of spires and A Machinefor Applauding Works of A r!.



Charles Negre's Riviera, at the French Institute until 7 Sept. Negre’s 19th century photographs of the French Riviera capture the area as it was before tourism turned it into an early equivalent of the Costa def Sol. Taken in the 1860s, when the shore was given over to fishing boats rather than luxury yachts, the pictures of Cannes, Nice and Menton represent a nostalgic glimpse of a world which is gone forever. Promontories on which now stand casinos, villas and hotels, then sported herbs and shrubs. Inland, Provence is a world of windmills and monasteries, churches and chateaux.

One telling picture shows Lord Brougham ‘en familie’, fairing the air on the terrace of his villa. It is a painful reminder of the tourist invasion (not just a 20th century phenomenon) that turned Provence from countryside to playground for the idle rich.

What is perhaps most interesting about Negre, however, is that he

trained as a painter. Ill health forced him to move from Paris to his native Provence (he was born in Grasse). A pupil of Ingres and Delaroche, he began photographing in 1851, intending to use the results as studies for his painting. The photographs easily stand up on their own merit and the composition of his landscapes and village scenes is matched by his telling portraits although the full-length pictures of assorted dignitaries are less interesting.

An early pioneer of the art of photography, Negre is credited with inventing the photogravure printing process and he also experimented with documentary photography. His street scenes of Paris (not shown in this exhibition) are redolent of Cartier-Bresson, while pictures of the funeral of Tsarevich Nicholas in Nice, 1865, captured on film a news event at a time when newspapers were still using line drawings. (Kennedy Wilson)

Place. 229 931 1. Daily 10am—5pm. Andrew Wallter: Drawings and Paintings 1981-1991 Until 1 Sept.

Donald Urquhart: Recent Paintings Until 1 Sept.

I I DUNEDIN GALLERY 6 Hillside Street. ' Wed—Sun 11am—6pm. TheArtofMedicine Until3l Aug.An

exploration of the relationship between art and medicine - medical subjects in art. illness in the artist. . . it‘s enough tomake you feel a bit poorly.

I EDINBURGH PRINTMAKERS WORKSHOP AND GALLERY 23 Union Street. 557 2479. Mon-Sat “lam—5.30pm.

Marc Chagall: Selected Graphic Works Until 14 Sept. A rare chance to see a selectionof lithographs and etchings by the French artist. ‘Lyrical images demonstrate his marvellous use of colour. line and tone in his perpetual exploration of the themesof love. religion and animal life.‘

I EDITH SIMON GALLERY Student Centre. Bristo Square. 667 0214. Mon—Sat 10.30am—6.30pm.

Signals Until 31 Aug. A ‘powerful‘ new collection of Simon's scalpel-paintings. sculpture. audio-visual and video pieces. I FRUITMARKET GALLERY 29 Market Street. 225 2383. Mon—Sat 10am—8pm; Sun 11am—5pm.

Ian Hamilton Finlay and the Wild Hawthorn Press 1958-1991 Until 14 Sept. £2 (£1 ). Poet. artist. garden designer

: Landscapes Until 29 Sept. £2 (£1). A

E major exhibition of work. including a

group of nine vast paintings— the result of Andrews‘ visit in 1983 to Ayers Rock and the Uluru National Park in Australia.

extraordinaire. Finlay was also Britain's first concrete poet and The Wild Hawthorn Press. which he founded. continues to publish his work. This. the first major retrospective of Finlay‘s printed work. features his concrete poetry. neon works and some of more recent. classically-based work. Finlay’s best known themes. the sea.c1assical Arcadia and the French Revolution are all

represented. and there is a slide display of Finlay‘s garden at Stonypath. Lanarkshire.

I GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belford Road. 556 8921. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm. [D] Cafe.

The galleryfs justly renowned cafe isopen Mon—Sat l().30am—4.30pm; Sun 2.30—4.20pm. Entry to the permanent collection is free.

Michael Andrews: Ayers Rock and Other

Andrews produced the canvases in his studio in Norfolk. bringing back bags of soil and rock dust and mixing them with the paint to enhance the texture and physical reality of the paintings. A number of Andrews‘ Scottish landscapes are also included in the show.


Street. 556 6020. Tue—Fri 10am—5pm; Sat 10am—1pm. Sol Lewitt: Five Geometric Structures and theirCombinations Until in Aug. Works by other gallery artists also on show. I NETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE 43 High Street. 5569579. Mon—Sat mam—4.30pm. Camouflage Reviewed. Ordnance Surveyed Until 31 Aug. Paintings. drawings and sculptures. by Tim Pomeroy. which raise questions about leadership and the military and are inspired by his research into the Second World War. I OPEN EYE GALLERY 75 Cumberland Street. 557 1020. Mon—Fri l0am~6pm. Sat l0am—4pm. Contemporary British Sculpture Until 5 Sept. I ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN Inverleith Row. 552 7171. Mon—Sat 9am—sunsct: Sun Ham—sunset. Cafe. [D]. The Avant Garden Until 20 ()ct. Contemporary garden and conservatory ‘furniture'. including Paul Amey‘s pink flamingoes and Kate Mellor‘s stoneware lanterns. There is something for every garden say the organisers. ‘from rolling parkland to city window-box. from elegant orangcry to humble lean-to“. I TALBOT RICE GALLERY Edinburgh University Old College. South Bridge. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm. Zen: Hamano and Ryu Until 7 Sept. Contemporary work by the Japanese painter Toshihiro Hamano dedicated to the restatement of the traditional valuesof Zen Buddhism —. alongside works by a small group of his disciples who have formed the group Ryu. The Poor Fisherman Until 7 Sept. This painting. by Puvis de (.‘havannes. wasan important inspiration to artists like Seurat. Gaugin and Picasso. In Scotland it struck a particular chord with William McTaggart. John Duncan and. recently. with Ian Hamilton Finlay. This exhibition has been conceived by Finlay. focuses on his relationship with the paintingand includes a major sculpture not previously exhibited in Scotland.


I THE ASH GALLERY 156 Canongate. 556 2160. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm.

Mary Dueen of Scots. . . AFeminist Tradition? Until 31 Aug. A seriesof exhibitions by Scottish women. in homage to the Queen ‘whosc life pattern was set out in front of her. whose future and eventual fate was planned and decided by others and whose freedom was rcpressed'. Lys Hansen: IThought you Loved me and Jane Macallister: Prayer for Mary until 3i Aug.

I BLUE MOON CAFE 60 Broughton Street. 5562788. Daily. 1 lam—11pm.

l’etli;....ct.i u-II. . n... .m. iv» by Lelia Galloway. Tony Cooper. Alistair Warner and David Hutchinson.

I BOURNE FINE ART 4 Dundas Street. 557 4050. Mon~Fri 10am—6pm; Sat


Sir William Gillies (1898—1973) Until 30 Aug. A major retrospective ofone ofthe most influential Scottish artists this century. Together with Anne Rcdpath

and Sir William McTaggart. Gillies spearheaded the talented groupof

painters known as the Edinburgh School. He exhibited more than 3000 paintings in his lifetime. This collection isof l watercolours (iillies‘ oil paintings areon show at The Scottish Gallery. I CALTON GALLERY 10 Royal Terrace. 556 : 1010. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm1Sat 10am—1pm.

David Murray Smith (1865-1952): Sketches otLandscape Until 31 Aug. Watercolours.

oilsand etchings by an Edinburgh-born I

The» List 23 29 August 1991 63