I Butdoesthetortoise have an Equity card? Grand Opera at Oklahoma havethe answers.

Nature (Fringe). Grand Opera ol0klahoma, Demarco Gallery (Venue 22) 557 0707, 26—31Aug, noon. £3.50 (£2.50).


I In Deioe’s time, London was substantially smaller than nowadays, asthe Johnson Family prove atthe Chaplaincy Centre.

Roxana (Fringe), The Johnson Family, Chaplaincy Centre (Venue 23) 556 5184, until 25 Aug, 6pm, £4.50 (£3).

I Escaping trom Sharon and Tracy and her role as the suburban nympho Dorien, Lesley Joseph otters some bittersweet tales attheAssembly Rooms.

Singular Women (Fringe) LesleyJoseph, Assembly Rooms (Venue 3) 220 4349, 25—31 Aug, 5pm, £6 (£5).

I Typical reviewer/penormer interaction, as acted out by Black Mime Theatre at the Pleasance.

Total Rethink (Fringe) Black Mime Theatre, The Pleasance (Venue 33) 556 6550, until 31 Aug (not27), 1pm, £5 (£3), weekends £5.50 (£3.50).


Guaranteed hot stun shows selected by the loot-soldiers in the critical war, our trained battalion of List reviewers (that’s enough militaristic language- Ed).

Vic Reeves And Bob MortimerTesting new material at the Gilded Balloon. Tickets are rarer than a cheap show at the Assembly Rooms.

The Ice-Pick AIDS Positive Underground Theatre in a moving and thoughtful piece at Theatre workshop.

Love Lies Bleeding Kaleidoscope Theatre mix music, dance, theatre and the Holy Grail into a compelling show at St Martin’s Church.

The Erpingham Camp A skilful Orton adaptation by Alarmist Theatre at the Bedlam.

Rock, Salt And Nails Elusive but seductive Shetland folk. Catch them at the Fringe Club or the Acoustic Music Centre.

Ave Maria Linda Scott ofThéatre de Complicite’ stars in a quirky but intriguing one-woman show at the Assembly Rooms.

Sleep with Me Too Gone Fishin’

Theatre Company return with a

7 much-improved sequel to last year’s teaser at Buster Brown‘s.

SlightPossessionTalkingTongues present a powerful mystery thriller at the Demarco Gallery.

Jenny Lecoat Filthy sex jokes from a feminist angle at the Assembly Rooms, with tuneful support from Richard Morton.


Collecting Gravity The Terry Beck

dance troupe offer sensual and

intellectual views of human desires | and needs.

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