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b re: s s e r l e - open seven days food served all day tri 8: sat i LUNCH

s Monday-Saturday re S U r0 n1 Noon-2.30pm tuosday—saturday 1900-2200



house, serving a broad menu. | I Samsun 73 Fountainbridge, 229 including a good choice for 3645. Seven days a week. open until vegetarians. The peshawari nan is 3am, Better than average kebabs tasty 3nd unusual Very reasonably and other Turkish delights to take price . awa . M DINNER I Little Japan Delicatessen 6 Barclay . Shyamiana 14 Brou ham Street onday-Thursday g . 5304 [pm Terrace, 228 5448. Tue-‘Slm 2282265029 5578. Really excellent 11.30am—7pm. Scotland 8 only Indian cooking in an idiosyncratic Friday-Saturday Japanese food store. piled high with pink. black and white setting. Here 5.30-Midnight lurid Pad“?ts 0f “filamlllar _ . subtlety is not simply understood as , substances. Sushi, tempura. sukiyaki madness _ each dish Offers a SundaY etc freshly prepared to order. delicious combination of distinct 6. 30‘ l I "aSIlUKS Bruntsfield Place. flavours. 7054. Mon—Fri 8am-8pm; Sat till I Szechuan House 95 Gilmore Place, 6pm; Sun 10am—5pm. International 229 4655. 5,3()pm_midnight, Not delicatessen selling everything from surprisingly. Chinese food of the hot wild rice to cILcstnut [Eiffécflo ff and spicy Szcchuan variety. Very hand-made c ccscs. a C or CO CC. ood. and noticeably onerous 'LA CUISINE D'ODILE' cake, quiche etc, open the same gortiong ' g times.


:— Afo re ye go

Scotland: home at the heart attack or ' salmon’s a treat you shouldn’t ignore. gourmet's glee? When buying land or Talking oi water, why not just till up a drink as a reminder at your stay in the tow old lemonade bottles lrom the capital, then the choice is yours. nearest burn. Friends and relatives in It's the humble haggls which springs the Big Smoke will be eternally grateiul

v Q§i§6§€§g§b 4 to mind when considering indigenous tor the money you have saved them on 90 $8 V\ 6. 9V APPETISERS Scottish produce. lithe thought oi a buying Strathmore and Highland Q 0% Q. Q, I2 noon-8pm Daily sheep’s stomach (yum, yum) stutted Spring bottled water. {3’ Q Q, 65 ottal, mutton and oatmeal, has you For elderly person-lriendly glits in ‘Q Q? 630 salivating, then get yoursellup to twee boxes look no lurtherthan 0Q 99 4“ McSween's at 130 Bruntstleld Place. Jenners lood hall (Harrods but \k y, These haggli allclonados stock the wee smaller). The oatcakes and Y’ Q9 beastles in all shapes and sizes, shortbreads will undoubtedly be 90 although those at a weaker constitution delicious, but those rolling glens, may preier the vegetarian variety. be-ribboned Scottie dogs, be.kilted o - o v - o - You’re supposed to boil them, but don’t cavemen and acres at tartan may put La (Pmsm? d Od'le as “"5 worry. Alternatively, they make you oh all land ior several days. cafe '5 summed Offers a rare attractive and unusual paperweights or It is the whisky (that’s whisky, not glimpse of French food as door stops. In a similar vein (le also Scotch orwhiskey) though, that makes

made oi blood), black puddings can be the ultimate gilt. Snap up a bottle or

't '5 served at h0me° I T H E C l T Y C A F E had atany good butchers, where you'll two olBell's orGrouse by all means.

also lind the delicious, and but tor something really special, toddle vegetarian-lrlendly, lunnily enough, oil to one at the specialist whisky shops white puddings. (Waverley Market and the High Street

It you leel a bit lishy, don't pass that both boast one), pester the llshmongers without picking up some knowledgable staii and come away lresh Scottish salmon, but remember with a line single malt. Once home, all to pack it in ice or that trailic jam on the the rain, the rude locals, the lack at


Cafe dc l'Institut, French Institute,

13 Randolph Crescent. Edinburgh M6 on your way home may become public toilets et al will be lorgotten in a _ more nightmarish than you could ever whisky-induced stupor. 031 225 5366. t t . imagine. Reared ln pollution-tree Enioy! (Susan Mackenzie)

environs and tresh, clean water,

70 The List 23 29 August 1991