course. they fall for each other. Funny. charming. and not without profundity. but suspend your disbelief for the denoumeni. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer(18) (John McNaughton. US. 1986) Michael Rooker. Tom Towles. Tracey Arnold. 8() mins. Based loosely on the true life (and

subsequently recanted) confessions of Henry Lee Lucas. McNaughton‘s exemplary film is a harrowing account of an amoral mass murderer. Scenes ofrape ‘, and mutilation transcend the usual titillation of the genre and force the audience to question the use of murder as entertainment. Simultaneously one ofthe most important releases of recent years. and one recommended with caution. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I High Plains Drifter( 18) (Clint Eastwood. US. 1973) Clint Eastwood. Verna Bloom. 10?. mins. A mysterious stranger ridcs into town. and (literally) turns it into Hell. Intriguing stuff from Eastwood the star and director. harnessing the Man With No Name formula to the dcmandsofthis i enigmatic fable. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I In Bed With Madonna ( 18)(A1ek Keshishian. US. 1991 ) Madonna. her dancers. the tour crew. a bottle ofmineral water. 119 mins. This behind the scenes look at the world‘s top pop icon may not be the candid revelation the hype would have us believe. but newcomer Keshishian provides a constantly entertaining portrait of the artist. as she switches from super-bitch to mother mode. Concert footage of the Blond Ambition tour is impressive and tightly edited. but the highlights have to be Beatty and Costner making total prats ofthemselves. Glasgow: Odeon. Edinburgh: ()deon.

I Jules El Jim (PG) (Francois Truffaut. France. 1961 ) Jeanne Moreau. Oskar Werner. Henri Serre. 105 mins. Truffaut‘s early masterpiece. telling the comi-tragic tale of an eternal triangle straddlingthe

hfllOVOCAlll/E now run rnon 111E CREATORS or KISS or srlucnwonnn

First World War. Bohemian. mercurial Parisienne Catherine (Moreau) divides her affections between Jules (Werner) and Jim (Serre). whose deep friendship overrides their rivalry in love and their separation by war. But Truffaut hasa salutory fare in store for the threesome. which is both devastating and poetic. Powerful stuff. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Naked Gun 2V2 ( 12) (David Zucker. USA 1991) Leslie Nielsen. Priscilla Presley. Robert Goulet. George Kennedy. 85 mins. The nasty leaders of-the coal. oil and nuclear industries have hatched a fiendish plot to trick President Bush into carrying out an extremely unsound energy policy. But they hadn't reckoned on the inimitable abilities of Lieutenant Frank Drcbin. Leslie Nielsen is back on top form as he bungles through lame jokes. bizarre sight gags and lust for Priscilla Presley with a Clouseau-like efficiency. Glasgow: Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: UCl. Strathclyde: UClClydcbank.UC1 East Kilbride.

I Halted Tango ( 18) (Leonard Schrader. US/Argentina. 1991 ) Vincent d'Onofrio. Mathilda May. Esai Morales. 95 mins. Based on an idea by Manuel Kiss ()flhe Spider Woman Puig. Naked Tango goes back to the underworld of Buenos Aires during the 20s to discover the origins ofthe romantic tango in prostitution and knife fights. Ambitious images of dark sexuality are set in melodramatic surroundings with the effect that the whole is. at best.mildly ludicrous. and. at worst. embarrassingly laughable. Edinburgh: UC1.Strathclyde: UCl Clydebank.

I The Heverending Story (U) (Wolfgang Petersen. US/W. Germany. 1985) Barret Oliver. Noah Hathaway. Moses Gunn. 94 mins. Lonely young boy Bastian starts to read a mysterious book. and is miraculously drawn into the pages to undergo an exciting and dangerous adventure in a land of fantasy. Passable



"lhe Writer/Producer team that brought us "11155 OF THE SPIDERWOMAN” has come up with another winner”


adaptation of the Michael Ende bestseller. with plenty of cute furry folk to engage the kiddies. Glasgow: GFT.

I Nothing But Trouble (12) (Dan Aykroyd. US. 1991) Chevy Chase. Dan Aykroyd. John Candy. Demi Moore. 91 mins. When stock market whiz Chris Thorne (Chase) takes a detour off the New Jersey Turnpike. he and his three companions find themselves in run-down Valkenvania and in one of the biggest stinkers of the 905 so far. Sentenced to death by a 106-year-old justice of the peace (good idea. if only they'd done it before filming began). he plans his escape. Utter. utter crap. Glasgow: Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: UC1.Strathclyde:UC1 Clydebank. UCI East Kilbride.

I Presumed Innocent ( 15) (AlanJ . Pakula. US. 1990) Harrison Ford. Greta Scacchi. Bonnie Bedelia. Brian Dennehy. Raul Julia. 126 mins. Courtroom drama with Ford as the upright state prosecutor accused of the murder of his colleague. Scacchi. with whom he was having an affair. Julia shines as the brilliant defence lawyer determined to get him off. Ex-lawyer Scott Turow‘s bestseller gets the prestige big~screen treatment from veteran director Pakula. who returns to the themes of his earlier movies The Parallax View and All The President's Men in this thoughtful vision of corruption in America‘s corridors of power. Glasgow: GFT.

I Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair (PG) (Susan Shapiro/Esther Ronay/Francine Winham. UK. 1978) Margaret Ford. Suzie Hickford. Jessica Swift, Laka Koc. 78 mins. Grimm brothers‘ fairytale. reinterpreted in light of modern feminist theories. The story is told in different movie genres the animation ofdream and symbolism. the voyeuristicfilm noir. the raunchy cartoon. the family melodrama. the live action narrative - with the result that it completes a


"A darkly atmospheric, almost surreal, dip into eroticism and murder"

ill! flf‘i‘f; Sil‘DlSD

"Mathilda May's performance is soulful, expressive and convincing. . . offering us a spellbinding turn”


'-'::- 39:22:23.? '.'|\CE\T D'C\OiRIO MATHILDA MAY ES-‘r' MORALES FERNMDOREY C'PE L1. COVSKI C-: ' .».- ;;:-': SPI’VIA.-.'w’£ ‘~ 8L9? _ .DPFSH'F‘.LTA.R75WEMS lIlCéLe sin


Check local press for details

substructure of the stages ofwomanhood. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Roadkill (Bruce McDonald. Canada. 1989) Valerie Buhagiar. Gerry Quigley. Bruce McDonald. Don McKellar. 80 mins. On a mission from her slimy bossto track down a missing rock band. Ramona (Buhagiar) meets an array of wierdos. all looking for something. She. it turns the driveing force that will bring them all together. Part diary. part documentary. part traditional narrative and powered by a superb post-punk soundtrack. this optimistic rock 'n' road movie has huge cult potential. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Robin Hood: Prince OlThl8V88( 12) (Kevin Reynolds. LS. 1991 ) Kevin Costner. Morgan Freeman. Christian Slater. Alan Rickman. 147 mins. Second outing ofthe year for the Nottingham legend. this time with 1 lolly-world‘s golden boy in the title role. (‘ostner‘s Robin slips into Indiana Jones mode as he setsabout undoing the wrongs ol Rickman‘s scene-stealing Sheriff in a way that is wonderfully reminiscent of the best Saturday matinee swashbucklers. Glasgow: Cannon The 1-‘orgc.('annon Sauchiehall Street. fidinburgh: Cannon. Dominion. L'Cl. Central: Cannon. Regal. Strathclyde: Cannon. ()deon Ayr. ()deon Hamilton. L'Cl Clydebank. [7C1 fiast Kilbride. I Rocco And His Brothers ( 18) ( Luchino Visconti. Italy France. 196“) Alain Dclon. Renato Salvatori. Annie ( iirardot. Katina Paxinou. 181) mins. Depressing nco-realisni as a peasant family moy es to the city. where nothing but trouble awaits them. Initially. the film dwells perversely on gloom. but as it gathers pace a more poetic quality emerges. and the ending is truly climactic cinema. (i1asgow:(if"1'. I Rock-A-Doodle ( ti) (Don Bluth. 17K. 1991 ) With the voices ofGlen Campbell. Eddie Dcczen. Sandy Duncan. Toby Scott Granger. Christopher I’lummer. 7-1mins.

Ponce". " .:\4 J-\C'\:~ .

“'U S~~!>‘d:.

The List 23— 29 August 1991 73