l R E C R U IT M E N T I Male 8|"! III! III" Available I Has your dog politic blues? I Accordion and concertlna music . for gardening, housework, Left at home with a pile of old from EUI’OPS‘ and America- I Wanted hellraisin‘, shopping. indeed anything. chews? Phone the Doting Adds (3550""1"!e "93013 (WOW) clean-livin‘. all-singin‘. go-go Although mature, he is very fit. Dogwalkers/Kelvingrove Park biSlTOS. Gaff-“S. hOWffS. dancin’ wild boys. Goal? Form Will deliver for viewing. Frcc Area. Safe dogs individually TCSIaUTantSt TCCCPW’"S 30d singin‘ group. Emphasis? “W b “'9”. mar Advise address and time. walked. £3 per hour. Phone ()41 special occasions. Lessons also Entertainment. adventure and top-clue entertainers I0! Box No 156/5/1. 333 0094 available. Steve Sutcliffe on 041 big success. Let‘s go the world 6th Edinburgh 636 1 167- awaits. Box No ISO/R11. Peace Festival - __. - . PROFESSIONAL PHOIOGRAPIIY L03Klllh0 :0RAJ007 I '5 m I”: l for actors. musicians. artistes. ate t is space. , students. Studio or location. Thebestvacanciesappearin Mi“, won The List. 031556 1033


IAlexander Technique: re-education in mind/body coordination and awareness in movement. Individuals and groups. Qualified teacher. For details call Lynn MacDonald (MSTAT) on 041 332 1324/353 A 0415.

I Acupuncture could be the answer. For detailsof appointments; free information brochures, write to Ruth Chappell RGN. HV. LicAl, MB AcA. Complementary

A Medicine Centre. 17 Queen's Crescent. Glasgow G4 9BL. Tel: 041 332 4924.

A Make-up artist and hairstylist available. Contact Lesley for details. Tel: 041 6445655. A

Dmmmeihdipe Therein Manager

Salary Clrc.£18,000

Dnimchapel CommunityOrganisations Council Ltd'areopening aneweooseatTheatre/Cinemaas part olamajornewcivlc centre in Drumchapel. it is a highly innovative and exciting de-

velopment which requires an experienced Theatre/Cinema manager. to aired policy, plan and implement a highly flexible programme 0' pmlesslonal and community events. manage NATIONAL ARTS & ENTERTAINMENTS lfiemllrncholherawfor staff. and organise publicity and Wagon. awareness and. '

self development. Small groups

of four forming now for August or September start in Edinburgh. Individual sessions

Please send C.V. to:- Drumchapei Community Organisations Council Ltd , - -

A HeciaPiaoeDrumdiapel TELEPHONE: 041~429 3838 mayalsobcavwlablc- Details: ' . . . , , I Psychotherapy/counselling for

It you require further dams and “h to dm 5 f."- Pcrsonal problems and for

"l9 9051 Please 00m” George W80" 1 , individual growth and change. Telephone 041 9441683/1788 For appointment call 041 339


(29). Fit. muscular, healthy. offers first class full-body massage. Reasonable rates. Full relaxation. l()am—l lpm/7 days. Phone Kevin on 041 423 1407.


i Tunings (all areas), repairs,

I Recession busters!!! A bargain _ r reconditioning, polishing, assortment (my selection) of 500 sales and transport. Posters 0 Leaflets 0 Magazines 0 Programmes ' . THERAPEUIIC MASSAGE

""p'ay “1.7m 5'".g'es' only £85 w'" cm" 0505 373‘“ Reliable Distribution Nationwide Jim Stewart DTM MSHP. (postage inc). Discounts for . larger quantities . . . . o For appomtment telephone Ch ' . Founded in 1987 by nine major Arts Organisations to 031229 7924,

cqucgpostal orders ‘0' S E I C E S provide a reliable efficient and cost effective ublicity Md'c‘" Shaw' Dcp‘ LA' PO distribution servi or rth rt t rt ° t t pri tand Box 440. Edinburgh EH11 leisure industry 0 0 ea 8.80 e ainmen , 00 s WERAPEUI'C MASSAGE 302' SELF EMPLOYED? ' Geoffrey West. physical ' VW'II‘I “WINDY Looking for business? We pride ourselves on our flexible and friendly approach therapist iTEC (formerly with couabofauon with Advertise in our Buy & Scllor to the problems of managing an effective nationwide Scottish Ballet). For wngwnth/mus'c'?"‘ P'e‘e'f’P'Y SCMCCS sections from OHI)’ print distribution campaign. appointment or further hams 3" “new” '" songwr'tmg £3 for 30 words- . . . . . . information telephone and arrangement with a View m V'lée WIII plan :1 long-term distribution strategy or mobilise 041 339 3222 producing and recording . , t a est tactics distribution run. We deliver to the audience 1 i d], nd‘ G], 5 0w . original material. Experience .v'zmd'n andRom‘ upgghtddnd you want to reach. ( y" d d g ) not necessary, serious gran pianos. CSIOI'C an

- - tuned to standard: concert: I _ Egg/‘wtf‘cm csscnual’ Box No pitch. Telephone Dave Wilson A C c 0 M M 0 0 N

on 041 334 1790. Pianos bought

ma" YOURSELF and sold. FOR ALL PUBLICITY DISTRIBUTION G lasguw . REQUIREMENTS NATIONWIDE . every four Six wCCkS- 03‘ 0" I Ladies have a male to do your I Single room in large my free "mung “S‘s ONSS’ LPS housework, cleaning, washing, T9“ 031 555 1897 two-bedroomed flat. ten

etc. Just send your name and

ironing. Anything carried out to or 031 _ 555 2905 minutes from city centre. Usual address for Abba t9 Zappa 3‘ your satisfaction, Also your mod cons. good facilities. £140 reasonable prices. Shopping done. Terms by or Fax: 031 555 2905 plus deposit. phone 041 550 30! N0 153M" . arrangement Box N0156/s/2, 0950. Leave message if not in.

The List 23 29 August 1991 89