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THE QUEEN’S HALL CLERK S'I‘R l‘ll‘l'l‘ EDINBURGH EH8 9J(L . “0X UFFHIE “3] 668 2019 movie;onthe second levelan anti-drug movie; on the third a movie that‘s socially mixed but predominantly black; on the SCOTLAND'S fourth. you‘ve statementsalmut materialism ; andthesocietythatcreatesanenviromnent ; for Nino Brown to exist. All that‘s fine. but i September at first ofall you have to create a movie the kids The Queen's Ha" are gonna want to see. After all. a teenager won‘t run to the medicine cabinet to take a vitamin (‘ tablet. but he‘ll drink a beer in a "Scotland's Busiest Concert Hall" minute. So you have to know their language. If you don‘t know the buzzwords and the music and the fast cuts from MTV you can’t Sunday 1 get through to them. Our proudest moment Goodbye N1r MacKenzie If David Lynch were on this movie was when we showed it to that {he 0n|y white real street audience. and during the crack director and a” the scene one young punk stood up and shouted

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Judd Nelson & Ice-T as Nick Peretti & "ScottY'Appleton in New Jack City.

sunday 8 omermommakers “JsLiiiisilfyv/mfiismliii i hi hl m 5 . . . . . a ee es s g y aware o ie , vowe 0f the Beehive weregbgia:;h:?0dyg: commercial reasoning and propagandist

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M d 16 gi‘ysand.aSkmg' (‘lt_v. he'salso cautiousalmut the ‘new dawn

on ay Are Wh'te mlks for black American filmmakers—type

Heidelberg Chamber Orchestra really that weird?’ sentiments currently wafting around in critical circles. ‘What happens when one of these movies fails‘." he asks. ‘Will they say that that particular genre of movies doesn‘t work anymore? 01‘ will they tell us that black movies period just don‘t work anymore? When l Iollywood makes Jan's lVand the picture goes down the toilet. they tend to think that maybe fish movies are out. You‘re never gonna hear them say that white movies are out.‘

According to Van Peebles. this kind of wallpaper racism is hardly confined to the 90-year-old white denizens ofl lollywood boardrooms. and he certainly has a point to make about the way in which white liberal movie critics across the globe have been swift to lump all the current African-American filmmakers into a convenient file marked ‘Black Pack‘. "fhe first thing they see must be colour. because the movies themselves are just not all that similar. To Sleep Wit/1 zinger is very different from Jungle Fever is very different from Boyz 'n' The Hand is very different from New/ack (‘ityx‘

‘Let me just say this one thing. Ifl)avid Lynch were the only white director and all the other movie makers were black. we‘d be going up to you guys and asking: “Are white folks really that weird)”. However. because you have 400 movies done by white directors last year he's allowed merely to represent himself. Because you have only this handful of movies made by black filmmakers everyone‘s ready to think of us as the same cinematic basketball team.‘

New J aek ( ‘in opens across the country on 30 August. See Film Listings for details.

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14The List 30 August— 12 September 1991