I Straw: Nobody Better (Vinyl Japan) Plodding and unimaginative. ‘Nobody Better‘ goes nowhere and makes a lot of noise gettingthere. Lumpen percussion competes with overblown rock guitars and a repetitive. bland vocal. the only saving grace perhaps being the harmonica that wails throughout. $kaw will be lucky if they even find themselves a place in the bargain bins with this one. (J H)

I Bandoras: May This Be Your Last Sorrow (London) This far into their careers, the members ofBanderas have been pretty much pegged as dour. probably very right-on and uninteresting. ‘Sorrow‘ is a shade sombre. sure a

three-note synth-bassline .

a few diffident bleeps. a

4' . l l I l l l l l l

snail‘s-pace tempo - but just imagine the chorus is being sung for you alone. and try to resist it then. (AM)


I Mirrors Over Kiev: Northern Songs (Run River) Old school types. the Mirrors Over Kiev songwriting team of Nick Jackson and Phil Abram write tunes that you can play on an acoustic guitar. have a vivid tinge of country. and. appropriately enough. largely concern traditional matters of morality like infidelity. illegitimacy. rape. Jackson appears to have a massive male guilt complex. but ifanything that makes his lyrics harder to ignore or dismiss than most. This isn't to say that he‘s the world's loveliest singer. or even that he's necessarily the best to be singing his own material. This problem is compounded by the fact that Mirrors Over Kiev aren‘t really a terrifically exciting band to listen to. Even blasts of brass and backing singers can't juice up the songs enough to make this really compelling listening. (Alastair MAbbott)

I Brendan Croker: The Great Indoors (Silvertone) As the title suggests. this is a reflective album.



Gentle. country-flavoured R&B written during a recent stay in Nashville. and featuring session men like Reggie Young and Don Potter. it is his most accomplished collection to date. Musically. it is finely honed. treading successfully the line between sparseness and overblown indulgence. Lyrically. too. there is enough humour to prevent maudlin introspection. His recent spell in The Notting Hillbillies means that there is the inevitable appearance from Mark Knopfler. but those unenamoured by Dire Straits can rest peacefully knowing his contribution is understated enough to be almost untraceable. Critical acclaim is all well and good. but Croker deserves more with such a collection of multi-influenced songs. Perhaps The Great Indoors is the one to do it. (James Haliburton)





After much debate between ourselves, the SECC and their insurers, we are no further forward in Obtaining recompense for ticket holders.

the crowd-control barrier, which collapsed during the PIXIES third number, is owned by the SECC. It was assembled for the concert by SECC employees/contractors, and it was the hall manager of the SECC who took the decision to cancel the concert when the barrier collapsed. the barrier was provided by the SECC as part of their hire agreement to us; its provision is do integral part of their rental agreement.

We feel most strongly that the responsibility for the current situation lies with the SECC. However, the SECC and their insurers are refusing to make any kind of substantial compensation to ticket holders. this is based on their understanding of the law: as the concert had actually started means that, in law, there is no legal obligation to refund ticket money.

In view of this stance, Dance Factory are refusing to pay the hire fee for the SECC’s facilities on that evening: the SECC are insisting that it be paid in lull. We had hooea that the money w0uld be used towards refunds, (although it would only amOunt to around $2.50 per licketholder), with a further contribution from the SECC and/or their insurers.

We would like to point out that as 3 bands had already performed, and the Pixies had performed l/lOth of their set, any refund would be partial in any event. At no time has Dance Factory made a press statement that full refunds would be made. Of‘d any reporting implying such should be taken up with the publication(s) concerned.

Furthermore, we feel that even if there is no legal requirement to refund maney, then there is a moral responsrbility to do so. We are very cancer-“ed at the refusal of the SECC and/or their insurers to acknowledge this, and are very OlSOOOOl'YlCO at their stance and the nothing to do with us approach that they appear to be taking. At this stage, it looks unlikely that any fcltl"O will be made; however. we will continue to push on behalf of ticket holders U"‘lll we have exhausted all feasible OOSSIUlllllOS.

dance factory

Mirrors om Ktov': mu or: III: mark to m 'roalty solld' publlsltlng contract.

The List 30 August 12 September 199137