l Getting-on-a-bit tormer

sex-god Marcello Mastroianni. laments the low-budget set at

Everybody's Fine. See tilm


I Still looking torthe castle

alterthree weeks in Edinburg. Actually these two have strayed so tar they've ended up in

Scoundrel Love. part olthe

Latin-American Film Festival atthe GFT. See

i Film section.

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The critical shortlist of what‘s going on (put the gun away Dad) this fortnight.


. Prospero's Books l’eter(ireenaway's I newie. as previewed in our last issue.


Dire Straits Lots and lots of nights at i the Sli(‘(‘ tor the world's most t famous headbarid-wearers.


The Cone-Gatherers Performed by (‘ommunicado to open the new season at the 'l‘ramway in Glasgow.


Goodbye Mr Mackenzie The usual hometown l‘renzy is expected for the local boys who have almost made good. at the Edinburgh Queen's Hall.


Celtic v Rangers The first Old Firm game of the season sees the Titans

clash at l’arkhead.


Voice Of The Beehive Back in the

I ‘Go onthen. putin one at those stupid bee puns. you ?

journalists arealways . charts after a lengthy absence. The inventing. Thatone onthe i new album should be extensively “New” Wally weakby plugged at Edinburgh Queen's Hall

the way.‘ Voice olThe Beehive. honeys orwhat (sorry). See Music preview.

and Glasgow Strathclyde University.


Trainer The new BBC ‘horse-opera' starts on Sunday 1. set in a racing stable.

Nine Inch Nails’I‘he uneompromisingly-named ballsy American combo look set to kick up a storm at (ilasgow’s King Tut's on Friday (i.


New Jack City 'l'he lirst ol' the new waye ol' lilms by young black Americans hitsour shores this week. preparing the ground for Jungle Fever and Boy/ '.\" The Hood amongst others.


Vuillard Kely ingroy e hosts a

touring exhibition olworksby

l‘rench artist lidouar'd Vuillard

( 18th l‘Mll) the lust niaioi'

retrospecm col his works lor'm er


13 September WW 3

I Ooh. anguish. aah. continement. ouch. those

hard seats. Yes it'stheatre. inthetorm ol Birds 0t

Paradise. pertorming Borderland. See Theatre listings. i

The list 30 August

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