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CRICKET Saturday 31

SCOTTISH COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP I Stirling County v Fortarshire f \Villiaintield.Stirling. Ipm. I Clackmannan County v Aberdeenshire'l‘he .-\i'its. Alloa. lprn. I West Lothian v Fiieshire lioghall. I.inlithgo\s. lpm. HALL WESTERN UNION I Clydesdale v West 01 Scotland 'l'im (intl. lieaton Rd. (ilasgins, 1pm. .-\ crucial ' top-ol-the-table clash thatsliould decide the destins ot the title. (‘lidesdale's home adi antage could help them deleat the side who have been running them close most of the season. I Ferguslie v Drumpellier Meikleriggs. t’tllSlL‘}. 1pm I Ayrv Greenock t 'ambusdoon. .-\IImsa}. 1pm. I Kelburne V POIOC \\ hiteliaugh. I’aisle}. lpm. I Kilmarnock v Uddingston Kii‘kstt'le. Kilmainock. lpiii. 'l‘he tuosides languishing at the bottom take each other on \sith Is'ilmarnock ha\ing little togain but an ounce ol salsaged pride.


I Race Days 'l‘uesda} . 'l hiiisd;i}';iiid Saturda} . Shau t'ield Stadium. Rutherglen Road. (ilasgim. there are teti races in each meeting. starting at “.45pm. £3


I Race Days 'l‘uesda} . 'l‘huisdas and Saturda}. l’oisderhall Stadium.

Beas eihaII Road. lzdinburgh. liach meeting includes ten races. startingat 7.3llpm. L35Hstand. Raceprogramme tree is ith admission.

FOOTBALL Saturday 31


I Celtic v Rangers ( ‘eliie I’ark. (ialloisgate. (ilasgou . 3pm. Brad} ‘s bunch have had the better start to the

season. but that means nothing in an ( )ld l‘irm clash. lloxi \sill llatel} tare against Gillespie? ()r (‘ascarino against (ioughl’ You’ll hm e to be there.

I Dundee Utd v Aberdeen 'I‘annadice l’ark. 'lannadice Street. Dundee. 3pm. Aberdeen hai e a good record at 'l‘annadice. but a replenished l'nited side is ill be no pushover.

I Duntermline v StJohnstone tiast [ind I’ark. Duntermline. 3pm Already the also-tans ot the Premier League. Duntermline is ill he keen to pick up sortie earl} points tor the later inevitable tight against relegation.

I Falkirkv Airdrie Bi’ock\ ilIe. I‘ialkirk. 3pm. Battle ol the promoted teams. Airdrie haxe the Hair. but I‘alkirk haie

I shown more tight.

1 I Hearts V Hibernian I} necastle l’ark.

l (iorgie Road. Iidinburgh. 3pm. The No Edinburgh sides has e made remarkany good starts to the season. but the ('apital derby should separate the men from the boss.

I Motherwell v St Mirren l-‘ir Park. 'LMothcnsclI. 3pm. Home “in l‘orthe

.- o E. ufig’ f. ' A ‘4 E

«w --

. vs

Local derbies otter more than just a chance to let out inter-denominational hatreds at a lootball game, although with Celtic v Rangers, that’s obviously

a part of the attraction. The important thing is to get one over on that bloke who works next to you, the brother-in- law or the next-door neighbour. Victory in the local derby means you can crow ‘2-0, 2-0' every time you see them lor months until the next derby. And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

At recent Old Firm games and Hearts-Hibs matches, tans, and in-some cases players, have let the

3 occasion degenerate into ugly brawls,

but the derby is still the most exciting oi

% League tixtures, with players otten

rising above their usual standards at play againstthe local rivals.

This year’s iirst Old Firm tixture will have an additional edge in that Celtic have started the season with impressive victories, while Rangers

Hibs tans- riiplaylng local rivalry withthe Hearts

.a '?

i have already suttered deleat to Hearts. Celtic manager Liam Brady will be

i keen to gain a victory in his iirst

, Glasgow derby, and a win tor Celtic would increase their handy lead in the league. Bangers will be tempted to

I blood their Soviet stars Kuznetsov and i Mikhailichenko in an attempt to tind a

i winning blend.

Both Edinburgh sides have also started the season well, with Hibs getting some impressive early results atteryears in the Premier league doldrums. There is still plenty ot rancour remaining about Wallace Mercer's abortive takeover bid last year, and there should be no love lost 5 eitheronthelield ortheterraces. Hopeiully the lootball will take precedence overthe war.

Celticv Rangers, Parkhead, Glasgow, Saturday 31 August, 3pm

Hearts v Hibs, Tynecastle Park, Edinburgh, Saturday 31 August, 3pm.


coupons here folks as Motherssell's('up heroes m erwhelm St Mirren’scloggers. FIRST DIVISION

I Hamilton V Partick Thistle Douglas Park. Hamilton. 3pm

I KilmarnockvAyr United Rugby Park. Kilmarnoek. 3pm.

I Morton v Clydebank (Hippie-low l’ark. (ireer1oek.3prn.

I naith Rovers v DundeeStark‘s I’ark. I’ratt Street. Kirkcaldy. 3pm.

I Stirling Albion v MeadowbankAnnl‘ic‘ld. Stirling. 3pm.


I Alloa Athletic v Queen‘s Park Recreation Park. Alloa. 3pm.

I Dumbarton v Albion RDVBTSBoghCittI. Dumbarton. 3pm.

I East Stirling v Brechinliirs Park. l-‘irs Street. l’alkirk. 3pm.

Saturday 7

PREMIER LEAGUE I Airdrie v Hibernian Broomtield. Airdrie.

3pm. A chance tor l lihs to pick up some valuable earl} season assa} points.

I Celtic v St Mirren ('eltic l’ark. (iallowgate. (ilasgou . 3pm. I)a\ ie I la} won't relish taking his hapless Saints hack to his old stamping ground. 'l'heir tirst League win ot the season could be along time a-eoming.

I Dundee Utd v Duntermline 'I'annadice Parkfl‘annadice Street. Dundee. 3pm.

I Falkirkv Rangers Brock\ iIIe. l‘alkii‘k. 3pm. The skilled but erratic Bairns take on the champions in one of their sternest tests so tar this season.

I Hearts v Motherwell 'l‘; tic-castle l’ai'k. (iorgie Road. Indinburgli. 3pm. .-\ tough and entertaining game in prospect . is ith Joe Jordan's side looking to maintain their winning streak.


I Ayr V Partick Thistle Somerset I’ark. Somerset Road. A} r. 3pm.

I Clydebank v Kilmarnock Kilboss ie I’ark. (‘lidehank. 3pm.

IHamiltonvFortarDonglasl’aik. Hamilton ‘pii‘.

I Morton V Dundeei apptclou l’al k. (ii'cenock 3pm

I Raith RoversvStirlingAlbionSiail.\ I’atk. I’ialt Stieel. Iin kcaldi 1pm. SECOND DIVISION

IAIloa Athleticv Queen OlThe South Recreation I’ai k. .\Ilo.i 3pm

I Dumbarton v Clydeli. gonna.

Dumbarton 3pm ICowdenbeatthlbion Roverst‘eni:,tl I’ai‘k (outleitbealh ipii'


I Hamilton Park Races I Iaiiiilti in I’ai‘k Racecourse. liothuell Road. Hamilton. (‘lub Llll. l’addock L5 ( 2.3) 2 15pm l~Iat

racing liom the l aiiai ksliiie liaek

Inucev E

': Saturday 7

I Scotland v The Barbarians \tm ra_\ tlc‘ILI. l'dinbuigli. 1pm .\ ‘.\;tl iii—up match lot ; Scotland in preparation tor the \\ oi’Id cup

is hich star is nest month,

. SPEEDWAY anday30 : IEdinburghGultMonarchstlasgow

' Tigers I’oxsdeihall Stadium. lieaiei hall Road. lthnburgh. 15pm. .\ Sunbrile

league clash behsceii the Scottish l l\;ll\. Monarchs \\ ill be seeking ie\enge tot llicii

,deteal ill the Scottish I 'up car her this


IGlasgowTigerstewcastle Diamonds Shaulield Stadium. Rtllll.‘l}llc'll Road.

(ilasgou 3pm. .'\ Kl ) ( "upsc nu-iinal

match tor I igers. against the sin pi isc package team ol the season so lai


IEdinburgh GullMonarchsv Middlesborough Bears l’oudei'hall Stadium. lieaxei'hall Road. deinburgh. 7. lipm. A Sunbritel eague clash tor

Monarchs against a tiselul Bears side.

strengthened by the signing ol l-ngland

international Simon (‘ross \\ ho l ides

alongside top Scot Kenn} \chittna.


I Glasgow Tigerstdinburgh Gull Monarchs Shau tieId Stadium. Ruthei'glen Road. (ililsgim (i..‘~llpm. A return match in the Sunbrite League between the Scottish riials.


I Racing Raceuall. ( 'oisdenbealh. 7pm. I'ormula Z. Minis and Saloonsare tonight'sattractions.

Saturday 7

I Racing Race-“all. (‘oisdenbeath 7pm. More ialop} competition trom the the track “lttl Formula 3. Minis. Rangers and Salooiis.

60 The List 30 August .— 12 September 1991