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A selection at television highlights, listed by day, in chronological order. Television Listings compiled by Tom Lappin.


I sixthirtysomething (Channel 4)

6.3” 7pm. The wacky entertainment show looks at the new Jttlia Roberts mov ie. I)ying Young. and goes on the set ofthe Michael Iilphick series Boon.

I Europe Express (Channel 4) 3.3lI-9pltl. More halfquirky half serious reporting from the continental team.

IThe Tracey Ullman ShomBBCZ) : 9.25» lllpm. Sketches. skitsand aguest appearance from Mel Brooks. who mttst ; have been down on his luck to appearin this. I IDream 0n(Channel-l) to lu..‘~5pm. The : American sitcom‘s hero Martin rashly l asks lecherous friend Iiddie to look after his sister for the night. and is shocked to ; find out that she has been having acasual affair with Tiddie for eight years.

I Packet Of Three (Channel 4)

lll.3lL ll.l5pm. Jenny Izclair. Frank Skinner and I Ienry Normal. introduce guests l’hil Kay. John Thompson and John E llegley.

I The Best of EdinburgMScottish)

l I .ltlpm— 12. Illam. Julian Clary hostsa round-up of the best shows and performers front the festival. Guests include Frank Mttir. Jack Dee..lilly Cooper. Roy Hattersley and Victorand Barry. Now there's an eclectic mix.

I Edinburgh Nights ( BBQ) I LED—12.05am. A trilogy of drama ' adaptations front the last three years at the '. Festival. including Market Theatre of Johannesburg‘s Eyes Of Their ll'lit’tt’A . and the Traverse's Loose linds'.

I Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom (BBCI )(leLHQSpm. Spielberg‘s entertaining derring-do yarn has Indie (Ilarrison Ford) under threat from an ancient evil when he sets off in search of the magical Sankara stone. Laughs. thrills. romance and special effects galore. Set the video.

I The Big 8 (Channel 4 ) (v.3ll—7pm. Wheelchair basketball featuring'l'elford Celtics. Oldham ()wls. Sheffield Steelers and Team Thistle.

I The Shadow: Farmers (BBCZ) 5.3ll—6pm. A Scottish farmer. Donald McGillivray visits Paula Valente. a woman farmer from Estremoz in southern Portugal. and envies her generous EC subsidies.

I The World This Week (Channel 4) 7—8pm. Sheena McDonald and .\'ik Gowing present up-to-the-minute news and views from around the world.

I A View To A Kill (Scottish) 8.15—1(I.4()pm. Roger Moore's last Bond and a rather feeble one at that. ()n thetrail of microchip counterfeiters. 007 runs into the ruthless May Day. Who writesthis


I Birds OlA Feather ( BBC) )8. lS—8.45pm. l Linda Robson and Pauline Ouirke make a I welcome return in one ofthe more ' cheerfully vulgar sitcoms on offer this ? autumn. The husbands are still banged up in jail. and the wives are broke.

I The House or Eliott(BB(‘l) 8.45-9.4(lpm. A new period drama set in 20s London starring Stella ‘Advocates' (ionet. and Louise ‘Chancer‘ Lombard. Plenty of opportunity for high-society and flappers to strut their stuff. See panel.

I And The Pursuit Of Happiness (Channel 4) 9—10.30an The quote is from the American constitution. the director is Louis Male. It's a sharply-observed documentary about immigrants‘ experiences and aspirations in the USof A. ranging from elation to a nostalgic longing for their homelands. ; I Sportscene ( BBt ‘1 )‘).5llpm-- 12.30am. t Dougie Donnelly introduces highliglttsof one of the big derby games from the Premier League. before heading offto Tokyo for the world athletics championships.

IAS It Happens (Channel 4) 10.30pm—midnight. More live video reportage with Andy Kershaw riding into Bandera. Texas for a rodeo weekend.

I Baker And Maguire At The Festival (Scottish) l lpm midnight. Danny and Susie on the streets of Iidinburgh rounding offthe festival.

I Speaking Volumes (1313(‘1 ) l.ll5-l.-15pnt. P.I).Jamcstalksto historical novelist Dorothy Dunnett about her passion for writing. Meanwhile. guest critics Leslie Thomas and Hilary Mantel review Iirica Jong and Susan I lowatch's latest novels.

I Trainer ( BBCI ) S. 15--‘). lllpm. The launch of the BBC's new ‘horse-opera‘. set in a racing stables. and followingthe fortunes of a young trainer. Mike I Iardy (Mark (ireenstrect). See preview.

I The Last Days Of Leningrad ( 8802)

H. llk-9pm. ‘The name of Lenin stands for 7(l years ofcriminal terror‘ says engineer Solomon Feiner in this documentary. It traces the history of Leningrad from its foundations as St Petersburg in 1703 until its last days as Leningrad before reverting back to its original name. The programme is followed by a profile of Alexander Nezvorov, whose (>00 Seconds show has brought a new edge to Soviet news programmmes. Regular Leningrad- related programmes are screened on BBC2 throughout the week.

I Screen One: Hancock(BB(‘l)

9.25—‘1 I .lepm. Alfred Molina playsthe late Tony l laneock in this film biography of the glum comic genius. It chartsthe course of the final eight years of hislife. ranging frorn the recording of the classic Blood Donor to his lonely death in Australia in 1968. It's directed byTony Smith of Tllllf I’rtttn' fame. I

I Film On Four: Speaking Parts (Channel4) Ill—11.45pm. Atom Iigoyan‘s original. experimental drama actually doesn‘t have much speaking in it. Instead it examines the importance of screen images. and the video-dominated relationships between screenwriter (iabrielle Rose. hotel maid Arsinee Khanjian and actor gigolo . Michael McManus. Thought-provoking i and pretentious by tttrn.

IThe Street (Channel 4)

l 1.45pm—I2. 15am. Runyon is taken off the beat and ordered to report tothe Police psychiatrist. in the realistic New Jersey police series.


I Cine Memo: To The Beach ( BBCZ ) 7.45—8.3(lpm. More archive footage giving an insight into life before the war. Tonight's selection looks at seaside holidays in Britain and the Continent.

I The ‘Savage' Strikes Back: Rebels OtThe Forgotten World (Channel 4 ) 9- - lllpm. The tribal people of Paptta are under threat from the occupying indonesians. The Indonesians look down on the local tribes and are shipping out thousands oftheir own people to settle in the island. The locals flew in filmmaker Claudio Von Planta to put their case.

I Harry Entield’s Television Programme (BBCZ) Ill—ll).3llpm. A repeat rttn for Harry Enfield's uneven first series featuring a host ofcharacters. lt‘san attempt to put the W: attitude ontothe small-screen that works in small doses.

I Sport In Question (Scottish)

10.45» I I .45pm. Archie Macl’herson introduces another discussion with guests Ian St John.Jim Watt. Brian Jacksand Brian Scott.


I The Fall And Bise 0t Reginald Perrin (BBCI ) 8—8.3(lpm. ‘()h brilliant. that'sa classic'. and ‘l was just thinking I‘d like to see that again‘. were the reactions in List Towers when hearing of the return of Leonard Rossiter as the mid-life crisis

ice-cream executive Reggie. ldidn't get where I am today by not agreeing with those comments.

I 2Point4 Children ( BBC] is.3ti-uptn. Andrew Marshall's new sitcom looks to have embraced all the formats cliches ~ married couple. sparky kids. lasciviotts neighbour. family crises. work worries. Whether he has anything to add tothe recipe remains to be seen.

I Outside Time (Channel 4) ts’.3tl-9pm. The serieson Celtic myths in Britainends with the story of how Arthttr enliststhe helpofthe magician Merlin.

I Titmuss Regained (Scottish ) 9— Illpm. The return of John Mortimer‘s loathsome Conservative Minister Leslie Titmuss in a three-part series. He meets the young widow Jenny Sidonia and sees her asthe woman to become his second wife.

I RearWindotv: Salsa Fever ((‘hztnncl 4) 9—9.45pm. The fusion of Latin and Afro-Caribbean rhythms is produced by musicians who include political refugees from Cuba and Chile. and economic migrants from Colombia.

I The Dead Zone ( BBCl) ll).45pm—-IZ.25am. Christopher Walken. Martin Sheen and Herbert Lom star in this sci-fi thriller based on a Stephen King story. Walken recovers from a coma to discover he can see visions of future events. including an impending nuclear war. The ‘dead zones‘ in his vision offer the possibility of altering the course of events by his personal intervention. A chilling and original concept movie.


I sixthirtysomething (Channel 4) 6.30—7pm. Ann Bryson and Maria McIirIane introduce the irreverent arts and entertainment strand. taking a look at the Minneapolis midget. Prince.

I Rough Guide to Careers ( BBCZ)

6.45 ~-7.25pm. All you need to knowabout a career in design. itteluding creating computer games. graphics. furniture. cars. and underwater CD players.

I Big Trouble In Little China (Scottish)

8— lllpm. John Carpenter's lightweight adventure thriller stars Kurt Russell as San Francisco trucker Jack Burton who inadvertantly gets involved in a Tong war in Chinatown. Moderately diverting.

I The Dispossessed (Channel 4) 9— 10pm. First in a fottr-part series exploring the plight of refugees worldwide. The first programme focuses on Malawi where poor farnters are giving up land to accommodate refugees.

I Screenplay: Arise And Go Now ( BBCZ) 9— If). 10pm. Ian Bannen. John Kavanagh. Tony Doyle and Michael Liebmann star in this off-beat tragi-comedy. written by Irish stand-up comic ()wen ()‘Neill. Kevin (Liebmann) is a disillusioned IRA recruit and Father Dade (Kavanagh) is a ditto Catholic priest. The two team up totry and get some sanity into their surreal world. populated by pigeon-fancying grandfathers and Yeats-quoting IRA chiefs.

I The Golden Girls (Channel 4)

ML ll).3()pm. The sparky geriatric sitcom continues. The appalling Stan makesa million from inventing a kitchen gadget. and tries to buy back Dorothy‘saffections. IMidnightBun(BB(‘l ) ltL H.35pm. Robert de Niro and Charles (irodin starin the 1988 comedy thriller about a bounty hunter (De .\'iro) tracking down an embezzling accountant. Unfortunately things get tricky when the Mafia become involved. Lightweight. and faintly unsatisfactory.

I Nightingales (Channel 4)

I I.()5‘-l 1.35pm. An undercover cop uses the nightwatchmen‘s staff room for a surveillance exercise.


I Rising Damp (Channel 4 l 8.30» L)pm. Rigsby(Leonard Rossiter) terrifies Alan (Richard Beckinsale) with tales of vampires. werewolves arid ghosts. l

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