I Pretty In Pink ( B Be: ) 9— 10.30pm. Based

I On The Line ( BBC‘Z) 8.3(l—9pm.

Following the rise and fall of a football team whose success throughout Europe was burlt on corruption and terror. No. not Leeds United. but Dynamo Berlin. the team run by the Stasi secret police. vv'hose tactics included hugging the opponents‘ dressing-rooms. intimidating referees. and issuing death-threats toplayers considering defection.

I Minder ( Scottish) 9—lllpm. A new series with the interesting concept ofnot having the minder anymore. Terry is no longeron the scene. and Arthur Daley has to recruit his nephew Ray as a bit of added protection.

I The Travel Show ( BBt‘Z ) ‘)—-‘).3llpm. Reports from the contrasting resorts of (‘alvi on the sunny coast of (‘orsica. and Bideford on the not-so-sunny coast of Devon. ln Sounton Sands. apparently they have sheep-racing with midget jockeys. We British lead the world in civilisation do we not‘.’

I Good Morning Babylon ((‘hannel 4) lflpm—12.15am.A charming and beautifully-shot tale set in the early boom days of the movie industry. ’I'wo'l‘usean stonemasons leave Italy in l‘)l3 to seek their fortunes in the United States. building sets for Cecil B. De Mille's Intolerance. Vincent Spano. Joachim De Almeida. Charles Dance and (jreta Scacehi star.

I NB (Scottish) Ill-ill—l 1.10pm. Up-to-date reports on the state of the arts in Scotland.


I sixthlrtysomething (Channel 4) 6.3(l—7pm. The cheeky arts strand show talks to Spike Lee about his new movie Jungle Fever.

IAnton Mosimann-Haturafly((‘hannei4) SSH—9pm. The Masterchef returns fora

six-part series demonstrating his cooking technique. The extra ingredient is his commitment to usingonly the finest and

healthiest produce. Tonight he turnsliis

attention to the traditional afternoon tea.

L-.- _

on the Psychedelic Furs song'.’ Well no. although the track does feature heavily on a trendv (for 1985) soundtrack. Molly Ringwald stars as the girl from the poor side of town (ie. she only has one carand two (‘1) players) who avoids the obnoxious rich kids. until one day. ‘richie' Andrew McCarthy invites her tothe prom. Bland and sickly teen-romance from the master of the genre.John Hughes. I Casualty ( B B(‘1 ) ‘).3ll— 1(i.2()pm. The return of the blood-and-guts drama where someone invariably goes into \‘l: five minutes from the end. (iripping sttiff. Sec panel I DreamOn ((‘hannel 4) ll)— lfl.35pm. Martin‘s passion to be a playwright is rekindled by an old college friend. and he bases his first play on his marriage. I Leningrad Cowboys Go America ( BBt‘Z) ll.3flpm—l.‘_.5(lam. ()ut on video andon

' thetellyatthesametime..-\ki


68'l‘he List 3” August 12 September l‘)‘)l

Kaurismaki's off-beat tale of a struggling rock band (the Leningrad (‘owboycs ofthc title) is a road movie with a difference. Arriving in New York. the band isoffercd a gig in Mexico. so they hit the road in search of fame and fortune. Look out fora cameo appearance by cult director .lim .larmusch.

IThe Happening((‘hannel 4)

ll.5llpm— l3.5llam. First of a variety show collecting together comics. music and Jools l lolland (whatever he is). Tonight‘s stars are Yic Reev es. Jack Dee and Mica Paris. See panel.

I Only Fools And Horses ( BBt‘l) 5.45—6.15pm. A welcome repeat from an early series. chronicling the adventuresof the South London wide boys. played by David Jason and Nicholas l.y ndhurst.

I Made InJapan(BB(‘2)

7.50pm—12. 15am. Tying in with the nationwide Japan Festival taking place this autumn. BBC: offer a major season of programmes looking at the culture. sounds and images of the country. Tonight. things kick offvvith a selectionol shows including .\'agisa ()shima‘s homage to Osaka. and Juzo ltami's film A Taxing ll'omun. An obsessiv e tax inspector tangles with a stylish gangster who has a stringofmistressesand a longer striiigot tax frauds. It's an investigation ofthc single-minded pursuit of money as the key value of life in modern Japan. See panel. I The World This Week ( (‘hannel 4) 7—8pm. Sheena McDonald and .\'ik (iowing present the world newsand discussion programme.

I On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Scottish) 8- lffdllpm. ()ne day audiences will tire of endless Bond film repeats In the meantime. this is the one starring Antipodean nobody (ieorge l.azenby as Bond tracking down cv il Swiss( T?) scientist Telly Sav alas. ludicrous ev en by Bond standards.

I Birds Of A Feather f 1th ‘f )s, fS—s45pm. Linda Robson and Pauline ()uirke star in the prison widows sitcom. w ith Lesley Joseph as the lasciv iotis neighbour Dorien.

I The House Of Eliotti BBt‘l)

8.45 9.4flpm. 'l he lltlltfc' ( oium'edrama second episode. with the l~ liott sisters

(l.ouise Lombard and Stella(ionet) venturing into the world of fashion in an attempt to son c their financial problems. I My DinnerWith Andre ( ( 'hannel 4)

‘) ll.ll5pm. 'l'lie Louis Malle season continues with this encounter of two New York intellectualsbatteringaway ateach other verbally. A failed playvv right (Wallace Shaw it) talks to the successful director (Andre (iregory )whohas dropped out to go on a quest of inner discovery in Poland. Tibet and remote Scotland. ('hallenging and demanding sltfll.

IAs It Happensit‘hannel4)

ll.f)5pm 13.35am. l’cte McCarthy takes his video veritc team to

Newcastle-l 'pon-ly ne to meet the publishers of l'r:. the lawns (itinf'ightcrs. and the local talent out for a stroll in the Bigg Market. \er-ay yy.


I Speaking Volumes ( BBt‘fi

l.fl5 1.45pm. l’.l). James introduces more literary disctissions,

I Equinox: Reinventing Japan f ( ‘hannel 4) Spm. Japanese scientists hav e established a reptttation for developing and exploiting the ideas ofotliers rather than come up with original discoveriesof theirown. [z'qiimor pondersvv‘hetherthis w ill change in the nearfuture.

I Trainer ( B B(‘l ) h. 154). lflpm. Second episode of the horse-racing drama starring Mark (ireenstrect. Susannah York and David Mc(‘alltim.

I Screen One: Tell Me That You Love Me (BBt‘l )‘lZF- ll.fl5pm. Judith Scott plays Laura Simms. a successful magazine editor with a not-so-suecessftil love life. (iabriel I.evv is f Sean Bean ) seems like the answ er to her dreams. btit events take a darker turn.

I Film On Four: Pascali's Island ( (‘hannef 4) ll)» 1 1.55pm. An ambitiousand powerful debut feature from James Deardcn. starring Ben Kingsley . ('harles Dance and Helen Mirren. Kingsley plays l’ascali. a Turkish spy in the last daysof the ()ttoman limpire. whose reportsare being ignored. [inter Bowles ( Dance). an linglish archaeologist doing a spot of treastirc-robbing. The performances are excellent. the story and settingstartlingly original. and the achievement a notable one. especially considering the relatively low budget.

I The Slreel((‘liannel 4)

llAFpm 12. l5am. Back tosehool forthe boys on the beat. to speak to pupils at their old seat of learning


I The 'Savage' Strikes Back: The Kimberley MObl('hannel-1)‘) lllpm. Aboriginal cowboys used to dominate the Anstralian cattle cowboy town of Kimberley in the outback. and now are making a determined attempt to btiild an economically viable community basedon aboriginal culture.

I Harry Entield's Television Programme (BBCZ) lfL- lll.3flpm. (‘omedy . sketches and juvenile jokes from the man who used to be 'l.oadsamoncy '_

I Sport In Ouestion(.s‘

Ill-15- 1 1.45pm. Archie Macl’herson and his outrageous hairsty le introduce another sport discussion.


I The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin (BB(’l )S~.s'.3flpm. The classic comedy repeats starring Leonard Rossiter asthe frustrated dessert executive continues.

I Tifmuss Regained ( Scottish ) *)-- lllpm. I.eslie Titmuss's romance suffers a setback in the second episode of .lohii Mortimer‘s drama series. Meanwhile Dr l-‘red Simeox. son of the old socialist rector. becomes involved in the fight to save Rapstone Valley from property developers.

I RearWindow: The Art Of KomarAnd Melamid ((liannelJW 9.45pm. A studv of two Rtissian artists. the Soy ict . equivalent of (iilbcrt and (ieorge.


I sixthirtysomething (channel 4)

0.3” 7pm. Ann Bry-son and Maria Mcl-irlane introduce the irreverent arts and entertainment strand.

I The Oispossessed ( ( 'haitnel 4 ) t) lllpm. Second part of the series looking at the plight of refugees. ’l‘onight's programme includes the story ofone orphan uprooted from his home in the Philippines.

I Margaret Thatcher‘s Final Days (Scottish) 9- lllpm. (iranada’s dramatisation ofthc final days of the ( ireat Dictatrix. betrayed by the ev il l lcscltinies and stabbed in the back by her friends. ()i' maybe there‘s another angle to the story. ..

I Screenplay: Message To Major( BB( ‘2)

‘l ~ lflpm. And on the other side. the man vs ho succeeded her. l’olitical satire from South African l’ieter Dirk l'ys. presented in the form of a video sent to John Major from South African socialite livita Be/uidenhout. Drag has never been so dark and political.

I The Golden Girls ((‘hannel 4 l

llL ll).3llpm. The senility sitcom continues w ith the usual batch of innuendoes and dirtyjokes.

I Bagdad Cafe ( (‘hannel 4 ) vafL-Qpni. The start of a sitcom series based on l’crcy Adlon's movie. \Vhoopi (ioldberg stars as the harassed cafe ow ner. with the legendary Jean Stapleton as the stranger w ho changes every body's liv es. See panel. I Minder(Scottish ) ‘)-- lllpm. Arthur ventures into the wine trade. courtesy ofa bunch of brew ing brothers from a small monastic order just off the A2.

I Critical Eye (Channel 4 ) t)». lflpm. l-ootballer (iarth ('rooks co-direeted this ov erdue programme tackling the issue of racism within football. and getting views from players both black and w bite.

I High Season (Channel 4) lfl— 1 1.45pm. A rather tacky piece starringJames Fox and Jacqueline Bisset as a sculptor and his estranged photographer wife. The plot endeavours to satirise the effectsof tourism on an unspoilt (ireek village. but in fact comes across as rather condescending itself. Daft.

I Scottish Books ( Scottish)

Infill—l l.2f)pm. .lenny Brown introduces

j discussion and reviews of the latest l literary releases.