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Left at home with a pile ofold chews? Phone the Doting Dogwalkers/Kelvingrove Park Area. Safe dogs individually I

answer. Iior detailsof appointments; free information brochures. write to Ruth

3 (‘happell R(}.\'. IIV. l.ieAl. MB

I Songwriter requires temale singer for demo album. Influences: Japan. Scritti.

I Brickell. Own 8-track studio. walked. £3 per hour. Phone04] ' 5 AcA. (‘omplementary Tapes or letter to Box No 333 0094. I l Medicine (‘eiitre. l7 Queen‘s , 157/R/l. . i.

('rescent. (ilasgow(i-I9BI.. l ; ’I‘el:0«113324924. ' I Gestalt psychotherapy for personal problems and l self-development. Small groups i of four forming now for : September start in Iidinburgh. l

I Male stave for hire Available for gardening. housework. ' shopping.indeedanything. ; Posters 0 Leaflets 0 Magazines 0 Programmes Although mature. he is Very fil- ' Reliable Distribution Nationwide

Will deliverfor viewing. Free I "Ial'AdVlsc addressandtlmc- Founded in 1987 by nine major Arts Organisations to ' BO" NMSWS/l‘ provide a reliable, efficient and cost effective publicity distribution serviceforthearts,entertainment,tOuristand

I Wanted hellraisin'. clean-livin'. all-singin‘. go-go dancin‘ wild boys. Goal? Form singin‘ group. Emphasis?

. Entertainment. adventure and big success. Let's go the world awaits. Box N0150/R/l.

Individual sessions may also be

available. Details: Joy Pitman

mom“; WWW RUNNINGA SMALL BUSINESS? leisure industry. 3 an 031 337 7597. waICh this Spa“! Looking for customers? , _ _ r l The best vacancies appearin Advertise in our Buy. & Scum We pride ourselves on our fleXIble and friendly approach GLASGOW MALE MASSEUR The List. ' to the problems of managing an effective nationWIde

Services sections from only £3 for 30 words.

(29). Fit. muscular. healthy. ; offersfirst class full-body massage. Reasonable rates. I-‘ull relaxation. ltlam~ l Ipm 7days.

Phone Kevin on 041 423 1407.

print distribution campaign.

We will plan a long-term distribution strategy or mobilise . problems? C(mmcmial help a fast tactical distribution run. We deliver to the audience and advice offered through You Want to T930“. . Tarot/astrology. Please send | l birth details. photo (returnable) ' and £8 to Lindsay. Send sae for details ofother services. Box No 157/91.


Young, versatile actress desperately seeks employment

In the Theatre.


xICIIIITCI‘ ()I- Institute of Reflexology. I‘or

REQUIREMENTS NATIONWIDE _ y appointmentorturther :

Tel: 031 _ 555 1897 ii information. please telephone


I Ladies have a male to do your housework. cleaning. washing. ironing. Anything carried out to

or 031 555 2905 'F ; 0315553345-

Box Number: lS7/R/2

your satisfaction. Also your shopping done. Terms by

or Fax: 031 555 2905 _


arrangement. Box No 156/8/2.

i For appointment telephone I l

o V- ~ 24. IAccordion and concertina music f I Print revolution Hand-printed | IJornerJ.i;. Duggan. Reliable 031229 79 . from Europe and America. fabric for furnishings and : tradesman. All types of s | . . . . . I Runs.” busters” A bdrgdm Adds essentialje nesais quoi to fashion. Also T-shirts. display Joinerwork undertaken in THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE I

(‘entral Scotland. Phone Penicuik 76565.

:Zsfigrzzn;.(m.y Silécuo??&f§5m bistros. cafes. howffs. banners etc to commission. I P y . m 5mg 0" on «I restaurants. receptions and Located central Glasgow. (postage inc). Discounts for

special occasions. Lessons also Virginia Galleries. 33 Virginia

(ieoffrey West. physical . therapist I'I‘Ii( ‘(formerly with Scottish Ballet). For

gagezrucgfggglzrdm to: available. Steve Sutcliffe on 041 Street. Any enquiries contact PROFEssmNAL pHorocnngy appointment or further

Andrew Shaw‘ Dept LA‘ p0 6361167~ i 0415526833- for actors. musicians. artistes. lnlomliilmn ICICPIWI1C Box 440‘ Edinburgh EH11 students. Studio or location. 0413393222 ; 3oz. Make-up artist and hairstylist ; (Hyndlund. (Ilihgowl- ; IVMIIfl‘oungor available. (‘ontact Lesley for . !

collaboration with songwriter/ details. TBII 041 544 5555.

musician. preferably having an interest in songwriting and arrangement with a view to producing and recording original material. Experience




I Large. beautiful room in a 2-bedroom flat on Ilyndland Road (Glasgow ). Share kitchen.


and wholef‘oods. Open Mon - Sat 9.303m - 5pm 323 Damhcad,

I Single room In large lyyo-betlroomed llal. ten minutes from city centre. l'sual

Tunings (all areas). repairs. reconditioning. polishing. sales and transport.

notnecessary.serious ORGANIC FARM SHOP bathroom.plione.washing commitmentessential. Box No Damheadlloldirgslld , machjnc‘piginoetc. ilollper l lSé/M/I. Fresh fruit and i month. available from 5 ' begiiiningof August. (’all 041 y la. PIANO ssnvrcss vegetables, “Owe” 3343571. ; i

WC“ CIIIIBT Old pcnuand Road mod colts. good latellille‘s_._LI-Ill Lomianbum pdinburgh plus deposit. I’hone (Ml fifill IREATYOURSELF Phone: 031 445 5591 ; 09)”. leave message il not In.

I Lawrence Street at Byres Road. Fully furnished and equipped ground floor flat with own garden. Double bedroom.

every four to six weeks. Get on for more details my free mailing lists of455, LPs etc. Just send your name and

address for Abba to Zappa at

I Alexander Technique:

reasonable prices.

Box N0153/M/1.

I Victorian and old; upright and grand pianos. Restored and tuned to standard: concert: pitch. Telephone Dave Wilson on 041 334 I790. Pianos bought



TELEPHONE: 041~429 3838



re-education in mind/body co-ordination and awareness in movement. Individuals and groups. Qualified teacher. For details call Lynn MacDonald (MSTA'I') on 041 332 1324853 0415.

I Psychotherapy/counselling for personal problems and for individual growth and change. For appointment call 041 339 2645.

76 The List 30 August 12 September 1991

lounge. kitchen. bathroom. Suit professionaleouple. Rent£~l20 per month. Available ()ctober. I’honell41334 1833.

I Young temale exchange student (22) from (iermany. looks for single room in shared flat in (ilasgow from October 1991 to April 1992. Please write! Kirsten Wachter. Ilenrietten Strasse 32 4630. Boehum. (iermany.