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Craig McLean touches down on the Planet OfThe Muso to find that there‘s much more to it than we Earthlings had thought.

Drum clinics with the sticksman from Brother Beyond‘.’ (iuitar wizardry from Autograph‘s plank-spanker‘.’ The Roland Roadshow. featuring not rodents but keyboards? A chance to catch ‘thc ()uo' rocking the joint in no uncertain terms‘.’ If such things are the things that have you. oh instrument junkie would-be rock star/muso fanatic sweating ’neath your leather jacket. then this is for you. For those of a more musically dyslexic persuasion there's the Radio One Roadshow in attendance. a showcase hall with some of Scotland‘s rising young bands. Musician's L'nion and Scottish Record Industry Association seminars. and stalls featuring everyone from Coca (‘ola to the Music In Scotland Trust and the Scottish (‘hamber Orchestra and back again. This is the Scottish Music Show ")1 at the SECC. and all manner oflife is contained herein.

"I‘he show is now in its third year.‘ says Clive Morton of Music Maker Exhibitions. the organisers of the show. ‘It was originally an exhibition for instrument manufacturers to reach the north of England. This years is the biggest ever we have 141 stands. last year we had 45 and now encompasses everything from instrument manufacturers to recording studios. record labels. band management. whatever.’

While primarily and initially a trade fair for the likes of(‘as‘io. Bose. 'I‘ascam. Ibanez and Zildjian to highlight their wares (keyboards. speakers. home studios. guitars. cymbals) and aimed at musicians. be they amateur or professional. the show this year has considerably broadened from its original brief. Thus you can still sit in on a session with Steve Alexander. who could be the (‘ozy Powell of teenpop land. being as he is ex- of Brother Beyond and. apparently. ‘a very good drummer'; or get some fancy fretwork tips from American Steve Lynch. rock geetarist extraordinaire who has toured with Van Halen. Heart. Dio. Aerosmith and lovely old Bry Adams (one of these acts currently has a bit of a hit record round these parts. Can you spot which one‘.’); or even have a bash yourselfon a brand new Roland keyboard.

lfsuch things take not your fancy. the Scottish Music Show “)1 wants to keep you interested. "I‘he first two years it was viewed as a rock'n’roll show.

with a lot ofelectric guitars and drums and that's about it.’ admits Morton. (‘onsequently this year‘s event has the Coca Cola live demonstration hall. featuring sets by the likes of Lowlife. plugging Sun Antorium. the fourth ‘and most accessible. and probably best. LP oftheir career‘ (according to this authoritative organ anyway). recent NB stars Better Ways. the Precious Organisation‘s Worldwide. and Radio One Hit The Write Note competition runners-up (.‘rossland.

‘What we're trying to do for future years is make the Scottish Music Show like a launching pad for just bubbling-below-the-surface acts. give them a chance to play in a very large venue and draw record company A& R departments who‘ve been invited to the show as well.

‘I don't think there are enough opportunities in the UK for growing bands. In my opinion. that‘s


Status Quo: rockin' all over the Scottish Music Show

why the charts are in such a state. 'l‘here's not enough live music being pushed and the show does give very good. talented bands a chance to get in , there. maybe get them on the ladder ofsuccess

and. hopefully. if we get a good response this year. next year the showcase hall will be full of Scottish bands.‘

All this. and there‘s still Status ()uo to come. As part oftheir charity marathon on Saturday 21. playing umpteen gigs round the solar system in six nanoseconds. the innovative ones will be asking what you're proposin'. appearing at 4.30pm in Ilall 4. Tickets for this gig are available at the usual outlets ( {(1). and all you 12-bar boogie fanatics can take in the Music Show while participating in the Rock Till You Drop mcgaluisli.

7710510111511 .llus'u' Show is (m a! (he Slat ‘( ‘. Glasgow on Sat 3/ urn/$10123.

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