title. Daye Sharp And The l lard 225 (i313. 9.30pm. Free. Travelling Men Medicine Roadshow with _ The Barnstormers and Tobias Burke. D N 18

Following Mike Peters' untimely

announcement that he was leayingThe



i Alarmtwhile they were onstagein IWliitney Houston Sl€('('. Finnieston

i London—nirvana. Mike) andthe ()uay. 248 3000. ()1in single seatsleft. See FmZOSEPI was" CAUON swmos “2‘25ng GLASGOW MAYFAIR j subsequent dissolution ofthe band. Dave Tue l7.

Sharp strikes out on his own with anew I Dave Sharp KingTut‘s Walt Wah Hut.St

m UM backing band in tow. Given that he was a Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 9pm. £5. See 5 major songwriting force in The Alarm. Sun 15. 1 this spate of gigs may be oyersubscribed. I Michael Marta Scotia Bar. Stockwell SUN 22 SEPT so arriye early. blah. blah. .. Street. 552 8681 . 8.30pm. Free. Stieh , - ‘folky‘ institution that he’s nowcreeping W VEWE : intothe rock listings. Next we'll liaye

I The Brothers Preservation Hall. Victoria Sllwrll‘h l” “‘9 l3” “Tim”-

Strcct.2263816.£1after9pm. IThe Ruby SuiI R(is.()ueenStreet.22l IThe Violets Subway. (‘owgate. 9pm. £1. 22”” lllpm’ “00. 5LT 511" l-‘-. I Smile Orange Negociants. Lothian I Dom" Pop ""kl OUllal‘d ROUNUP-‘g W 23 SEPT m VENUE E Strum 335 6313. 0.30pm. Free. Sauchiehall Street. 332 5883. 8pm. £2.

Tickets from Sound Control. Jamaica Slreet.2(l4ll321 Funky-pup

I The Ruby Suit Dreadnought l lotel. I r;}r(‘:ll;:ull:lr::mrk LL )5" Whitburn Road. 0506 (130791 . The Ruby 7 _' ' Suit can always be relied on to turn in aset | ofexcellent guitar-based pop—where . . REM and 10.000 Maniacs meet The Wild I R'Ve' WV People “nus. Wm" Kiwis

Teenage Fanelub


m River Apples. "'5 been said _ and tum-C 557 3073. 9pm. Those hippy w annabees w you satisfied and wanting more at the rcsP‘m‘lhlc l‘" “‘0 llllllld Wm”le “l - same time. but their lack of progressoyer Th“ Mimi“ And Pupil“ l‘llN-‘llll CD‘S“ the years they'ye been together must be ‘(Vll‘lmn'i‘ [)Willmnll' “[1421le Mill 2| “CW - mum‘- fmgm'mng single ‘Specizlel'ay' and their second i ' album Hits/.1 I'lze ll'orldtocomein


October. We can hardly contain 16 ourselyes.

G I T McD Negociants. l.othi;in Street. 225

w (3139.30 n.F “.l ff' .' "f k . w I Dave Sharp Dugout. (‘athcart Street. ) pl r“ no um“ um pup (ireenoek. 0475 27918. 9pm. £4. Tickets 19 from Rhythm Records. Greenock. 0475 8‘)273(1.See Sun 15. Glasgow Edinburgh I Whitney Houston Sli(‘(‘. Fin nieston

summer GLASGOWOMU. uouzoocr someone" communes 0112112248 31*“ 0111.1 chum m I and IL‘fI 1 {run} JUSI Tilt: SCL‘

TICKETSAVAILABlE FROM VIRGIN. RIPPING. JUSTTHE TICKETANDALI. Robertson Venue. (‘alton Road. 557 3073. Tim 17. TOCTAOUTLETS. FOR CREDITCARDBOOKINGS. PHONE (XII-5576969 7.30pm. The first in a series ofthirteen gigs organised by Radio Forth and broadcast liye. The first two are taking place on consecutive nights in The Venue.

BANDSTAND PRESENT _ with one acoustic and one electric act.

71 [ix-Slice man Nick Robertson will be c O I playing his impassioned songs acoustically. and the underrated Keyin ._ EDINBURGH '

McDermott ()rchestra follow that up with

a much noisier. rockier set. Entrance h). ticket only. and tickets are only ayailable

' ' from Radio Forth in Forth Street. I Shibboleth Preservation Hall. Victoria £10 Street. 226 3816. 9.30pm. Free. Pleasant ° rocky songs giyen melodic interest by AVAILABLE FROM violin. THE Box OFHCE I Urban Poets Negociants. Lothian Street. . .

“n- t : . . " ' I “5 6313' )'3Upm‘ l m' I RiverCity People King'l'ut's Walt Wait

llut. St Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 9pm. _ UN|0N SIREH' AND 17 £5.50. See Wed 18.

I Auntie Rose Roofto is. Sauchieliall Au rocrA AGENrs Glasgow SW. 33: 5383. 9.3.1:“... £2. I Whitney Houston SE(‘('. Finnieston I Rhythm Hill Traders. (ilassford Street. All TICKETS SUBJECT To Quay. 248 3000. Only a few cheap seats 552 (1246. l0pm. Free. Their ‘Neyer _ STARTS: 7.3OPM left (£17.50 from Just The Ticket). A great Learned I o l lide' single should be coming ynjcc Curtainly‘ and wasn't ‘I'm Yuur forth S001] . hlll ll, }'()ll Cilll‘l Willi you C(lllld BablTonighf' terrific'.’ But when is illWi‘.“ l‘l'rChi“C “W HOW." A! 1m" ('(m’ "zzzzazzflz i i i I i i H someone going to take \Nhitncy gisidc and (I’ur12) album on which ll illSt) appears. explain that cn1hc|lighing your records thl'Cb)’ donating (0 ll \N‘tll’lllWllllL‘ charity with lots of vocal histrionics and generally (Ytlrkhlll (Illildfs'nifi THIS! ) and allowing oyerdoing it in the gutsy department does ,VUU 10 Succumb l0 “Cling!S Ul‘CXlrcmc not equal emotion? Maybe she should self-rightcmlsncw stick to DJing. I Apres Ski ()uthouse. (‘athcart Road. 64‘) I Gobslopper'I‘raders. (ilassford Street. “184- xpm- “CC-

552 6246. 10pm. Free. [ix-Tribe of Benn. I The Vindicators Time Warp Music (Tub. - Joanna's. Southgate. liast Kilbride. 03552 47534. 9pm. £2. The phrase ‘grooyybeat

CENTRE IBeveriey Craven Queen's llall.South film?” “""“'.‘ITI““."'-" "“'“”‘.“" “Tl” ('lerk Str‘ 1.6682019. 7.30 m.£8.70 "m mu“ ‘9'”"CFEWC Eilmgcémd LL p psychedelia pastiche will be well

.53???“ £9,201 2 " vb -~ -1'1‘; d

53333 :: 'l ( .. ", pumi“ ya“! L H ) LL com lementedbytheaccom ariying

..; I. RD , prcyiew. p . h p - ~ - START 7 30 lThe Acoustic River Detectives andThe D”””"'l“”“ “N”

Ocean Venue. ('alton Road. 557 3073. I The Jammies T“ a (‘Urhics‘

7.3Upm. Anmhcr Radio Forth j0h_scc ( timbernauld. (L36 727473. 9pm. I rce.

Mon 16 so tickets are only available from l-ix'l'TS‘h A” Tbnnlé’hk the station itself in Forth Street. The River E ' h o I I ; A A. - 0 ° ° 0 ° i Detectiyes should need no introduction by g o i : ° 1 ; i 311111;”: ' - 1 . I . i - . now. butThe ()cean comprises virtually I Dave Sharp Venue. ('alton Road.557 o- n . - i ' o 1 ~ .'.' the same line-upasThe RightStuff. 3073. See Sun 15. - - - ; . -. . . . . . - - IPoor Souls Negociants. LothianStreet. lRed HotAnd Blue Platform ()ne. Rutland

36 The List 13 26 September l9‘)l