IYo! and similar streetwise vernacular. Ice.T takestime otttrom recent tilm rolesto get backto some bad (as in baaad) rapping atlhe Glasgow Barrowland on 26 September. See Rock listings.


I Would you buy a used sitcom from this pair? Ade Edmondson and Rik Mayall return to the small screen this week with another anarchic and anally lixated comedy. amusineg entitled Bottom. See TV listings.

I Cosmetic surgery has never been all it's cracked up to be. as you‘ll tind out in FXZ—The Deadly Art 0t Illusion. See Film Index.


I The brightyoungthings ot Brith Got hang outat Glasgow‘s Harland 8. Woltt shipbuilding shed torthe biggest contribution to Tramway‘s Theatres and Nations season. See Theatre listings.

I Ooh! and similarsoultul vernacular. Whitney Houston shakes ott speculation about her sexualityto do a three-night stand at the SECC lrom 17 September.



Top List personalities reveal their hot tips to pass those chilly autumn eveningsthistortnight.

Trust Another challenging movie from llal Hartley whose L’nln'lievahle 'I'rutlt was an arthouse hit. and you know what that means.

Theatres And Nations The 'l‘ramway season is all pretty fabby stuff according to our erudite theatre editor. The (tmr’ (iat/tt’rers. Pat. The Patriot (Jame and Victory are the shows.

Bruce Morton Scotland‘s best stand-up'.’ Quite possibly. and trying out some new material at Blackfriars in Glasgow prior to recording it for radio broadcast.

Orin 'l'he (‘hijinkai 'l'heatre (‘ompany’s moving production at the Edinburgh King‘s. llyou see only one thing during the Japan Festival. you don‘t get out enough.

The Ayr Gold Cup Six l‘urlongs can seem along way when you‘ve stuck a week's wages on a donkey lingering at the back ofa 25-horse field. Our man in the guess Philip Parr plumps l'or Bertie Wooster. See how he fares on El) September.

The South Bank Show Returning fora new series on Scottish. the art show that makes Michael lgnatiefflook like a pseudish poseur. Starting off with a profile ol'the UK's second-best magazine Private Eye.

The Bible Yes. that big book you find in hotel rooms. 'l'hey’re serialising it on the radio. John (iielgud is God or something like that. Set the celestial dial to RadioJ.

Mingei: The Living Tradition Japanese anonymous artisans‘ work in textiles. ceramics. metal. and lacquer on display at the Burrell Collection.

Gumball lleadlining Glasgow Venue and supporting Slowdivc at lidinburgh (‘alton Studios. playing slightly wacky post DinosaurJr guitar rock.

Mordred American funk-thrash reminiscent of Faith No More Red Hot (‘hilli Peppers hanging out their stul‘l‘at lidinburgh Venue and (ilasgow ('athouse.

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