Tue 10th - Sun 22nd Sept (Except Mon 16) Fablevision’s

Birds of Paradise “Borderland”

by Michael Duke A story of struggle and difference, looking at the breaking down of barriers across Europe, presented by a cast of disabled and able bodied actors. Ticket Prices: £5 l£2.50

Mon 23rd - Fri 27th Sept R a r i n’ T o G 0

Over 50s Festival A week long festival for the over 503. addressing educational, political and cultural issues effecting this age group. The festival’s diverse programme includes dance, drama, music, writers workshops and much more. FREE. Some events will be charged.

BOX OFFICE g o 3 1 - y 229 9697 inoVAL chEUM THEATRE COMPANYl

48 The List 13 »- 26 September 1991



Conference and Gathering Sat 21 Sept. lllam-bpm. and Sun 22 Sept. 1 lam—~1pm. £25 (£15) inc. buffet and two performances. Stttart (‘os-groy-e chairs a i two-day debate exploring issues ofculture and theatre-making. Among the speakers are Neal Aseherson. Joyce McMillan. Howard Barker. Fintan ()“l'oole. Tom Murphy and Ljubisa Ristic.

Victory'l‘tte 24 Sat 28 Sept. 7.30pm. to (£4). It took quite a while todigottt an English company which cottld y'alidly contribttte to the Theatres and Nations season. and ironically The Wrestling School has a Scottish director. Kenny Ireland. The company is dedicated to the work of Howard Barker and here it presents his 1983 post-Restoration allegory of decay and decline in ntodern Britain. . or should that be lingland‘.’ 1’ncompromising and heightened language characterise Barker'scxciting theatre. Another must-see at Tramway. I TRON THEATRE (13 Trongate. 552 42o“; Box Office Tue- -Sat Noon 8pm: Sun 12.311—11pm.(‘1osedfyfondays. [Access: R. S'l'. Facilities: WS. 1i. (i. R. B. Help: AA]

Baggage and Bombshells t'ntil Sun 15 Sept. 7.311pm. £5.5(l(£2.5t)). Multiple l-‘ringe

l‘irst winners. Richard (‘rane and Fay nia Williams. stay in Scotland with thisyears lidinburgh show . based on interyicw s with various w omen who hay e experienced

The Importance of Being Oscar Tue 1? Sun

22 Sept. 7.311an {551118.511}. A

one-man celebration of the work of ( )scar \Vilde. compiled by Michael Mac liammoir and performed by (‘harlcs . Kearney. Vissi D‘Arte— Opera Monstrosa life 24. Wed 25. Hi 27 and Sat 28 Sept. 7.30pm. {5.511 (£2511). ()ddball blend of opera and theatre as two soloists from ( iermany 's l’ocket ()pcra. ('laude Arias and 1.orcn/o Jordan. reliy‘e the rivalry between Maria (‘allas and Renata chaldi. Black humour. parody and drag. Sec prey'icw‘.


I BRUNTUN THEATRE Musselburgh. (ib5 224“. [.Access: l’l’A. R. St. Facilities: W('. WS. 12. (i. B. Help: AA]

The Plough and the Stars t 'ntil Sat 28 Sept. 2.3llpm. £5 (£4). Sat 21 mat. 2.3(lpm. £3. The third in Sean ()‘Casey 's tragi-comic Dublin trilogy. The Plough umltthtm-s'. paints a picture oftenement life in the period leading up to the liaster Risingof 1916. First play in the Brunton‘sautumn

I KING'S THEATRE 2 l.ey'en Street. 229 12111. Box Office Mon—Sat 1(lam»-8pm. Bar. [Accessz l’l’A. L. Facilities: W('. WS. AS. E. (i. B. Help: AA]

Out 0i Order L'ntil Sat 14 Sept. Mon—Al’ri 7.3flpm. Sat 5pm and 8pm. £7.5(L—£1 1.51). Ray Cooney farce on a national tottr by the Theatre ofComcdy and starring Donald Sinden.

Beckett Mon lb—Sat 21 Sept. 7.30pm. Wed and Sat mats 2.311pm. £6.5(l—il2511. Exciting combination of Robert Lindsay and Derek Jacobi in Jean Anhouilh's eley'erand witty play which chartsthe deteriorating relationshipbetween

Henry 11 and Thomas A'Bcckett after Beckett became Archbishop. (‘atch it now before it takes 1.ondon by storm. Sce preyiew.

Orin Wed 25 -Sat 28 Sept. 7.3(lpm. Sat mat 2.30pm. 1650-1212511. Latest l contribution to the national Japan festiy al comes from the (’hijinkai Theatre (‘ompany and is performed with tinglish subtitles; Set between 1914 and 19211. it uses folk dance. songs and traditional music to tell the touching tale of a blind lttte player and an army deserter. See preyicw.

I NETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE 43 High Street. 556 9579. Box Office. lflam--4._‘~(lpm. 7—9pm petf. eygs. (ale.

Street. 2299(i‘)". Bo\ ()ffiec Mon Sat

i comedy

BBC Poetry Readings Fri 13- Sat 14 Sept. 8pm. £3 (£2). See Book 1iy‘cnts.

I PLAYHOUSE THEATRE (ireenside Place. 557 259(1.

Giselle Tie 24» Sat 28 Sept. 7.311pm. Sat mat 2pm. £5.5lHe‘23. See Dance.


lflamA-bpm. lflam -8pm on pcrf'. ey‘gs. Bar. Rest ('afe [Access: 1’. 1.. l’acilitics: WC. WS. AS. [-1. (i. B. R. ’1’. Help: A. AA| An Ideal Husband l‘ntil Sat 28 Sept. 7.45pm. Sat mats 14 and 21 Sept..‘~. 15pm. £41212. Audio-describcd performance Thurs 19 Sept. Back to a newly itnproy ed home after a year on the road. the Royal 1.yceum Theatre ('ompany openstts I autumn season with ()scar Wilde'ssoejett now almost accntury old.but . 1 still as funny as you‘ll find. Hugh 1 lodgart l

directs. See rcy few.

“WHITE— . This section lists shows that are touringthe : CentralBelt. There isaphone numberlor each company should you require more I information. Unless otherwise specified. the I numberaftereach venue listed isthe ' telephone numberlorticket enquirieslor I that particular evening (please note. this is nofalwaysfhe venue number). I The Cheviot. the Stag and the Black. Black Oil lixccllent and timely reyiyal offllohn f .\1c(irath's radical history ofScotland. made accessible by a non-stop mix of comedy and music. in this production on a ' three-month tour by Wildcat. ,9 Recommended. More details on (141 951 1444. .llucRoln'r! .-1rl.y ('t'hm'. Stirlmc'l’hurs 13- l-‘ri 13 Sept. (Psorilus’l. .-1rl.y (iullil ‘I'ht'ulrt'. (irt't'hot'A Sat 14 Sept. [ 11475 231138. Honor/lull. Dundee .\lon lb Tue lfiScpt. 1 «us: 35311. i l’ulut't’ [hm/re. Kl/marnot'k Wed ; 18 -‘l'httrs 19 Sept. (1503 23591). (it'll: lht’ulrt'. .'1_\'r Hi 211 Sept. 11292 1 3mm» ; ll'hilchull ( 'I't'lt' lht'ulrt'. Hamilton Sat 21 Sept. flb98 283281. Izrlt'n ( our! [heal/'1'. llll't’l'llt’H Tue 23 Sat 28 Sept. (l4b322l-‘21b’. I The Sash Hector .\1ac.\lillan directs his own modern classic a powerful look at


' thebigotry behindthe l2.luly()rangc . Walk in Glasgow. A big hit in itsoriginal

production eighteen years ago, this

. Version is rey‘iyed by a new company . “’13. i

which is dedicated to run als oferitically successful Scottish plays. See review. I’ur'lllon 'I‘ht’ulrc. (ilusgow l'ntil Sat 21 Sept. (141 33: 1846.

.4 (lam Smith Iht'utrc. lx'lrculrly' Thurs 2(»Sat 28 Sept. (1592 2611498.

Tour continues.

I Sunset Song TA(i‘s adaptation ofthe Scottish classic by Lew is (irassic (iibbon.

Set in north—east Scotland. It tells the tale

of a woman who is torn between the lureof education and the hue of her country. See reyiew. .‘ylorc detailson (141 4292877. [lulu/icon:sicurlt'my Sat 14 Sept. 7.311pm. (15(16 8425 l 3.

x1l>crrlccux1rty ('t'ntre'luc l7—Sat 21 Sept. 8pm. (1224641 122.

Klrkcmllirighl :1 (title/71y Tue 24 Sept. ".Sflpm.115557311233. Douglas [Court High School. Newton Stewart Wed 25 Sept. 7.3111111141th 3261. Dullmurh' High School Thurs 2b Sept. 7.3(lpm. 1155b b111b74.

Tour continues. I Paddy's Market Tony Roper's Mayfest hit is rey iyed for a large-scale tour by'thc Tron Theatre (‘ompanyp Set in (ilasgow‘s famous market in Shipbank Lane. it isa couthy comedy by the authorofthe phenomenally successful 'l'ht'SIt'umr'e. More details on (141 552 42(37.

King's Theatre. (ilusgotvMUlt25—511128 Sept. 2.311pm. Wed and Sat mat 3pm. 1141 552 4367

Tour continues.