I The Dispossessed (Channel 4) 9- lilpm. Focusing on the plight of the Afghans who. having been refugees for more than a decade. are under pressure to return to their homeland which has been all but destroyed.

I Screenplay: Journey To Knock ( BBCZ)

9-- 10.10pm. A comic road-mm ie written by William Ivory (whom anally fixated soap fans will remember as the lecherous bricklayer liddie Ramsden in Coronation Street). It follows the adventures ofthree wheelchair-bound men on a pilgrimage to Knock in the west oflrcland. John Hurt. Dav id Thewlis and Charles Simon star.

I The Golden Girls (Channel 4) lil—li).3ilpm. The sparky geriatric sitcom continues. with Blanche attempting to auction her dead father‘s possessions.


I ATaste DlJapan (BBC2) seatlpm. Oh no not more Japan. Actually this isa cookery programme with a difference. offering rather more than the traditional ‘Take one fish. Eat.’ Japanese recipe.

I Bagdad Cale (Channel 4) 8.3(l—9pm. Brenda (Whoopi Goldberg) and Jasmine (Jean Stapleton) vow to stick together on their first night out without theirestranged husbands. Things don't quite work out like that. however. . .

I Minder (Scottish) 9—10pm. Oh no. 'Her lndoors' has gone missing. and Arthur Daley is the poiiee's prime suspect.

I The Travel Show (BBC?) 9—9.30pm. Reports from overseas at Playa Del lngles in Gran Canaria (which ifmy limited Spanish is up to scratch means Beach Of The Englishman. so be warned) and from Britain at Ironbridge in Shropshire.

w I Milk And Honey (Channel-i) 10—1 1.40pm. The powerful and moving tale of a Jamaican immigrant (Josette Simon) in Canada working as a nanny. She finds her expectations betrayed as she is exploited and propositioned by the Canadians.


I Thunderhirds (BBC2) FAB! They‘re back. all your favourites: camp V'ergii. lugubrious Parker. Lady Penelope. Brains. and the evil Hood. The series that launched a million crappy University Revue parodies.

I The insiders (BBCl ) 7.3(l—8pm. First of a series of guides to that bit ofScotland that isn't Glasgow. Presenter Gordon Kennedy starts off tonight in Perth. where there flourishes a lively club scene. Local boy John Gillespie shows us around. See preview.

I Anton Mosimann - Naturally (Channel 4) 8.3(l—9pm. The Masterchef dips into the cuisine of Hungary. preparing a simple mushroom goulash. and an Italian-influenced combination ofspinach gnocchi with paprika sauce.

I Cheers (Channel Mil-9.30pm. Weieome repeats ofclassic early episodes. worth savouring for the brilliant stupidity of Coach (Nicholas Colasanto).

I Roadhouse 66 (BBCZ) 9- 10.30pm. Willem Dafoe stars in an unusual road-movie. as a former rock ‘n' roller who meets tip with Judge Rheinhold and proceeds to drive through redneck country picking up girls and settling scores. Moderately diverting.

I Casualty ( BBCl ) 9.30— 10.30pm. The blood-and-guts drama offers a touch of romance tonight. as poor old Charlie meets an attractive social worker (quiet at the back there).

I Dream On (Channel 4) ll)- 10.35pm. Martin (Brian Benben) is persuaded to pursue a book deal with a woman whose husband. mother-in~1aw and four poodles were found hacked to pieces. This is supposed to be comedy?

I The Happening (Channel 4)

11.5(lpni- l 2.50am. Jools Holland introduces comedy from Sean Hughes and Jack Dee. plus music from Sarah-Jane Morris and Eddi Reader.


I Only Fools And Horses (BBC l) 5.45—6.15pm. South London wide boys Del and Rodney. played by David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst. enjoy a repeat showing from the early days when Grandad was still alive.

I The World This Week (Channel 4) 7—8plin. Sheena McDonald and Nik Gowing present the world news and discussion programme.

I Dr No (Scottish) 8—10.20pm. Or ‘Oh No Not Again“. The name's Connery. Sean Connery. and a decent performance from the Greatest Living Milkmen raises this. the first Bond. above subsequent standards. Oh and Ursula Andress. of

I Birds DiA Feather(BBC1)8.15—8.45pm. Linda Robson and Pauline Quirke star in the prison widows sitcom. with Lesley Joseph as the lascivious neighbour Dorien.

I The House Di Eliott (BBC 1) 8.45-9 . 40pm. The haute couture drama continues. with the Eliott sisters(Louise

l l

Lombard and Stella Gonet) flirting with both high society and social reformers.

I As It Happens (Channel 4)

1 Pete McCarthy takes his cameraman off to 1 long Kong for a spot of live reportage.

I Porky‘s (Scottish) 11.20pm—1.2()am. Peter Greenaway‘s classic rites-of-passage movie. shot in monochrome with a complex script. and a powerful anti-materialist motif lurking beneath the surface. (Shurely shome mishtake‘.’)


I Equinox: The Prolessor's New Clothes (Channel 4) 7—8pm. A profile ofan Australian geologist and his discoveries. I Trainer (BBCI ) 3. 15-9. lllpm. Htlll'tlrd's‘ Way on horseback say some. but the series looks set to gain a substantial following. drawn by its cunning combination of dedicated sportsmen and the idle rich.

I Fatal Attraction (Scottish)

9.05—1 l . 15pm. The misogynistic thriller that seriously threatened the concept of one-night stands for a while. Michael Douglas plays the family man who has what he believes is a one-night stand with psychotic Glenn Close. She proves difficult to dump. although she finally gets the message. Overrated. but reasonably gripping.

I Screen One: Dancin' Thru The Dark (BBCI ) 9.25—1 1.05pm. TY premiere for Willie Russell's dark comedy set in at Liverpool nightclub. The drinks are lined up. the girls are dressed to kill and the lads are on the rampage. The night is set for fun. passion and violence. ie just another night on Merseyside. Con O‘Neil. Claire Hackett. Simon O‘Brien and Julia Deakin star.

I Film 0n Four: Angry Earth (Channel 4) 10—1 1.55pm. A sort of British Mother Courage. Karl Francis‘s unnerving drama sees 2(lth-Century Britain through the reminiscences ofan ll()~year-old woman Gwen (Sue Roderick) looking back over a life filled with commitment to freedom and integrity.


I Inspector Morse (Channel 4) 8.30—1().3()pm. A repeat run for the last series. with John Thaw as the aesthete detective. Yuppies. set your videos.

I Harry Eniield’s Television Programme (BBCZ) Til—10.30pm. Comedy. sketches and juvenile jokes from the man who used to be ‘Loadsamoney'.

I Sport In Duestion (Scottish) 10.45-11.45pm. Archie MacPherson and his outrageous hairstyle introduce another sport discussion.


I Boon (Scottish) 9— 10pm. Michael Elphick returns as the motorcycle- obsessed private eye. in a brand-new series of hapless adventures.

I Rear Window: The Final Solution-lslam in Spain (Channel 4) 9—-9.45pm. A report on the upsurge of [slant in Spain after 500 years of Christian conflict.

I Bottom (BBCZ) 9—9.30pm. Second in the lavatorial sitcom series starring Ade Edmondson and Rik Mayall.

I Making 0ut(BBC1)9.3()—10.20pm. A new series of the gritty comedy/drama set in an electronics factory. Queenie (Margi

Clarke) returns heavily pregnant. and the -

rest of the gang. Chunky. Frankie. Pauline. Carol May. Jill. Donna. Klepto. Norma and Bernie are all there or thereabouts.


I slxthirtysomething (Channel 4) 6.30—7pm. Ann Bryson and Maria McErlane introduce the irreverent arts and entertainment strand.

I Specials (BBCl)8—8.5()pm. First ina new series that claims to be a ‘police series with a difference‘. It follows the


adventures of volunteer reserve coppers. contrasting their private lives with their time on the beat. Martin Cochrane. Brian (iwaspari. Ron Donachie and Cindy O'Callaghan star.

I Did Scores (Scottish) S‘— lilpm. Smartly timed given the proximity of the Rugby World Cup. this drama centres on a controversial international match between Wales and the All-Blacks. Windsor Davies and Glyn Houston star. I The Men's Room (BB(,‘2)9—9.5llpm. Laura Lamson's five-part drama is a spiky. often comic tale of marriage and infidelity spanning the Thatcher decade. Synopses make it sound like across between The History Man and :l Bouquet ()fliurbed li't’re with a plot full of randy professors and the conflict between love and liberation. Sounds intriguing to say the least.

I The Golden Girls (Channel 4) ill—10.30pm. The senility sitcom continues with the usual batch ofinnuendoes and dirty jokes.

I Paul Merton The Series (Channel 4) l().3(L-l 1pm. A welcome showcase for the bright and cynical stand-up still best-known for his vulgar interventionsin Whose Line Is ltA rzyivtty'f’.


we» ..~ a A.

2- .

I Bagdad Gate (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. Whoopi Goldberg stars as the harassed cafe owner. with the legendary-Jean Stapleton as the stranger who changes every'body‘s lives. in the sitcom version of the Percy Adlon movie.

I Minder(Scottish)9~10pm. Arthur Daley is getting on very nicely thank you. without Terry. Gary Webster as nephew Ray has proved an able stand-in. Tonight Arthur is faced with the problem of unloading some dodgy gear. Those plots are beginning to recycle themselves.

I Critical Eye (Channel 4) 9—10pm. A report on the human cost ofthe GulfWar. the thousands of adults and children facing starvation.

I Drop The Dead Donkey (Channel 4) Ill—10.30pm. And we tastefully segue into this ‘topical comedy" with lots ofgags about Gulf War victims and Scud missiles. I Scottish Books (Scottish)

10.45-1 1.15pm. Jenny Brown introduces discussion and reviews of the latest literary releases.

65 The List 13 26 September 1991