symbol ofour power over nature. is going to suffer in public estirnation.‘ He points to the current interest in ‘natural‘ foods and the increase in vegetarianism both linked to the

green movement as indications of a '

changing world view. along with shifts in meat-eating patterns away from red meat to ‘disguised‘ meat

like burgers and pre-packed meals. ‘I .

think things are going to keep on changing. perhaps faster than we think.‘ he says. ‘After all. ten or

twenty years ago. vegetarianism was

seen as the lunatic fringe. now it's part ofthc mainstream. I think fairly soon you could see a situation where meat-eating‘s treated in a similar way to smoking.‘ It‘s certainly food for thought something extra to chew on as you bite into your next Big Mac.

M eat: A Natural Symbol is published by R our/edge at £35.


I Sarah Brown’s Healthy Living Cookbook Sarah Brown (Dorling Kindersley. £9.99. new paperback edition 1991 ). Sarah Brown looks even more sickly sweet on her cover photograph than Delia Smith; but like Delia. she is adept at coming up with down-to-earth. highly cookable recipes for an interesting everyday diet.

Following the success of her other vegetarian recipe books. not to mention her TV series. this volume takes a wider perspective on diet.


confronting the confusing area of eating for health with a commonsense approach and clearly

: presented information. She runs through essential nutrients with an

illustrated list of their major sources. and punctuates the main recipe section of her book with photographs of balanced meals constructed from the dishes she has described. She also gives a nutritional profile for each recipe.

While she makes excellent use of more unusual ingredients shoyu sauce. silken tofu and so on - for my taste her cooking is inclined to be heavy. with a strong emphasis on pulses. grains and seeds. but I would happily tuck into her red pepper and tofu soup. fennel risotto and crunchy aubergine bake. I think this book would be particularly useful for new vegetarians. still coming to terms with a different way ofeating. (Catherine Fellows)


Staying on the meat-tree side at things, the stall at Edinburgh's Henderson‘s Salad Table Lorraine McCabe, Peter Austin, Fiona Acheson, Carrie-Ann Baker and Angelo Cavellina share the secret at one at their most popular dishes. Measurements are not specific, because it should be reasonably obvious and the chets do not work in that way.


Spinach, Cheese, Eggs, Rice, Mixed peppers, Mushrooms, Onion, Butter, Nutmeg, Salt and pepper, Garlic

Shred the spinach and then boil tightly in a pan with a little butter, nutmeg, salt and pepper. When soft drain water. Meanwhile cook and drain rice.

Chop the peppers, mushrooms and

5 onion into small dice, and cook in some

butter and garlic. Season to taste. Place the spinach, rice and vegetables into a bowl and mix in some grated cheese. Break an egg into this, mix and check the seasoning. Place in an oven-proof dish and bake until golden brown on top, and firm inside.

Henderson's Salad Table, 94 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, 031 225 2131.




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