THE ULTIMATE IN ADVERTISING Very rare I980 Citroen Camionette van, 1600cc. petrol, French plates. £1300 secures. Phone A. Hamilton on

031 556 3318.

I Are there any people outthere who enjoy music from Windham Hill and would be interested in forming a listeners' society? If so, I'd like to hear from you. Box No 158/G/1.

IS THERE LIFE AFTER WORK? Yes, with lVC, a self-run club for career people in their twenties and upwards. We organise many diverse events such as badminton, hill walking, theatre, meals, days out, parties,cinema . . . in Scotland. For details phone 041 637 8324 for Glasgow or 0508 882142 for Edinburgh or 0382 480382 for Dundee.

I OUEST an organisation of people who care deeply about their faith and sexuality. Although primarily for gay Catholics, any Christian who feels we can help is more than welcome. For further information about meetings, social events and support. contact Quest Linkline on 041 333 9340, Sunday and Tuesday between 7pm and 10pm.

I GAY? Seeking genuine friends? (M&F) Unlimited profiles, each is invitation to longterm friendship, perhaps relationship, also overseas penfriends. Free (confidential) brochure, S.A.E. to Triangle Profiles, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC 1 N 3XX.

BETTER RELATIONSHIPS GROUP Two experienced counsellors will lead a group for individuals who wish to increase their self-awareness and explore their personal relationships.

There will be eight weekly sessions commencing Friday October 25th 1991, 7.30pm—9.30pm. The cost will be £50 and concessions are available.

If you would like to apply forthe group or find out more about it, please telephone Lothian Marriage Counselling Service during office hours and ask the receptionist to arrange for one of the leaders to contact you.

031 5581527.


I Wanted: handsome, intelligent, successful, independent guy (25—35) for similar female. Enjoys skiing, tennis, dining out. music. movies, travel, golf. Must have keen sense of humour. Photo essential. Seeking long-term relationship and fun. Box No 150/ l.

I Confused male virgin (31) Edinburgh, needs intelligent, sensitive woman for loving. caring and healthy physical relationship with sincerity. Must be non-smoker. l‘m tall, dark, slim and game for anything, anytime. Box No 155/2.

TNE LIST PERSONAL ADS are designed for individuals to meet other individuals. We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement without explanation. Circulars, promotional literature and offensive material are not forwarded where discovered. If you receive such material with your Box replies please let us know. Write, enclosing the material, to: Classified Ads at The List.

I Good-looking Scotsman (33) graduate, writer, exiled in London medialand and a bit homesick, seeks friendship/more with a clevcrish, slimmish, literate-ish woman. Photo appreciated. Box No 155/4.

I Glasgow guy (32) easy-going, reasonably attractive (I think!), solvent. intelligent, caring. Interests: hillwalking, squash, films, children, seeks young lady for fun nights out/possible relationship. Box No 155/8.

I Professional GIasgow-ish female (24) Blonde, not bimbo! seeks a male friend. Attractive, good natured and loves a laugh, various musics and trying new hobbies. Into it? Then write me now! Box No 155/15.

I Glasgow male (25) graduate, 6ft, dark-haired. sensitive, seeking intelligent, slim, attractive (veggie?) female friend (19-25). Pubs, theatre, cinema, folk. No smoking, pets, Tories. Resemble you? Then reply please. Descriptive letter. Box No 156/7.

I Edinburgh professional gay woman (23) who is inexperienced and would like to meet similar to enjoy music, pubs, laughs and fun days out. Box No 156/9.

USE YOUR LOAF! Make bread. Share your know-how through our PRIVATE TUITION column.

I Young. educated well-settled professional in USA (37) desires to meet young, attractive. professional lady for friendship and lasting relationship. lam honest and looking for charming, sincere lady fully emancipated. Box N0156/10. I Female (22) Intelligent. attractive, adventurous, seeks sincere, short-haired guy (22-29) with sense ofhumour. to share hill-walking, films. music, occasional cuddles.

Glasgow/Strathclyde area. Photo appreciated. Box No 156/1 1.

I Englishman (40) solvent, sense of humour, newly exploring singles scene, seeks lady soulmate with view to marriage. l‘m well-travelled and equally happy dining out and hiking out. ALA. Box N0156/16.

I floccobarocco: Tam White Aug 91h; attractive blonde. I was seated across the table from you but didn't break the ice. Can we go skating? Box No 157/2.

I Professional, masculine gay man (30) into weight-training and macho gear. wants to meet similar attractive guy, initially for friendship. Likes travel. cinema, food. Dislikes smoking, liver, and country music! Box No 157/3.

I I am male (28) and would like to meet an attractive woman (23—28) who enjoys being outdoors, cycling, travel, etc. Friendship guaranteed, something special if I‘m lucky maybe? Box N0157/5.

I Anyone out there want to meet a Scorpio? 30$ lady, own business, needs laughs, romance and good company. Sense of humour and good looks will help! Box No 157/9.

I Are you a gay male? Fed up with one-night stands, live in Edinburgh or Fife, age between 21—25, looking for one-to-one relationship? Me also. Photo please. Box No 157/12.

I Edinburgh gay guy (38) Attractive , tall, slim and intelligent. Havingacaring disposition and fostering many and varied interests: seeks 25—35 for revitalisation. Box No 157/13.

I Non-chauvinist solvent, healthy male, mid-forties, 6ft, slim, good-hearted, with no children, would love to meet that thirtysomething bright, warm, affectionate female with the right chemistry to make it happen!! Box N0157/15.

I Tall, slim, professional, married man believes a new friend of any sex would be even more fun than paragliding. Glasgow area. Box No 158/l.

I Attractive blonde. with brain (30) enjoys eating. drinking, sport, cinema and a good laugh, would like to meet tall male equivalent for fun, friendship and who knows what else! Box No 158/2.

I Glasgow gay man seeks new mates. 1 like GFT, theatre and long conversations over hot

chocolate in quiet bars. You may not, but reply anyway! (There Anne. I‘ve done it.) Box No 158/3.

I Female musician owning an unconscious sense of humour, a vague sense of neurosis, and a hammock, desires male with small shoes, mellow nature and an appetite for vegetarians. Box No 158/4.

I Woman (208) old enough to be decisive. motivated, sensuous, young enough to be natural. warped, self-developing. seeks male: confidently quiet. with a hairless back, capable of flying kites. Box No l58/5.

I Warped male capable of being creatively lazy, with caustic vegetarian tongue, desires the company of a male with subtly disconcerting features and artistic attitude towards self-motivation. Box No 158/6. I Gay guy(35) straight-acting/looking. looking for similar (25—40) for friendship/relationship (non-smoker), interests cinema, theatre. nights out and in. ALA with photo ifpossible. Sincerity and trust vital! Box N0158/7.

I Edinburgh gay male (36) professional, Ringo Starr look-alike, 5'/2ft tall, slim, straight-acting, non-camp, likes classical music, cycling, swimming, theatre, seeks similar under 35 years. romantic, for friendship, humour. maybe more. Box No 158/8.

I Is there anyone out there? Lady (40+), Central Scotland, has little company well male, anyway! Likes coal fires, hill-walking, cycling, travel, films, animals, children. So where is everyone? ilelp! Help! Box No 158/9.

I Male (34) seeks female friend: Asian, Chinese or European girl (18—34) welcome. [enjoy travel, cinema, walking. Edinburgh area. All letters answered. Box No 158/10.

I Canadian female (34) currently Edinburgh-based and very homesick. seeks happy, healthy, sincere, secure, caring, non-smoking male (30+ ) who enjoys movies. music. long walks. country drives etc, etc. etc. Box No l58/l l.

I Tall, lean, Ill unconventional. amusing. cerebral and independent Edinburgh male (37) seeks very intelligent. open-minded, funny and attractive female for light physical and cultural recreation


Then: Address your letter to The List Classified,

14 High Street or Edinburgh EH1 1TE

and we will forward it.

Remember to write the Box Number clearly In the top left-hand corner.

Replies will be forwarded once a week. It you send several replies, send them in one large envelope. Don't stamp the replies, but do write the appropriate Box No. on each envelope.

Old Athenaeum Theatre 179 Buchanan Street Glasgow G1 2.12

or deeper relationship. Photo. Box No 158/12. IWoman (24) independent. non-slim, confident and witty. own teeth and big eyes. seeks ideologically-sound man to marry and breed with. Professional. rich non-Burton suiters pleasell Enclose photo. Box No 158/14. I Young gay student (21) looks for similarly idiosyncratic guy for friendship. Glasgow area. Box No [58/15. I I am female (31) attractive. bright, talkative. emotional. You are male. funny, thoughtful, intelligent. adventurous. So why am I writing this? Why are you reading it? All replies considered. Box No 158/16. I Glasgow gay guy (28) straight-acting, non-scene. fairly good-looking. non-smoker, seeks similar intelligent. sincere guy (24—34) for friendship, perhaps more. Interests: reading, music. outdoors, pubs. Detailed letter appreciated, discretion assured. Box N0158/17. I Glasgow female. newly 40 newly divorced. l have a positive attitude to life and a good sense of humour. A tentative. friendly chat over a cup of coffee sometime? Box No 158/18. I Quiet male (36) fit. intelligent, presentable, seeks wild(ish) woman to restore some excitement to life. Non-smoker. Varied interests include books, music, sport. Box No 158/19. I GIasgow/ professionai gay male (38) easy-going, affectionate. varied interests, seeks similar intelligent man (25—45) for strictly one-to-one relationship, based on Christian love and mutual emotional support. Photo essential. Box No 158/20. I Edinburgh, out and proud professional male (31 ), varied interests: cinema. theatre. dog-owner, seeks male (25—40) for friendship 1-2-1. Sincerity, honesty valued more than looks. No closets. Box No 158/21. I Take me: female (34). affectionate, slim, pretty, clever, optimistic. Add you, male (32—40), professional. slim, solvent. attractive, shaved. Midsummer magic! Or. at least. eating, drinking and fun. Reply with photo. Box No 158/22. I Glasgow gay guy (28) fit, into gym. good-looking, sporty, interesting. enjoys eating out. drinks, clubs. seeks similar fit. muscular comrades to spoil and enjoy city life. Photo/letter ensures reply. Box No l58/23. I Thirty words? Adventures, art. Ashoka, companionship. cycling, empty beaches. GFT. hangovers. hilltops. huggles. log fires. love. me Tarzan. you Jane. music. nature. professional. sharing. smiles. sunsets. Tramway. 28. why not? Box No [58/24. I Uncomplicated Edinburgh male academic (32). tall. dark (though thinning). open. sensitive. affectionate and athletic. seeks uncomplicated professional female (25-32) for social and outdoor pursuits. Photo please. Box No l58/25. I Male (34) sense of humour. non-smoker. seeks female with view to marriage. Please send

photo. ALA. Box No [58/30. J

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