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Not many humans are blessed with the malting barley,ourlleadBrewerinsistedona talent needed to sniff out our (iold Bier hops. particularly rare, old-fashioned and expensive

Because not many hops have the fragrant, variety. Fortunately, when it came to the floweryaromaourllead Brewer’s nose demands most important ingredient, we found we had for the recipe. unlimited supplies on our doorstep.

Indeed, even a bee would have its work The unusually pure water of the Scottish cut out since only the 'l'ettnanger hop fits the Highlands. \\"ater that just happens to be bill. .'\nd it just happens to grow in Bavaria, perfect for making pilsner bier. over 800 miles away as the humble bumble flies. .'\ll this dedication is evident in a bier of

It wasn’t just the hops we had a bee in our pale, golden colour, fragrant aroma and fresh bonnet about, though. light taste.

\\"e scoured the liuropean continent for .\ bier that can be aptly described in one the perfect strain of yeast. short word.

And not content with good quality Scottish Nectar.