his wife into the arms of a local lawyer. albeit after an unbelievably gratuitous sex scene that goes well beyond anything Frank even imagined in Blue Velvet. Interesting. but by no means stunning. Glasgow: Salon.

I Pink Floyd The Wall ( I 5) (Alan Parker. UK. 1982) Bob Geldof. Christine Hargreaves. Bob I loskins. 95 mins. An ambitious attempt by Parker and the Floyd‘s Roger Waters to turn the band's album The Wall into a visual. almost dialogue-less story. in w hich a schoolboy named Pink grows up to be an isolated rock star. The result did not match the ambition. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Prospero's Books ( IS) ( Peter Greenaway. UK. IWI ) John Gielgud. Michael Clark. Isabelle l’asco. Michel Blane. l25 mins. Greenaway transforms Shakespeare‘s 'I‘lre 'l’empesl into a visual feast by using groundbreaking I ligh Definition 'I'clevision technology. Gielgud delivers a near-definitive Prospero. backed up by an impressive European cast. and Michael Nyman's score is perhaps his best yet. A film like no other. immersed in illusion as both subject matter and form. Glasgow; Gl’l‘. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Pump Up The Volume ( 15) (Allan Moyle. US/Canada. I‘)‘)l ) Christian SIater.Scott Paulin. Ellen Greene. Samantha Mathis. 102 mins. The over-burdened students of Hubert Humphrey Iligh relieve their frustrations every evening by tuning into pirate radio DJ Happy Harry l lard-On. But shy incomer Mark I Iunter(Slater)

soon finds that his nighttime alter-ego is getting a bit out of hand. particularly when one of his listeners commits suicide and Happy Harry is blamed. An anarchic teen angst movie with a soundtrack ~ The Pixies. Liquid Jesus. Bad Brains— that would put hairs on the chest of a bottleof meths. Glasgow: ()deon. I Ouai Des Brumes ( PG) (Marcel Carne. France. 1938) Jean Gabin. Michele Morgan. Michel Simon. Pierre Brasseur. 91 mins. A cynical army deserter fallsin love with a young idealist. and tries to wrench her from her crooked guardian. A wonderfully pessimistic piece ofromantic cinema that echoes the political clouds hanging over France at the time. while setting the course for l Iollywood‘s forthcoming preoccupation with doomed love affairs. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. IA Rage In Harlem ( 18) (Bill Duke. US. 1991) Robin Givens. Forrest Whitaker. Gregory Hines. Danny Glover. l 10mins. All the elements of Chester Himcs‘ SOs potboilcr are up on screen stolen gold. hoods. harlots. cons. sexy women and a lovestruck undertaker. The ex-MrsTyson is in cracking form as the femmc fatale who is duping the innocent Jackson (Whitaker) in order to escape the clutches of her vicious former partner in crime. See feature. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Odeon. Edinburgh: Odeon. UCI. Strathclyde: UCI Clydebank. UCI East Kilbride. I Recollections Of The Yellow House ( 15) (Joao Cesar Monteiro. Portugal. 1989) Joao Cesar Monteiro. Manuela de Freitas. Teresa Calado. 122 mins. See review. Glasgow: GF'I". I Red Shoes (PG) (Michael Powell 62 Emeric Pressburger. UK. 1948) Anton Wallbrook. Marius Goring. Moira Shearer. 133 mins. Ballerina Sheareris torn between an autocratic impressario and a starving young composer as she dances her way towards madness. Remarkably serious treatment of the subject matter is helped by superlative design and cinematography in this classic piece of Powell/Pressburger expressionism. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Regarding Henry ( 12) (Mike Nichols. US. 1991) Harrison Ford. Annette Bening. Bill Nunn. Mikki Allen. Nancy Marchand. 107 mins. When lawyer and general bastard Henry Turner (Ford) nips out to the shop for a packet of fagsand

accidently gets shot in a hold up. all memories of his life are wiped out. Now begins a long period of rehabilitation of both mind and body. and. with it. the chance for Mr Ford to indulge in some serious Hollywood acting. Mike Nichols glibly directs a script that is far too black and white and takes too many predictable turns. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: Cannon. Dominion. UCI. Central: Cannon. Strathclyde: UCI Clydebank. UCI East Kilbride.

I Robin Hood: Prince OtThieves(12) (Kevin Reynolds. US. 1991) Kevin Costner. Morgan Freeman. Christian Slater. Alan Rickman. 147 mins. Second outingofthe year for the Nottingham legend. this time with Hollywood's golden boy in the title role. Costner's Robin slips into Indiana Jones mode as he sets about undoing the wrongs of Rickman‘s scene-stealing Sheriff in a way that is wonderfully reminiscent of the best Saturday matinee swashbucklers. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh; Cannon. Dominion. UCI. Strathclyde: ()deon Ayr. La Scala. UCI Clydebank. ['Cl East Kilbride. WMR Film Centre.

I Rock-A-Doodle (U) (Don Bluth. UK. 199] ) With the voices ofGlen Campbell. Eddie Deezen. Sandy Duncan. Toby Scott Granger. Christopher Plummer. 74 mins. Don Bluth. the man behind The SeererUf .V'im/i and All Dogs Go To Heaven. cements his place at the forefront of children‘s animation with this tale ofa boy‘s search for the singing rooster that will save his farm from flood and eternal night. Full ofcolour and song. Strathclyde: ()deon Ayr. ()deon Hamilton.

I Rocketeer (PG) (Joe Johnston. US. 1991 ) Bill Campbell. Jennifer Connelly. Alan Arkin. Timothy Dalton. IO‘) mins. After discovering a stolen experimental rocket pack. out-of-luck pilot ('liffSeeord (Campbell) finds himself assuming the role of mystery fly ing figure The Rocketeer in order to save his girlfriend. battle Nazis and save the civilised world. roughly in that order. Great. old-fashioned. matinee-style adventure. if a little sickly in the aII~American apple pie department. Edinburgh: UCI.

I The Secret Garden (PG) (Fred M. Wilcox. US. 1949) Margaret O’Brien. Helen Marshall. Gladys Cooper. I): mins. Sumptuous MG M adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic novel about a young orphan girl staying with her crotchety uncle. Director Wilcox later went on to make Forbidden Planet. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I The Sheltering Sky ( 18) (Bernardo Bertolucci. UK; Italy. 1990) Debra Winger. John Malkovieh. Campbell Scott. Jill Bennett. I38 mins. The criticism which has met Bertolucci's cherished adaptation of the psychologically complex Paul Bowles novel is only partly fair. The book‘s subtlety is not fully communicated. and Bertolucci's alterations have been frowned upon. but ironically his departures from the text are the sourceof the most intense cinematic images. And in the central roles as the doomed American couple seeking adventure. meaning and one another‘s souls in the north African desert. Winger‘s Kit may be flawed. but Malkovich's Port is a superbly intuitive characterisation. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. IThe Shining ( 18) (Stanley Kubrick. US. 1980) Jack Nicholson. Shelly Duvall. Philip Stone. 146 mins. Kubrick‘s overwrought. overlong horror film dispenses with much of the psychic apparatus of Stephen King's novel to concentrate on the deeper horror of a family turning in on itself. Nicholson.witli all the stops out. is bug-eyed and demonic as the writer cracking up violently in an isolated hotel. and the final scencsare. literally. chilling. Edinburgh University Film Society.


L E N N L O S E Love. Lust. Betrayal. Chaos.

And the overture hasn‘t even begun.


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