Fourteen days hard.

A long stretch. but our scribes have come up with another package of diversions to make the next fortnight fly by. . .

L__ . . ,- ._ 2The List 27 September— 1(l()ctober 1991

I No, not The Barrowland. hut Ray's Male Heterosexual Dancehall. venue tor an Academy Award-winning short tilm. See TV listings.

I Auditions are on lor Shane MacGowan’s replacement in The Pogues and French chanteurtakes an early lead courtesy at those ears. ably supported bythe teeth. See Music listings.

I They always teavethe pins in the back olthese new suits don‘t they? David Dortman writhes around at the Tramway in Glasgow. See Dance preview.

_ .

“‘.‘.‘t~\‘ ir‘i‘


I Have the cauliilowers got Equity cards? Find out in 7:84'3 production of Brecht‘s The Resistible Rise OtArturo Ui. See Theatre preview.