I Where did you getthat hat? Laura San Giacomo, of sex. lies and videotape lame stays enigmatic in Under Suspicion. See Film review.

I Jo Spence and photographer Rosy Martin reinterpret Descartes with their Mind/Body Split. See Art Preview.



A mini-sized microwave-lriendly instant-snack guide to the top attractions this fortnight, compiled by our artilicialIy-stimulated correspondents.

The World Cup Rugby that is. Facing Zimbabwe. Japan and Ireland in their first-round group. Scotland should fare substantially better than their round-ball cousins ever managed.

Stutl Alexei Sayle is back on BBC2 with more Eastern European style political comedy. leavened with the usual fatness jokes.

Jacob's Ladder Adrian ‘Fatal Attraction‘ Lyne is back with a gruesome and nightmarish thriller about a Vietnam vet having difficulties with reality.

A Rage ln Harlem Sparky

comedy "mob thriller set in 1950s

Harlem and featuring a seriously raunchy performance from cover star Robin Givens.

The Psychedelic Furs 'I‘hc post-punk rock veterans return to the live arena (Glasgow Barrowlands in this case) to plug the occasionally-wonderful War/(1011131116 LP.

Bobby Watson’s Horizon Post-Motown Bop'.’ Well. maybe. Watson‘s work certainly draws on a wide spread of black popular music as his Glasgow show should demonstrate.

Edouard Vuillard A hedonistic experience awaits art lovers at the Glasgow Art (iallery and Museum exhibition. ofan artist who faithfully recorded his surroundings.

Progeny Not content with releasing an album consistingof one song endlessly remixed. the Shamen bring ' their brand of raving to Livingston Forum.

DinosaurJr According to Sonic Youth,J. Mascis is the only American genius. Find out why when he plays (ilasgow Barrowland on the band‘s only Scottish date.

Muscle Voice A new season of challenging dance pieces at the 'l‘ramway featuring the outstanding David l)orfman and l)\"8's Wendy Houston.

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