Mary Louise Colouris: New Paintings Wed 9—30 ()ct. Solo exhibition by the artist chosen to represent Glasgow in Athenson an exchange to celebrate the 1990 Yearof Culture. Some ofthe paintings on show were done during her Greek sojourn.

I MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD 42 High Street. 225 242-1. Mon~Sat 10am—6pm.

The best days of your life‘.’ Toys. videos and various kids' bits and pieces shed some light on how it was for everyone else. Now including a recent donation of Mexican Day oft/re [)t’atldolls.

The Land of the Fairy Crane Sat 26' Sept—7 Dec. An exhibition which looks at aspects ofJapanese childhood schooling. toys and pastimes and. the centrepiece ofthe show. a pair ofspectacular ‘fcstival tents'. lent by the Japanese Embassy.

I NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND 'I'he Mound. 556 892 l . Mon—Sat Illam--5pm; Sun 2~5pm.

Saved tor Scotland L‘ntil Sun :9 Sept. Works by Blake. Stubbs. Raphael. Poussin. Gainsborough. Velazquez and Van Gogh -- all acquired by Scottish collections with the help ofthe National

A rt Collections Fund.

The Stylish Image: Printmakers to the Court of RUIIOII II L'ntil I3 Get. A dedicated patron of the arts. the Emperor Rudolf II accumulated an impressive collection of engravings from his accession in 1576. until his death in 16 l 2 —- which was housed in the great palace of Prague.

I NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND George IV Bridge 226 453 I . Mon—Iii <).3(lam-—S.3tlpm; Sat *).3llam-5pm; Sun 2--5pm.

The Italian Scots Until 31 ()ct. (‘oineiding with the launch of NLS's new archive on the history of Italian Scots. this exhibition looks at ltalians' relationship with Scotland. frorn their arrival here in the 19th century * when many families created catering businesses now famous in Scotland to the problems they faced when. on the outbreak of World War II. they were classified as ‘cnemy aliens'. and on to their reviving fortunesand 3 contribution to modern society.

I NETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE 43 I ligh Street. 556 9579. Mon—Sat “lam—4.30pm. The Preacher and the Goldsmith Admission £1 .20 £1 '5llp. Exhibition about next-door-neighbour John Knox House 1490—1990.

Theatre Images: Recent Work by Mary Allan L'ntil Sat 5 ()ct.

I OPEN EYE GALLERY 75 Cumberland Street. 557 I020. Mon—Eri lllam—6pm.Sat 10am—4pm.

All exhibitionsuntil l7()ct

Rob Fairley: Paintings

Stuart Beatty ARBS: Sculpture

James McBey: Prints

Lucy Copleston: Jewellery

I PORTFOLIO GALLERY ~13 Candlcmaker Row. 220 I91 1. Mon-Sat I lam-5.30pm. Philosophers: Photographs by Steve Pylte Until12()ct. Revealing portraits by a mart who has spent the last year photographing in close-up the faces of the world’s greatest philosophers Isaiah Berlin. Naom Chomsky. Philippa Foot and others. Pyke adopts the confrontational techniques of Bailey and Avedon and has worked with Peter Greenaway. but his portraits are also said to recall the works of photographing pioneer Julia Margaret Cameron.

I PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 556 8921. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm. [D]. Cafe.

Scotland's bonniest and beastliest monarchs. politicians. writers and artists— not to mention the footballers— and avery fine cafe to boot.

The Art of Jewellery in Scotland Until 3 Nov. £2 (£1 I. Many a Scottish laird would have lost his tartan if it were not secured with a fine Cairngorm brooch. This exhibition also includes a cameo given to a supporter by Mary. Queen of Scots and a range of modern jewellery by Glasgow-based Peter ' Chang.

Los Todos Santeros: Photographs by Hans Namth LIntil 3 Nov. A German-born photographer. Namuth first visited the remote Guatemalan village ofTodos Santeros in 19-17. Thirty yearslaterhe returned to create a permanent photographic record of the inhabitants. their beliefs. their customs and their surroundings.

I OUEEN'S HALL Clerk Street. 6683456. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm (later when a performance is on); Sun noon—late.

A Russian Renaissance Until Sat 5 ()ct. Ceramics and works in a variety ofmedia. including traditional Soviet techniques. as well as fine. hand-painted Rttssian dolls and lacquerwork eggs from the Tartar city of Kazan.

John Bathgate: Rough Diamonds Mon 7-—2ti ()ct. Mixed media works on paper by an artist inspired by the “rough diamonds' of hisnative countryside» the Scottish Borders.

Jean Burns: Wood Engravings Mon 7—26 ()ct.

I RICHARD DEMARCO GALLERY Blackfriars Street (off I ligh Street). 557 0707. Mon-Sat IIam-‘6pm

Pentagonale Plus'l‘hroughout Sept. An ambitious and imaginative exhibition celebrating 25 years of the Demarco Gallery and his artistic links with Eastern Europe. It is also the last exhibition before the gallery's closure.

I ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lnverleith Row. 552 7171. Mon-Sat 9am--sunset: Sun I lam—sunset. Cafe. [1)].

Herman de Vries tJntil Ill Nov. {2(1‘1 ) children free. First Scottish exhibition by a German artist who makes art from natural materials.

The Avant Garden t'ntil 2(l()ct. Contemporary garden and conservatory ‘furniture'. including Paul Amey'spink flamingos and Kate Mellor's stoneware lanterns. There is something for every garden. say the organisers. ‘from rolling parkland to city window-box. from elegant orangery to humble Iean-to‘.

Living in a Raintorest L‘ntil 13 Dee. A Borneo-style forest house reconstructed in the Botanics‘ Exhibition Hall and Vanishing Paradise photographs taken in the Venezuelan rainforest by George Bernard and Stephen Dalton.

I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND Chambers Street. 225 7534. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Stilt 2 ~5pm.

I "

’6] I"

Behind Golden Screens: Treasures from the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum Until 20 Get. A selection of sortie ofJapan's most outstanding decorative art. from the l Ith to the l9th century. including scrolls. screens. prints. samurai armour and weaponry.

Discovering Japan L'ntil 3 Nov. Every good exhibition has a ‘hands-on' sideline. and this one sounds promising: visitors will be able to have their Japanese fortunes told. make a wish at at Shinto shrine. try ona kimono. voyage to a Japanese hotel in space and. wait for it. ‘grind. grate and rehydrate Japanese food'. Suitable for

everyone over the age ofsix (children under ten must be accompanied by an



I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY The Mound. 2256671. Mon—Sat Illam-Spszun I 2—5pm. l Next exhibition. The Morrison Scottish I l’ortraitAward. starts 19 Oct. 3 I THE SCOTTISH GALLERY 94 George Street. 225 5955. Mon—Fri Illam—6pszat 3 Illam— 1 pm.

Timepieces Until Wed 2 ()ct. Fourteen artists respond to the concept of time as ‘a 20th century obsession'. some with sundials. others with decorative objects which in some other way illustrate the passingof time.

Peter McLaren: Recent Paintings Until Wed 2 Oct.

I SHORE GALLERY 5‘) Bernard Street. Leith Mon-Fri ll).3llam—4pm; Sat I().3(lam—lpm.

Gillian Curran: ArthurC. Shark and his Mysterious Undersea World Sat 28—120ct. A ‘Jacques Cousteau-style exploratory view of sea life in plastic mixed media sculptures based on the sea and its inhabitants.

I STILLS GALLERY 105 High Street. 557 1140. Tue—Sat I Iam~5.3(lpm.

Sidney James: Diamonds in Australia—An Installation by John Stathatos Sat 5 ()et— 1 6 Nov. A photo-based installation inspired— we are told by the contents of asuitcase discovered six years ago in an old house on the Greek island of Kythcra. Letters. documents and photographs. all that remain of his possesions. give clues tothe man‘s life. Or is the whole story an invention? How far can we trust ‘evidence‘?

I TALBOT RICE GALLERY Edinburgh University ()ld College. South Bridge. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm.

Ebb and Flow Until 5 ()ct. Exhibition of works by the New Scottish Embroidery Grou .

I 369 GALLERY 233 Cowgate. 225 3013. Mon—Sat noon—6pm.


. i'. 23 i- y, i ~ a . a. . _ l ' ' l



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Oil-Centre Until Sat 2S’ Sept. 369celcbrate:l a decade of international rclatiorts with a ' mini-festival of visual art. drawn from . Soviet. American and European artists. None of the participants works in a major ' art centre hence the title ~ and theironly connection is their association with 36‘). Book now for classes in life. [)rawingand PatintingorartClassesfot‘cltildrcn Ring the gallery for details.


I CR'IWFDRD ARTS CENTRE 03 North Street. 0334 74610. Mon—Sal Illam- 5pm". 1 Sun 2--5pm.

Peter Edwards: Contemporary Poets l-ri 3 7 Sept—27 ()ct. Portraitsof leading: Bi itislt poets.

Ceramics from the Wester Ross Pottery I'll

27 Sept—27 ()ct.


University of Glasgow I

THE NUDE Until 19 October

{closed 27-30 September inclusive)

Mon - Sot 9.30 - 5.00

Admission Free

Extended public access supported wrtn Funds from Glasgow District Councn

Art Gallery and Museum Kelvingrove Glasgow G3 BAG 7 September - 20 October 1991

Mon-Sat 10am - 5pm, Thursday 103m ~ 9pm Sunday 12pm - 6pm

Tel: 041-3557 3929 Admission free Wheelchair access








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