We taught Ozzy Osbourne all he knows! The Rezillos' Jo Callis drops into a combatcrouch while his partner Eugene Reynolds shows all his lavourite party trick: biting the headsott microphones. Inset: The Exploited.


default.‘ Two fine albums on. Scotland‘s Seminal ‘Punk’ Band. The Rezillos. called it a day in 1978— on the brink of massive success due to ‘personal differences”. Jo Callis went on to write all the Human League‘s whistleable tunes. and Eugene. favouring ‘cxpression over commerciality'. chose egltdom with the Revillos and now Planet Pop. ‘I‘ve a chestful of memories at

' ' If a Scottish .. . . neofthem.‘ Facts. There we}? our ‘original‘ Scottish ‘punk‘ The Rezillos . (E

'flifiéourgh). wifiifivere (jerry rson pup , on speed not {Jolt (Wishaw ).

0 were Jam personators and oved to Loni 'n to prove it not

e Cuban Heels were an R848 band . r

bandwagon-jumpers but. to their credit. still do the club circuit

Exploited _, ‘3.) 0 emerged in' a:

the second Britis

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’3 ' ‘al punk torch aloft in

4.7, 31:15,

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‘V'enues were the problem.‘ Duffin reckons. naming what Guthrie terms ‘tabloid punk—paranoia” as the reason why punk never flourished North ofthe Border. ‘V'enues up here wouldn't touch punk. because the London press had done such a good searemongering job. The Pistols managed to play one gig in (ialas‘hiels and then that tour was pulled. You had to lake the unlikcliest venues. basically places that hadn’t heard ofpunk rock. You‘d pretend that the band were a folk act or something. then rely on word of mouth to attract punters. I put the Stranglers on in front ofa drunken rugby club audiwe and

. / '

there was a riot.The iai k promoterinScotla @a / 60-year-old country and 3 st agent from Paisley called 0

jurisdiction ofthe Glasgow‘vDis Council.,s/. v s 7/ 1’1: there. P' ., I 17’ V punk see],


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dtothisdayxif " v, f, ' sceneégghei’oe’ "


The compilers have seen lit to interpret ‘Punk’ as lreely asthey like. No correspondence will be entered into - it you want to disagree, do it amongst yourselves. Betterstill, term a band and make your


‘- I Anarchy in The UK Sex Pistols

I Teenage Kicks The Undertones

I Pretty Vacant Sex Pistols

I God Save The Queen Sex Pistols

I Hong Kong Garden Siouxsic And The Banshces

I White Riot The (‘lash

I Spiral Scratch EPThe Buzzcoeks


I Blank Generation Richard l lell And The Voidoids

I Neat Neat NeatThe Damned

I on Bondage Up Yours X—Ray Spex

I Gloria The Patti Smith


I Marquee Moon (Parts One and Two) Television I Love Comes In Spurts Richard F ' And The Voidm; IN I?"


IAltemati Little "'1 '/ u --« rsonalities f; e Rumble The Fall Good And

' «(k/Wu ' 3’ {ifliOHCS

fl” , e Ever Fallen in Love The 5 Buzzeocks

I Damaged Goods EP

I RoadrunnerJonathan Richman

I Piss Factory Patti Smith Group

I Never Been In A RiotThe Mekons

I Orgasm AddictThe Buzzcocks IAnotherGirl. Another Planet The Only Ones

I Hanging On The Telephone Blondie

I Cheree Suicide

I Caliiornia UberAlles Dead Kennedys

I One Chord Wonders The Adverts

I (l'm) Stranded The Saints

I Germ Free Adolescence X-Ray Spex

I Smash It Up (PartTwo) The Damned

I Into The Valley'I‘he Skids

I Looking Through Gary Gilmore's EyesThe Adverts

I That's All i Know Right NOW The Neon Boys

I At Home He's A Tourist Gang Of Four

I No More Heroes'l'he Stranglers

I in The City The Jam

I In A Rut The Ruts

I Don't Dictate Penetration

I Feeding Ol The 5000 EP ('rass

I YourGeneration Generation X

I Rip HerTo Shreds Blondie

I Deilant Pose'i‘he (‘ortinas

I Nervous Breakdown EP Black Flag

I Final Solution Pere L'bu I Shot By Both Sides Magazine

I Nag Nag Nag Cabaret Voltaire

I Psycho KlilerTalking Heads

I Complete Control The Clash

IThis Pertect Day'I‘he Saints

I Science Friction XTC I Dead CitiesThe Exploited

I Read AboutSeymour Swell Maps

I In Love The Raincoats I Good Sculptures'l‘he Rczillos

The List ll 2-1 October 11


I Down In The Tube Station AtMidnightTheJam

I Borstal BreakoutSham ()9

I Streets 0t London/So What Anti Nowhere League

I Something Beheerange The Stranglers

I Go Buddy Go The Stranglers

I Action Time Vision Alternative TV

I Denis Denis Blondie I King 0t The Bop Nipple Iireetors

I Suspect Device Stiff Little Fingers

I Where Have All The Bootboys Gone Slaughter And The Dogs

I It The Kids Are United


I The Biatantly Oiiensive EP Wayne County And The Electric ('hairs

I Skank Bloc Bologna Scritti Polilti

I The Sound OtThe Suburbs The Members I Jilted John Jilted John I Ca Plane PourMoi Plastic Bertrand

I Come On Everybody/My Way Sex Pistols

I Emergency 999

I Right To WorkC‘helsea I Cranked Up Really High Slaughter And The Dogs I l‘m In Love With MargaretThatcher'I‘he Notsensibles

I Flares And Slippers (‘oekney Rejects

I I Want Tae BeAPunk RockerBut Ma Mammy Willnae Let Me Andy (‘ameron

I Totally Wired The Fall I Ambition Subway Sect I White Man In Hammersmith Paials The Clash

I Too Drunk To Fuck Dead Kennedys

I Love Lies Limp Alternative TV

I Killing An Arab The Cure I Typical Girls The Slits I Get OverYou The Undertones

I Holiday In Cambodia Dead Kennedys

I Tap Oi The Pops The Rezillos

I Playground Twist SlOUXSiC And The Banshees

I Love You More The Buzzeocks

I The Day The World Turned Day-Glo X-Ray Spex

I Blitzkrieg Bop The Ramoncs