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at home. the performances in the film are still something special. In particular. Robert Arkins (age ll . own band called

I Iouselu'oken) is extraordinarily assured as the wisecracking. inspirational manager Rabbitte: lT—ycar-old Andrew Strong

(w rites his own songs. plays bass. piano and drums) must have been on a diet ofgravel since infancy to produce the astounding soul pipes of the band‘s frontman I)eco (‘uffez while I’elim (iorkley (2 l . sax player with The Will Brothers) and (ilen llansard (20. his hand 'l‘he l-‘rames now have a deal with Island Records) simply are the gormless muso characters they play on screen.

"l’he attitude to the humour is pretty Irish. the theme is universal.‘ reckons Parker. 'l'hat working—class kids don‘t have very much and music means a great deal to get them out ofthat world. is something that’s true ofztltttost every major city.’ In this case. however. although the celluloid ('ommitments are pretty much inspired non—leaguers. life looks as if it‘s about to improve on art. In America the movie is in the top five. the soundtrack album in the top twenty. and all sorts ofopportunities are opening tip for the young cast members. ‘Andrew Strong has now got a six-album

deal with MCA and is about to go to LA to make his first album.‘ Parker continues with a genuinely chuffed look spreading across his features. ‘Robert Arkins has also got a recording contract. Angeline Ball (the luscious Commitmentette. Imelda ()uirke) has an LA agent. Felim the sax player is moving to LA. Their lives have changed because they‘re performers and all they ever wanted was a chance.

‘lt’s not like that for all ofthem though. We had a sort of farewell lunch after the Dublin premiere and I realised that Michael Aherene. who plays the keyboards in the band. was crying. There‘s someone I picked out at the open call. who probably never even thought ofbeing in a movie and I‘ve affected his life in some way. He has to go back to being a civil engineer now. I feel responsible for that. but the rest I don‘t mind. Ifthey succeed or they fail. that‘s on their own terms. The thing that‘s important is that I‘ve given them the chance.‘

The Commitments ( 15) opens wide/y across ( 'wztral Scotland on Fri 1 1 Oct. The nave/1's published in paperback by Minerva at £4. ()9.

Robert Arkins is Jimmy Rabbitte. hero otall ol Booker-shortlisted author Roddy Doyle‘s

17-year-old singer Andrew Strong now has a six-album deal with MCA.

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The band's backing singers find that musical success gets them oil the rubbish heap at

modern life.


‘For centuries the Irish were forced to speak English. They got their own back by using it better. From Wilde to Shaw and Beckett to Behan. But the truth is. that the Irish haven't been using English toryears. They have their own language. And it isn't Gaelic.‘ (Alan Parker)

I BOlliX All-purpose word with multiple usage. As a noun. refers to the male genitals. As in I” bite yer bollix. ye spotty wee luck'.

()r referstoa person. As in ‘Wait till yc see the wee bollix waitin‘ l‘orye outsidc'.

As an exclamation: ‘Bollixf‘ means ‘Nonsensel' ‘Rubbislil' A load of bollix‘ means a load of nonsense.

'ln yer bollix' means you're talking through your hat. 'l'alking

‘All mouth and bollix‘ refers to someone \s lto has

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too high an opinionot themselves.

I BOX Meaning unsure. l’robably refers tothe crotch area. of w luch sex unknown.

I The Business I he sexual act (not always with someone else i. As in ‘I bet he does the business" e\ cry night'.

I Crease 'l'o hit, l’robably ov e r the head. catising a dent.

I Deadly(ireat. lzxtrcmely good. As in ‘l’uckin' deadly'.

I Gooter Meaningunsure. l’t’obal‘ly telet‘stoilte male sexual organ.

I Porking Sexual intercourse. As in ‘IS lie porking her now I"

I Rapid ( ireat. lixtremcly grind. .‘\\ in ‘l-uckin' t'apid'.

I Ride Sexual intercourse. As in "The odd title would be nice‘.

I Scarlet limlmrrasscd,

I Scoop A glass ol beer.

I Tosser .rx waster. An idiot.

I YO-YO knickers A young lady ot easy virtue

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