core of fans and signed to the American ! giant Geffen Records. Yet in Britain their '

records are on the independent Creation

label. and the band seem quite happy to stay

there. A bit of a lopsided arrangement? ‘For us to sell records in this country.‘ replies Norman. 'it‘s probably wiser to stay with an independent label. It‘s because of the different ways that the music business is structured in both countries.‘ Bassist Raymond agrees. ’In this country.

Creation are probably a lot more skilled than any of the majors. Over here. they l

don‘t know what they‘re doing.‘

‘You could never sell the number of independent albums that you would need to sell in America.‘ adds Brendan. ‘lt's too big a place for an independent label that‘s just based in one state.‘

For such a young group. they‘ve managed to put a respectable amount of vinyl on to the shelves. Too much. Creation reckon. if the Peel Session that was planned for this month was allowed to go ahead. so its release has been blocked for the moment. ‘They're worried about us having too many records out at the same time.‘ says Raymond. referring to their new single. ‘The Concept' and the forthcoming album. entitled Bandwagonesque. which was recorded on a budget ten times that of/l Catholic Education.

Brendan begins an expansive. ultimately doomed. explanation. ‘Because ifthey both came out at the same time. some people would be. like. “Will I buy the album or will I buy the Peel Session?” So then maybe there‘d be two people who‘d go into the shop together and one of them would buy the album and the other would buy the Peel


‘What if there‘s three people'." interrupts Raymond.

‘Ifthere‘s four people.‘ Brendan continues. without missing a beat. ‘they might all club together and buy one copy each whereas before. they‘d have maybe bought two copies of the album. because it would be good for Creation. But. I mean. having said that. there could‘ve been eight people who clubbed together and bought a single. which wouldn't have been one ofours anyway. and. . .and. . . I'm leaving.‘

Zany funsters'.’ Nah. not a bit of it.

In all innocence. I touch on the murky subject of The King. the low-priced LP “put out for the American market‘ that was deleted in this country after a day. ostensibly because the band saw copies in a (ilasgow record shop for full price. The cheaper price was not meant to be a reflection on the quality ofthe album ( The King. it has to be said. is not in the first rank ofgreatness). was it?

‘I think it was.‘ answers Norman flatly. ‘lt‘s intended as more of a fan thing anyway. We didn’t want people to buy it thinking it was a

7/”? J

r. .Nm'm,

Teenage l‘anclub proper album. It‘s like an official bootleg.‘

()r is it'.’ The story is now coming to light (helped along by Craig McLean ofthis parish) that The King. far from being a little Fannies bonus. was apparently a contractual obligation to the small US label Matador. who put out A Catholic liducaiimz in the States and demanded another record. which the band had to supply before they could start releasing material on (ieffen. Matador. it seems. also insisted that it be released in this country to make it seem like a proper album.

And just along the road from their rehearsal studio. CDs of Tlh’ King are on sale for full price in Tower Records. Asl leave the store. empty-handed. another vengeful trucker comes haring round the corner. and the new microphone tumbles out of my pocket into the puddle at my feet. I 5 let it drop and brace myself for another soaking.

Teenage l’anc/uh play the Queen 's‘ Ila/l. Edinburgh on Fri II.

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