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Open a Clydesdale Bank Student Account and you could end up with a lot more than just £30.

Not only does opening a Student Account mean getting £30 in

For example. with the Student Premier Cheque Account you'll your hot sweaty palm. It could also mean getting hot and sweaty under

get interest when you're in credit. a cheque book. cheque guarantee a palm tree.

card and an AutoCash card giving you access to over 7000 cash

Because you'll be eligible to enter a competition to win a round machines nationwide. Plus a free £ l 00 overdraft facility (although we'd

the world trip for two. be happy to discuss the possibility of a larger sum at competitive rates).

But it's no good gallivanting about the globe if you haven't two brass yen. dollars or roubles to rub together. So we'll even throw in

i | 000 spending money.

Most importantly of all. though. the leaflet contains your competition entry form. We'd like to think we're always generous to

our account holders. But this year. if you're particularly lucky. we'll be And the runners up? There'll be l00 of them. and they'll all

receive £30. That's on top of the £30 for opening an account in the

giving you the shirt off our back.

g Clydesdale Bank

We care about more than your money. Clydesdale Bank PLC. 30 St Vincent Place. Glasgow GI 2HL Tel' 04| 248 7070 A r'ic'nocv oflMRO

first place. (Not quite enough to get to Sydney. but more than enough for a Student Railcard.)

In the meantime. pick up a Student Account leaflet from your nearest Clydesdale Bank Branch. It'll tell you all you need to know

about our Student Premier Cheque Account and AutoCash Account.

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