Rush home, commit these ten crucial events to memory, then amaze people at posh parties with the breadth of your cultural savoir-taire.

The Commitments A working class Dublin soul band makes good with a healthy dose of bawdy humour in Alan Parker‘s highly~rated new tnovie.

Sean Hughes Yeah. so we love every move he makes. but the Irish comic's gig at Edinburgh‘s (‘ounting l louse will be one of his last small-scale outings before forthcoming TV work turns him into a stadium-only megastar. Probably.

Teenage Fancluh (ilasgow's darlings ol‘the indie scene treat the folk at Edinburgh Queen’s Hall to a helping of their loud and tuneful pop noise.

lvo Papasov and the Cauld Blast Orchestra Musical iconoclasts from Bulgaria and Scotland guarantee an evening of invention. excitement and fun at the Assembly Rooms. Edinburgh.

Glasgow Mela 50.000 punters can‘t be

I Who was Sydney James Diamonds and how did he

I The cast at Todd Hayne's controversial three-stories-

mmhapricemmnemovie. |osehis suitcasegunoy wrong and this year scarmval of~ Poison‘ |osetheirpatience Aussie snapshots? John Asian entertainmentlor ten days as the cameraman mesto Slathalos comes up with from I hurs 17 Oct at lramway. work outlherightshutter some answers a'thesmls Glasgow. is expected todraweven

Gal'eW' Edinburgh 399‘” bigger crowds than last year.

speed.See Film preview. . prevrew.

Sidney James Diamonds in Australia .lohn Stathatos discovered a suitcase packed with letters. photos and documents belonging to the previously unknown Diamonds. He turned his discovery into a photo-based installation on display at the Stills (iallery. Edinburgh.

I Hold it rightthere and keep smiling. Dundee Rep Dance Companyjumps into action atlheJustDancing lour-daylestival. See Dance listings.

Billy Bragg The Bard of Barking barks his way through his generally well-received new album. plus classic songs of love and politics from I the back catalogue. Popsters with a social conscience should report to the Barrowland. (ilasgow. or the Queen's llall. lidinburgh.

So You Think You‘ve Got Troubles

I Dunoon chanteuse Suzanne Bonnar returns to

9:3? Billie lawn?“ Warren ‘Alf(iarnett‘ Mitchell a”ligugolaoarggwaisame returns to the world of'l'V' sitcom in

this attempt to make light of the

playing a couple olmonths _ . . . . . political situation in Belfast.

ago. I Cover The Waterfront -same title. new play. See Theatre listings.

I Down to only two ollhe original gang. The Cramps are nonetheless promising all the polkadot pop action they can muster. See Music preview.

Just Dancing Four days of half-term dance performances and workshops including an appearance by Frank .\lc(‘onnell dancing to a new piece of music by Michael Mama at Edinburgh‘s Assembly Rooms.

Lush 'l‘ranscendent . ethereal. sublime. but what about those nasty loud guitars‘.’ l lard-edged abstractions for the indie kids at the | Maylair.(ilasgow,

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