Events for children are listed by city, then by 1 category. then alphabetically by venue. '; Events will be listed, provided that details

reach our offices at least ten days before publication. Kids Listings compiled by Rene ) Taylor. ;

1 I ACTION FACTORY Events for children in I and around Glasgow 14—19 Oct. Numberslor I telephone bookings are listed beside each 1 event. Age range given in brackets. E BBC Queen Margaret Drive. 33ll22(l2. ' Radio studio visits ( 14—18) Parental consent is required for late evening shows. I Places limited.

An Sutter 14. in and is Oct. 2—4.3(lpm. John Cavanagh‘s Earshot 15 Oct. 1 lain-11pm. l Dougie Campbell lbOct It). 11H I .3llpm. 1 Gerry Mackenzie's Saturday Club 19 ()ct. “lam—12.31) in. l CENTRE FOR DEVELOPMENTAL ARTS 3rd floor. 18 Albion Street. 552 2822. 1 Collaborative project; creative writing workshops 14. lfiand 190et. 2—4pm.

(7—1 1). 511p per person.


(‘omic strip production workshop. ( l 1 and over). Week-long, 14—18 Oct. lllam—noon and 2—4pm daily . 12. Places limited. fee must be paid in advance. Further information. 42‘) 782‘).

COMMUNITY CENTRAL HALL 3114 .‘vlaryhill Road. 332 91 15.

Asian Artistes In and 17 Oct. 2—4pm. 5(lp. Workshops in dance. arts and crafts. (6—12).

Great Scot 14 Oct. 2—3pm. Kids 50p;adults £1. Hopscotch Theatre Company tell the ' story of four Scottish inventors. (7—12). PuppetStutt 15 Oct. 11)am—12.3()pm. 50p. Puppet vvorkshops. (6—1 1)

DARNLEY LIBRARY 32 Glen Livet Place. 42‘) 782‘).

Scary Monsters Exhibition 14—25 Oct. during library hours. Free. Fantastic pop-up art by John Brovvn.

EVENING TIMES 195 Albion Street. 552 6255, ext 3135.

Evening Times Tours a newspaper at work 14—18 Oct. 2. 15—4pm. ( liland over). Booking essential. Contact Editorial Department.


Meet the author- Aileen Paterson Free. (5—8).

Baillieston Library. 141 Main Street. 1-1 Oct. 2.3(1—3. 15pm.

King's Park Library. 275 Castlemilk Road. 17 Oct. 2.3(1—3. 15pm.

Meetthe author- Hugh Scott Free. (8—12). Milton Library. 163 Ronaldsav Street. 17 Oct. 3—4pm. '

Meetthe author—AlexanderMcCall-Smith Free. (8 and over).

Drumschapel Library. ()5 llecla Avenue. 18 Oct. 3—3.45pm.

Puppet show-The Frog Prince Free. (band over).

Springburn Library. 179 Ayr Road. 15 Oct. 2.30—3pm.

Elderpark Library. 228a Langlands Road. ISOct. 2.311—3pm.

Wind in the Willows Storytelling hour with live music. Free. (7 and over). Easterhouse Library. 5 Shandwick Place. 17 Oct. Ham—noon.

Action Factory, Tramway, Glasgow, 14—19 Oct.

Take some marshmallows, Marmite and a few gherkins, add a bit of imagination and hey presto, Gruesome Grub not every mother’s nightmare scenario, but a workshop organised as part of the Action Factory, a festival for children aged three to eighteen. Covering the schools’ holiday week (daily 10am—5pm), the extensive programme is a collaboration between nineteen organisations in Glasgow and aims to promote and develop children's culture.

Performance and participation are the names of the games and include guided tours of the Evening Times and the studios at BBC Radio Scotland, circus skills, drama and creative writing workshops, the whole StarTrek series of feature films at the GFT, the chance to meetAileen Paterson, the author of the Maisie books, and hundreds of other events at a range of venues.

The festival is co-ordinated by Giant Productions whose Big Noise event attracted over 9000 children and young people last year. Tramway asked the company to put together a daily


programme for their space and the giant Action Factory is the result. Children have the chance to see a variety of theatre and performance, get involved in Hallowe‘en mask, Gruesome Grub (as above) and face-painting experimentation, or hang out in Le Cafe Crisp.

The programme includes local and international talent. The Clown Jewels, a multi-media theatre company from France are staging ‘The Present‘. Using music, video and circus skills, the action follows the fate of Elsie, a young girl stuck forever in the middle of the afternoon. Also from France, the Theatre du Foz, a company who use large scale puppets and very unusual sets are putting on ‘The Alliage’, a production which explores the way we cope with technology. From Scotland are Libby MoArthur, who will be story-telling and Magic Bob the magician.

Action Factory aims to be an annual event and Giant Productions stress the need forthis kind of initiative for children as ‘it takes them on to other things and means they don’t find the theatre a daunting experience.‘ (Beatrice Colin)

llillhead Library. 3-18 Byres Road. 17 Oct. 3—4pm.

Shadow Puppets- lan Morrison Free. (Rand over)

Dennistoun Library, 2a (‘raigpark Street. 15 Oct. 2.30—3.3(lpm.


Street. 221 4526.

1 Early music concert 17 Oct. 7.30—9pm. Kids £1; adults £3. 40(1-year-old dance music by

Estampie. (8 and over). (Allchildren should be accompanied by an adult).

Early music workshops 18 Oct. 2—5pm and 7—1()pm; 19 Oct. lilam—lpm. l--5pmand 6.30—8.311pm. £5 for course. (12 and over). Attendance in the concert on 17 Oct forms part of this course led by Ian Richardson andJOhn Peel.

Recorderworkshops 14‘ 17 Oct. 9.3(lam—12.3l)pm. Tickets free but must be booked in advance. For children at secondary school studying the recorder. GLASGOW DOME OF DISCOVERY South Rotunda. (iovan Road, 427 1792.

Tent Events Kids £1 .20; adults £2. Family tickets £5 and £6.21).

Magic and Illusion 12 Oct. 2.30pm and 3.3(lpm. (All ages).

MrBoom—Man from the Moon 130ct. 1.3llpm and 3pm. (Youngerchildren). Bubbles Galore 14—18 Oct. 11am— 4pm. (5

and over). Additional charge of5llp to cover materials.

Pyrotechnics Display 19 and 21) Oct. 11.3llam. 1pm. 2.3llpm. 4pm. (7and over).

GLASGOW FILM THEATRE 12 Rose Street. 332 (i535.

StarTrek l-—V All films P(i. (111—18). A'I’rek a day! Mon to Fri. l-I—l‘) Oct. 2pm. Kids £1 .31); adults £2.61).

Charlotte's Web ([3) 1‘) Oct. 1.30pm and 3.45pm. Kids“ .31); adults £2.61).

Cinema Tours 17 and lisOct. lllam. 11am and noon. Free. (8r1-l). Limited places. please book.


Amazing Origami 14 and 15 Oct.

11am— 1 2.30pm and 2—3.3l)pm. Free but booking essential. (($12).

Kodomo no monogatari —Japanese children's stories in performance 19 and 21) Oct. 1—2pm and 3-4pm. Free but booking essential. (6-11)).

FOSSIL GROVE Victoria Park. Victoria Drive Park North. 357 3929.

Open Day 13 Oct. Noon-4pm. Free. (All ages). Bring along your own fossils for expert identification.

HAGGS CASTLE See regular listing. GLASGOW UNDERGROUND 333 327i). Underground Tours 14—18 Oct. 2pm.

(12» 18). Free but must be booked in advance during these dates and times; ll) and l 1 Oct and 14—17 Oct. 1 1am—1pm and 4—5.3(lpm.

HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY L'niversity of (ilasgovv. 33‘) 885.5. ext5517 5431. Explore chairs by Charles 14— 19 Oct. 9.311—11.3llamor1.311—3.3llpm.(7-~l7). Free but must be booked in advance. Workshops giving insight into the craftsmanship of (‘harles Rennie Mackintosh.

KINGS THEATRE 29-1 Bath Street. 227 50110. Backstage Tours to Oct. 111.3(1-1 1.3(lam (5—12); 17 Oct. 1030—] 1.3(lam ( 12—18). Free but booking essential.

SCOTLAND STREET SCHOOL MUSEUM OF EDUCATION 225 Scotland Street. 42‘) 12112. Games and rhymes from the past l2—2llOct. Mon—Sat lllam—5pm; Sun 2—-5pm. Free.

; (5—-l2). Chance to play with whips and

i peeries. with kits for hire. £2 returnable

1 deposit per six children.

7 Craft Workshops 14- isOct.



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