10.30am—12.30pm and l—3pm. Free but booking advisable. (8-12).

SCOTTISH BALLET 261 West Princes Street.

331 2931.

Steps Out 17 and 18oct. 10—1 1 . 15am. (8—12) £2. Class contemporary. Talks/Tours/Video Viewing 17 and 18oct. 11.30am—1pm. (8 and over). £2. SCOTTISH MASK AND PUPPET CENTRE 8- 10 Balcarres Avenue. Kelvindale 33‘) 6185. Make yourown puppets 14—19 Oct. 2—4pm. £2 per day. (5—12). Please book.

The Tree 15-18 Oct. 1-1.45pm. Kids£2;

adults £3. (5—8). Book in advance. ‘(ireen'

puppet show from Jill Davie Puppet Company.

Puppet Paradise 14—19 Oct. 1- 1.45pm. Kids £2: adults £3. Puppet fun for

5—- l2-year-olds. Please book. SCOTTISH YOUTH THEATRE Old AthenaeumTheatre. 17‘) Buchanan Street. 332 2333.

All-daytheatre workshops 14— 19 Oct.

(12 and over).

SkintKnees—drama workshops 14-19(1ct. 1.30—4pm. 50p. (7—12).

Storytelling Sessions 14— 19 Oct. 12.30—1.30pm. 50p. (3—8).

Backstage Visits 14—19 Oct. llam—noon. Free. but call to reserve place. (8 and over).


Performance booking 227 5511: workshops 423 1333; further info 334 2000.

The Clown Jewels 14 Oct. 2.30pm; 15 ()ct. 10am and 7pm: 16 Oct. 10am and 2.30pm. (6 andover). Kids£l.50: adults £3.50. Theatre du Foz 17—19 Oct. 10am and 2.30pm. (6 and over). Kids£l ; adults £2.50.

Libby McArthur—tartan tall tale tellerandall round heroine 14 Oct and 16—18 Oct. 1 lam and noon. Kids 50p; adults £1. Morning performances (3—5): afternoon performances (6 and over).

l '/I"l1 In SCOTRAIL“

10am—12.30pm and 1.30—4pm. £1 per day.


I I OCTOBER - 26 jANUARY at The Arches Midland St. (under Central Station) Glasgow OPEN EVERY DAY 10.00am to 5.00pm

From a land before time... Enter an exciting prehistoric landscape and come face to face 1 with moving, roaring. giant dinosaurs.

Call the Dino-line 041 221 8101

3 Adults £2.90 ° Children and Concessions £1.50 1 Family ticket £9.00 ° Children under 5 FREE supported by

Q incensoumtwo

I Magic 8011 18 Oct. 9.30am and 1.30pm.

I Maisie 15 Oct. 11am and 1pm Kids£1;

adults £2. 15-10). Stories from Aileen Paterson. Mr Bones— Punch and Judy 14 Oct. 9.30am and 1.30pm. Kids £1 : adults £2. (4and over) Mr Boom 16 Oct. ‘).30am; 17 Oct. 1.30pm. Kids £1 ; adults £2. (3 and over). Baby Monkey Does It Again 15 and 17 Oct. ‘).30am. Kids 50p: adults £1. (3—5). Show plus workshop dealing vs ith household accidents. Clown Jewels- Circus Skills Workshop 15 Oct. 2.30-4.30pm. Kids £2. (8 andover). Places limited. Gruesome Grub 14 Oct. 1pm and 3pm; 15 Oct. 3pm; 16 and 17 Oct. 10.30am and 1pm. (7—1 1 ). £1 .50 (inc all materials). Bring apron and container to carry home

edible creation. Hallowe'en Mask Making 15 ()L‘t. 10.30am and 1pm: l7and 180ct. 3pmlT—ll).

' £1.50.

I Face Painting Workshops 14 Oct. 111.311t1m:

, 16()ct. 3pm; l7()ct. 1pm. (7‘ ll).£1.50. For younger children (5- 7); 17 Oct. 10.30am. £1.50.

Backstage Tour 15 Oct. 2.30pm. liree but

2 booking essential. ( 14—18).

Circus Skills Workshop l7--l‘)()ct.

11.30—1 .30pm. £2. Booking essential. 1 11

and over).

Magic Bob's Workshop 111 Oct. 1- 2.30pm.

Kids £1 '. adults £2.15—12).

I HAGGS CASTLE 100 St Andrews Driv c.

Pollokshiclds. 427 2725.

OctoberActivities Very popular. must be

booked (in person or by phone). One

activity per child. Age range giv en 111

brackets. Admission free. Session times

are 10. 15am and 2. 1 5pm unless stated


Listen to a story and make a witch puppet

(4--7) Sat 12 Oct and Wed 16()ct.

Victorian pastimest7-12) Sun 13()ct. 1pm

and 3pm.

Listen to a story and make a Hallowe‘en




L_._ .- .__-__-. _--_

58 The List 11 :24 October 1991

decoration (4-?) Mon 14 Oct and Fri 18 ~ ()ct.

Make a monster mask (6—‘) 1 Tue 15 Oct and Sat l‘)Oct.

Weave a sample of cloth on a hand loom

: (7-121'l‘hurs 17 Oct.

Costumes through the ages dress up and

2 see the changes (7— 1 21 Sun 311 Oct. 1pm

and 3pm.


I HAGGS CASTLE 11111 st Andrews Drive.

427 2725.

Inspired by The Hobbit Chill 27 Oct. 'l'rolls.

goblins and dragons in an exhibition

created by prisoners. officers and friends of Barlinnie Prison. 'l'en scenesillustrating the adventures of Bilbo Baggins from

.1 . R. R. 'l‘olkelltis noy CIT/10,1001)”.

I MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT Bunhouse Road. 357 3‘)2‘).

.\lon: Sat 10am~~5pmz Sun 25an Admission to museum free. Largest collection of vehicles in the CK. Reconstructed (ilasgow street complete with cinema and subway. New attraction

; for “)1 . try the Super-X simulator for a . really thrilling ride. Kids 75p; adults

£1.50. Ouhngs

I KELBURN COUNTRY CENTRE On the A78 between 1.args' and Fairlie, 0475 568685. Open daily until 20 ()ct. 10am—6pm. Kids £1 .50(Accompanied kids £1 .25); adults £2.50. Attractions include PetsCorner. Commando course. Riding Centre (phone for bookings). Nature Centre. Adventure Course and Wooden Stockade.


Canal Street. Coatbridge. 0236 31261. Open daily 10am 5pm. Admission free. 23-;1cre museum illustrating 200 yearsof Scottish people and industry including the first yy orking tramway 111 Scotland.


I CRAWFURD THEATRE .lordanhill College. 76 Southbrae l)rive. 9503437. The Indian Prince 19 ()ct. 2—3.30pm. All seats £2. Booking advised. Magic show with audience participation.

I CUMBERNAULD THEATRE 0236 732887. Kid‘s Stuff Saturday afternoon shows for

4- l l-year-olds; puppets. magic. songs and 11111. Approx 45~60 minutes. Kids£1 .25;


Piclish Puppets 12 ()ct.

Magic Bob l‘)()ct.

I MITCHELL THEATRE (iranvillc Street 221 319s.

: Pinocchio 14—1‘)Oct. Mon. ’l‘hurs. liriand

Sat. 7p1111'l‘ueand Wed 10.30am;'l‘ue—Sat 2.30pm. Presto Puppet 'l'heatre present the tale of the puppet vs ho became a real little bov.


Paisley. 887 1010. Booking adv ised for all shovv s. kids 75p: adults £1.25.

Michael Breck's Magic Show 12 Oct.


Little Klaus and Big Klaus 14 ()ct. 2pm. Presented by Pavla'a Puppets.

Scott Loval's Magic Puppet Show 16()Ct. 2pm.

Cheeko the Clown's Game Show 180ct. 2pm.

The Magic Kiss 1‘) Oct. 1.30pm. Presented by l’ictish Puppets.


I QUEEN‘S HALL Clerk Street. 668 21119. Piccolo Pack 1‘)()ct. 11am. Kids£l (75pif you has e a Piccolo Badge); adults £2. Members of the SCO take you back to the



Row. 552 7171 . ext454.

Living in a Hainiorest Borneo-sly lc longhouse serving as a classroom for educational groups and family workshops. Storytelling Sessions ls'itls £1;ttdttlts£2. Asian storytelling with Bealah Candappa 26 Oct. 11.30am. 2pm. 3.330pm and5pm.

l l l 1

Marion Oughton 27 Oct. 2pm. 3.30pm and 5pm.


, . 3' -" ',/ f, " ‘K I 'L"\ .1'4‘ . , h '1“ .\s-\ -. 1'? ,.. Uta - //‘~, .//"1|,i . _, .‘. . . xi ’51' M\- .! 1(1_K\\w A \ l _\i\ 'u‘ ‘_ - x . ~- -..\- 112‘:

I MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD 42 l ligh Street.

'I‘oys‘ galore. front skipping ropes to Sindy

l dolls. peevers to puppets. l-‘iv e floors of

displays. Open Mon—Sat. 10am-5pm. Admission free. Walkman guides

available for hire. kids 50p; adults £1

Land at the Fairy Crane: Childhood inJapan

- 28 Sept—7 l)ec. lixhibition show ing

aspects of Japanese childhood. cov cring education. toys. costumes. pastimes. 7 Film

I EDINBURGH FILMHOUSE l.othian Road. 228 2688.

Saturday matinees; all seats£1 .70. bookable. l’ilms start 2pm.

Black Beauty(t.'1 12 Oct. 1‘)7l screen version of Anna Sewell's children‘s classic.

' Fantasiatt') 1‘) ()ct. Cartoons supply

visual enjoyment for kids. mums and dads cart relax and enjoy the soundtrack.


I BHUNTON THEATRE Ladyvvell Way. Musselburgh. 665 2240.

MT Boom 24—26 Oct. 2.30pm. Kids £1.50: adults £2.50. Singalong all-action show for all ages. ' , The Lion. the Witch and the Wardrobe 11L :1» Oct. 7.30pm. Saturday matinees2.30pm. Kids £4; adults £5. Matinee £3. You‘ve read the book. seen the TV series. novs see the stzuze version. Presented by Brunton Theatre Company.

I NETHERBOW THEATRE 43-45llig11 Street. 556 957‘) 2647.

Daytime story sharing 19- ca ()ct (L‘XC. Sun 27). 2.30pm. Kids £1 ; adults £2.


OI’Ithe Wall 45-minute show with puppets. music and a hiccuppy baby. Suitable for 3—6-year-olds. Kids £1 ; adults £2. 'l'imesat each venue 1 1am and 2.30pm.

Portobello Town Hall Mon 21 ()ct. Tickets available from the Assembly Rooms. George Street. 220434‘).

Thomas Morton Hall. Ferry Road The 22

Oct. Tickets available from the (ioldenacre Post Office and Kard Box. (ireat Junction Street.

Hosebery Hall. South Queenslerry \y'et133 Oct. Tickets available from Something Special and the lil)( ' offices. High Street. South ()ueensferry.


The Musical Milk Mystery .\Itlsieal quest for 3 a pint of milk! Show lasts 45 minutes andis suitable for 3—6-year-olds. 2.30pm at each venue. Kids £1 ; adults £2. See OilyCart listing above for ticket details.

Thomas Morton Hall. Ferry Hoad'l‘ltt134 ()ct.

Hosebery Hall. South Queenslerry l-‘r125 Oct.

Portobello Town Hall Sat 2(1()L‘I.

I KING'S THEATRE l.even Street. 22‘) 1201. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 21- 311 Oct. Mon at 2pm: The to Sat 10.30am and 2pm. Kids £3. £3.50 and £4; adults £4. £4.50. £5. (Boxes £16 and £18)

Family favourite vs ith lots ofaudience participation.

I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 l larnilton Place. 2265425.

Scottish Traditional Storytellers 3111 )ct.

l lam. Kids £3; adults £4. A [is ing Legacy: tales for all the family.

Fun Factories 13 and 27 ( )c1. 1 lam. £3. Drama workshop vs ith performance.