. TheListguidetowhat'snew ontherentalshelvesandin the shopsthislortnight.


I Sleeping With The Enemy (15).lulia Roberts and Patrick Bergin enjoyed considerable box oflice withthisthriller. lt‘sa fairly routine suspense talc. elfectiye on asurtace leyel btit not worthy of being taken at all seriously. (l-os)

I )l1 \l i-


I OverHerDead Bodyt IS) A healthy degree of bad taste almost redeeeiiis this slapstick comedy . starring lilizabeth Perkins and .ludge Rheinhold as a pair oflovers \yltt) inadvertently bumpotl Rheinhold‘s wife when she discoy ers them in fluent/Ire tie/tern. The CHTPSC proves more difficult to dispose of than Rasputin. Manic and pacy‘ comedy. btit ultimately ratlier wearing (l‘iist Independent)

Milli“! ‘TIHII‘ ilk



I Miseryi1s1tineot’the films of 1991. givena welcome early video release. alter a healthy showing at the box office. Kathy Bates won the ()scar for her portrayal of a lifelong fan of popular historical novelist James (‘aan. ller dreams come true when his car crashes outside her snowbound house. btit he isn't so chuffed about the situation. A superb thriller with a particularly macabre teel. based on Stephen ls'ing's story. (First Independent)

f I Quick Change ( 15)


i I Desperate Hours ( 15)


I Duigley Down Undert 15) (Warner)

l__-__._ -._.

66 The List 1 i ~24<3L~1L§i§er 1611—1-—

'. l

I Rainbow Driver ls‘) (2i):21)\'ision)

ITrue Colourst 15)((‘1(') I EncounterRaven‘s Gate (15)(R(‘A ('olumhia)

I DuestolThe Mighty Swordtl’(i)

(RCA (’olumbia)

I Committedi 15)

(R(‘A Columbia)

.7sz” ‘r ir. ' y I " 1.5"". " 1".J \i m: " s o. '. say 7}" . fa ‘:.-;jj A-. 1-, ' .l’fiieclrgV/mgfi ~ L

' 1" '/ ' um 1.3""

I King 01 New York ( Is ) .-\ big success rental-w ise in the ISA. although it'san uncxceptional gangland thriller.higlionyiolence and action. short on subtlety . (‘hristopher Walker) playsa 3 psychopathic gangster released from jail and mos iiig iii on a slice ol the drugs action: Wesley Snipes. the cop who

declares war on his gang. (l’alacc)

BestoiseH ; through

I La Gloire De Mon Pere (l')()ne UIVIIIUKC oh-so-tastelul French bucolic frolics. acclaimed as an eyoc‘atiyc celebration ofchildhood. .‘ylat'ccl l’agnol tells the tale of a precocious child. Marcel. w ho heads off with his tariiily lora holiday in l’rosenee w here he develops his first real friendship with a girl. l.i|i. (harming. sentimental. and no one gets hacked to shreds with a meat cleaver. (Palace £15.99) I Le Chateau De Ma Mere (1') More of the same. with Marcel grow it tip a bit. returning to the same place in Provence. and losing sortie of his childhood illusions. Still no meat cleave rs. (Palace £15.99) I Lord DI The FlieS( 15) Harry 1 looks remake of the (ioldingallegory' plays around with the story. and casts the sltipw reeked boys as American military cadetsinstead ofI-‘nglish schoolboy‘s. which somewhat dtills the effect. L'neven. but with a few decent performances. (I’alace£ll).99) IAlice In The Citiestl') ((‘onnoisseur£14.99) I DoctorZhivagott'i (Warner £111.99) I Ryan's Daughter( 15) (Warner£111.99) I A Passage To India 1 Per) David l.ean's tasteftil and faithful. if long-w iiided. adaptation of the Ii..\l. Forster classic. (Warner


IThe Goalkeeeper's Fear Of The Penaltytl’U) Nothingtodowith Skol (’up shoot-outs. this is Wim \Vettders' adaptation of the Peter I landke novel. whereby a goalie lets in an easy save. commitsan arbitrary murder and holes tip in a remote \ illage on the Atistro-l lungaiian border. Andy (ioiam's layout‘ite tttoy ie. ((‘ontioisseur £14.99)

I Fanny And Alexander

( 15) Bergman's classic is released on two tapes comprising the lull-length teley i\lt)11 \ L'l slit!) 0f the film. and is a must for seriousfilm-bulls. It tells the story ofa large well-to-do theatrical lamin at the turn of the century. mostly seen through the eyesol the children ol the title. Their ll\ es are changed radically w hen their lather dies and their mother marries a strict and puritanical local bishop. liiigrossing. moving and powerful. Bergman called it ‘the sum totalof my life asa filmmaker. (Artificial liy'e 123.99)

I RogerRamiettt‘) (l’alacc £7.99)

I Red Sorghumi IS) ll’alacc H.599)

IHard To Kill( 1s) (\\';it'iic‘r£lll.99)

I Memphis Belleil’m (Warner £1i).99)

IAIl Dogs Go To Heaven ll." ) l Warner £111.99) IThe Comediansi is) Vulgar Northern gits with large beer—bellies atid gargoyle-like features make ‘jokes‘ at the e\pettsc of any minority you care to mention. Fascinating. (Warner tlll.99)

I David Copperfield ( 1') (Warner £10.99)

I A Tale DlTwo Cities ( ti) (Warner £ ll).99)

IJulius Caesaril ‘) (Warner 2.1999)

I Powaqqatsiit') (Warner £10.99)

1*) (Artificial l;ye £15.99) IATale DtSpringtimeit') (Artificial Iiyc £15.99) IAndrei Rublevi 15) Andrei Tarkovsky‘s acclaimed masterpiece charts the life ol the icon painter Rublcy against a backdrop of 15th ( ‘entury Rtissia. a period marked byendless fighting amongst l’rinces and Tartars. lt’s shot on an epic scale. depicting both the savagery of the times and the glory ol Rublev 's art. (Artificial liy'e £15.99)




A selection or television highlights. listed by day. in chronological order. Television Listings compiled by Tom Lappin.


I Sport on Friday ( BBCI ) 2—3.5(lpm. Fresh from the jaws of victory in Kiowha Island. some of Britain's top golfers take part in the Dunhill Cup.

I The Scottish Chart Show ( 1113(1) 7.51L-Spm. Nicky ('ampbell introducesthe Tartan Top 'I’wenty. running down the new Scottish chart. and featuring the latest chart breakers.

I Anton Mosimann - Naturally: Japan ((‘hannel 4) USU—9pm. The galloping Swiss today tackles Japanese food and explains why it has had such an influence on his cooking.

I Casualtyinnct )9.3l)v-l().3()pm. llolby (ieneral this week has to cope with an animal rights bomber. You can almost see the blood already can't y'ou'.’

I Dream On ((‘hannel 4) ll)» 111.35pm. The brilliant. if neglected. series continues with Martin getting an AIDS test and giving new girlfriend. Nina. the keys tohis apartment. Will somebody please start watching this. otherwise we will not get another series.

I Omnibus: Malcolm Arnold ( 1113(1)

111.2(1 ll.ll)pm. “you. like me. thought that he'd died years ago. this may come as something of a surprise. This is at 711th birthday tribute featuring Arnold and his long-time companion. Anthony Day. Their relationship has ruffled a few establishment leathers in its time.

I Clive Anderson Talks Back (Channel 4) 111.35- 1.15pm. Old smarty-trousers returns for another series ofmaking politicians look as inadequate as we all suspected them to be.

I The Mystery Train ( BB(,‘1) 11.15piii-‘1225am. A new late-night entertainment slot hosted by ego-maniac. Richard ()‘Brien. Iiach week there will be a 511s B-movie (tonight it‘s Attack uftthU I‘m}! ll'umu/i) and an episode of schlock-horror series. The Night Stu/kw.


I Rugby World Cup: Scotland v Ireland (Scottish) 1.10—4.45pm. This is the bigone which could make or break Scotland‘s chances of having a home-runup to the semi-finals. Also featured will be Murder in the l'ul/ey's. better known as Australia v Wales.

I Right To Reply (Channel 4)6.3()—7pm. Rory McGrath presents the viewer feedback show offering the TV attdiencc a chance to take on the programme makers. There‘s also the frankly sad sight ofpeople using the video-bus.

ITunes of Glory ((‘hannel 4)8—l()pm. Latest in the pre-obituary‘ Guinness season sees the lad himselfasa hard-drinking officer whose good old traditional values ofplunge in the bayonet and twist it till the pips squeak bring him into conflict with his ‘new man‘ replacement (John Mills).

I Birds 01A Feather ( 1313(‘1 )8. lS—XASpm. ‘l)orien has heard that all sorts ofthings can be picked up at a car-boot sale' blurhs the press release. Sounds like a cue for half an hour's innuendo if you ask me.

I The House DIEIiott(BB(31)iHifiSpm. More couture shenanigans with the gals who have finally managed to set up their fashion house. The rest of the plot is becoming so ridiculous that we won‘t go into it here. Surfice to say that it involves quasi-half-brothers. drug dens and aTiger Moth.

IWilliScottish)9.15 -l l.ilSpm. Met 1

Smith stars in one of those British comedies that inevitably die a death at the box office. In this case. rightly so.

I Performance: Uncle Vanya ( 1111i ‘3) 930-1 1.4llpm. An adaptation by the very wonderful David .‘slamet of( 'liekhoy ‘s masterpiece. Don't expect the standard ant-dram treatment of the script with Mamet at the controls btit look forward to oneofthc best TV plays tor years. ltstars David Warner. .\laiy lili/abetli Mastrantonioand. most notably. Ian llolm. Not to be missed.

I Saturday Night Clive ( 1111(1)

95(1- lll.35pm. The second most animated Antipodean (alter Ay res Rock ) w itli some more etindesceiision sycopliaiicy dependingon whether he's lookiiigat Japanese'l'V or talking to his \llltllitgllL‘SI. I Next Stop Hollywood: TheJogger ((‘hannel4) ll) ll).31)pm. l)ayid l’uttnam introduces a liliii w hich sounds like Him! with Nikes. A young jogger has to tilt) hit his life when a mysterious stranger begins to tail him.

I Hysteria Ill ((‘hannel 4) lll.3llpm——l3.40am. More w ackiness-lor-a cause ribaldry‘ hosted by Stephen Fry w ho introduces all the old guaid alternatives Atkinson. lilton. French atid Saundei s. Slattery and (Oh No! ) law reiice.

I Sportscene(11B(‘l ) lllfillpiii ll._‘stlpm. Dougie Donnelly introduces highlights of one of the big l’i'emier league clashes.

I Dprah Winlrey: Astronautsit‘hannel A1) 1.lllam 2am. No. the hostess with the mostest hasn't been mistaken tor a planet. She is talking to five men who has e walked on the moon and who has e been w alkiiig around the earth with sey c i‘al screw s lr )osc ever since.

IAnna Kareninatt‘hannel1): .i.-lt)pm. (ireta (iarbo as'l‘olstoy'simnioi‘talt ish) heroine iii the classic film trom 1935. Listen out for that memorable line '1 \ .1111 to be under atrain'.

IScotsport (Scottish) 5 ".115pm. Football sharing the spotlight with rugby 111 this specially'extended edition.


W. 3'

I The Clothes Show ( 13m ‘1 )I» (1.:5Pllt. Poorold Jeff Banks is slummiiig it 11] Milan this week. Now can we at range a small accident with 21 Fiat . . . .’