I Equinox: The Lean Burn Engine (Channel 4) 7—8pm. Thought you were helping your environment with your catalytic converter did you'.’ The consistently excellent science prog shatters a few liberal concepts by suggesting that your new Volvo may be doing more harm that your old Beetle.

I Trainer ( BBC] ) S. lS—9.tl5pm. Dailogue straight out of the ll'tmtlentops and somehow you know that when they handy around 500.000 guineas. it's all just pretend. Strangely compulsive viewing nonetheless. Like Lovejoy with hoofs.

I London's Burning (Scottish) 8.45—9.45pm. The Blue Watch team in more fire-fighting adventures at the London station.

I Screen One: Alive and Kicking ( BBCI)

9.20—1055pm. The second potentially

wonderfulplayofthe weekend with Lenny Henry and Robbie Coltrane forgettingthe comedy for the night to play a coupleof

' druggies in a rehabilitation scheme. The

director is Robert Young who made (iBH. I The Complete Citizen Kane followed by Citizen Kane (BBCZ) 9. 10— 10.40pm and 10.40pm— 12.40am. Fifty this week and still going strong. A load ofcriticsare wheeled out to gtish about Welles's masterpiece. Then you can see the film for yourself and wonder. once again. what all the fuss is about (if you stay awake.that is). .

I Rebels With A Cause: The Blackboard Jungle (Channel 4) l0—l 1 .55pm. Start ofa new season of films celebrating ‘a decade of rebellion and change‘ (it says here). This is the old story of a teacher with a mission. getting a group ofinner-city‘ kids to learn that education is good. All you need is a snazzy dance routine and it'd be l-‘ame. Sec Preview.

I The South Bank Show (Scottish)

10.35—1 1.35pm. Still the best arts show on the box in spite of Bragg's increasing apathy towards everything except Cumbria.


I Dance Energy ( BBCZ) (i.3ll—7pm. The show that brought you ‘respect' and possibly the world's tnost tragic presenter in Norrnski returns for a third series. The sort of programme that requires an on, off vision button.

I Standing Room Only (BBCZ) 7,—7.3tlpm. The alternative foothall show with Simon O'Brien. David Baddiel and Rob Newman.

I Watchdog (BBCl ) 7.30—8pm. Presented by serious TV‘s answer to Richard and Judy. Lynn Faulds Wood and John Stapleton only these two tend to expose dubious practices in supermarkets rather than perpetrate them.

I Inspector Morse (Channel 4) 8.30—10.3tlpm. The opera-loving. beer-swilling. geordie-partnered inspector returns to delight the As. Bs and Clsofthis world.

I Superscots (BBCl ) 8—8.30pm. Jackie Bird giggles a lot and introduces more hopefuls in the new-look Caledonian quiz. I Naked Video (BBCZ) 10—10.30pm. Return of the uneven Scottish comedy series. most notable for being the birthplace of Rab C. Ncsbitt.

Also featuring Helen Ledcrer and

Elaine C. Smith.

I Cop Bock(BBC1) 10—11pm. Pennies From Heaven with .44 Magnums continues to baffle its audience (which. ifa quick straw-poll around The List office is any guide. numbers about three nationwide).

I Home(BBC1) 10.40—11.10pm. A new. six-part series looking at life in the town of Portree. Skye. See Preview.

I Sport In Question (Scottish) 10.45pm—l 1. 45pm. Archie MacPherson introduces a discussion on a sporting issue of the day with guests Trevor Brooking. Stephen Hendry and Steve Ovett.


a. t I Australian Rules Football: The Fosters Cup (Channel 4) ll.30pm—lZ.30am. More action from those girls' blouses. the Australian footballers. in this special event staged at The Oval in London. The organisers struck lucky this time as the two clubs involved. The West Coast Eagles and Haw thorn are this year‘s top-rated learns and recently contested the AH. equivalent of the FA Cup.


I Lawyers (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. Fly-on-the-wall stuff as a murder trial begins and two very different compensation litigations are commenced. I Without Walls: For Love or Money (Channel 4) ‘)—‘).30pm. Nicholas Ward-Jackson presents the arts show which this week features young Nigel Kennedy. now sans-boil. talking about the exploitative prices of yer average Stradivarius. .Ilrmsterous. innit'.’ I Bottom (BBCZ) 9--9.30pm. More high-brow intellectual discourse with Messrs Ideondson and Mayall (Only kidding). ' I Making Out ( BBCl ) 9.30—l(l.20pm. Queenie (Margi Clarke) plays the doting mum while some of the other girls at the {nasty have trouble with their offspring.


I sixlhirtysomethlng (Channel 4) (3.30—7pm. Ann Bryson and Maria McErlane introduce the irreverent arts and entertainment strand.

I Timewatch: The Columbus Conspiracy (BBCZ) 8. l0—9pm. An intriguing progratnme putting forward the revolutionary idea that Columbus not only knew where he was going when he set out west. but he may even have had a mapto guide him. Which begs the question.who got there first‘.’

I The Sting (Scottish) ()pm—12.05am (Half hour break at 10pm for the news). The classic con-movie starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman. together with Scott Joplin's wonderful score.

I Dispatches (Channel 4) 9—9.45pm. The best current affairs show on the box with another investigation.

I Inside Story: The thhtrider(BBC1) 9.30—10.40pm. The amazing story ofone ofthose Klansmen murders of the otlsin which the alleged perpetrator is only now facing trial. at the age of71.

IThe Men's Boom (BBC2)9.25—ltl. 15pm. Charity (Harriet Walker) and Marks (Bill Nighy) affair starts up again after a two-year rest (aren't they getting a bit old for all this bed-hopping by now'.’ ).

I The Golden Girls (Channel-1) 10-—1().30pm. L'sual smut and innuendo from the gals except that this week one of Dorothy's potential suitors is none other than Sonny Bono. I think that we can presume from this that he hasn’t aged quite as well as the ex-missus.

I Paul Merton: The Series (Channel 4) 1030—1 lprn. Following in the stiletto printsofJosie Lawrence. this isanother showcase series that has failed to igtute the senses. lfChannel 4 are listening. theorin Whose 1.t'ner with the talent to ptill this kind of thing off isTony Slattery. Ilow about giving him a chance‘.’


I Oprah Wintrey: Billy Crystal (Channel 4) 5—5.55pm. A special featuring the lucky swine who got off with Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally. With a bit of luck. w c may be treated to a review of his gaydays on Soap as well.

I The Time Tunnel: Billy the Kid (Channel 4) (T-7PITT. ()ne of these days. Tony and Doug are going to end up in a fish filleting factory in Scunthorpe on a Monday Batik Holiday. But not today. You'llalready have got the drift from the title.

I A Taste DI Japan ( B BCZ ) 84.30pm. Loads ofsimmering as chefMinoru Yoneda gives tnore hints on how to cook the perfect Japanese meal.

I Bagdad Cate (Channel 4)S.3tL-‘)pm. Laugh. I nearly didn't start. Rudy gets Jasmine to pose for one of his pictures ‘with outrageous results' (sigh).

I Minder(Scottish) 10pm. The best series of this long-running show for about ten years and Arthur's lines are as witty as ever. Today's title is ‘A Bird in the hand is worth two in the Shepherd's Bush'. Need we say more'.’

I Alexei Sayle's Slutt ( BBC: ) ‘)—<‘).3tlpltl. T\"s favourite fat bastard continues to try and get himself banned by tonight presenting for your delectation ‘An Iivening with William Rees-Mogg‘.

I 40 Minutes: Alec The Pole ( BBCJ) 9.30—10. l0pm. Return ofthc hit-and-miss fly-on-the-w all documentary series looks at a guy called Alec from (irantown-on-Spey who has finally got the chance to visit the place of his birth.

I So You Think You’ve Got Troubles ( BBCl) l0-ltl.30pm. A new comedy-drama frotn the creators of The New Statesman and Birds Ufa I’eat/ter and possibly giving Warren .‘vlitchell the chance to shake off the Alf(iarnet millstone. Sec l’review.

I Drop The Dead Donkey ( Channel 4)

10— l0.30pm. Brilliant topical comedy

w hich is so sharp that hopefully Spitting Image will be forced to pull its socks upin the near future. Tonight. ('ius ‘l‘m not here‘ Hedges ( Robert Duncan ) shows that his caring. sharing nature even extends to his immediate family as his brotherenters the newsroom.

I Love Talk (Channel 4) 1030—] 1pm. Carolyn Marshall presents the embarrassing series looking at relationships in the 90s. Tonight Linda and Rachel describe how in the nineteen months that they've lived together. they have never been separated for more than two and a half hours. Someone should have warned them about playing with superglue.

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