I Thunderbirds (BBCZ) 6—6.5(lpm. Does anybody out there know what F.A.B. means? Lin-obscene answers on a postcard please to The TV Editor at the usual address.

I Roseanne (Channel 4 ) 6—6.3(lpm. Showing 2.4 Children the way that family comedy should be done. Tonight Darlene wins a poetry competition. naturally. to her intense embarrassment. Watch out. this episode‘s a bit more sickly than most. I slxthinysomething (Channel 4) 6.3(l—7pm. The last edition ofthc irreverent entertainment show before Jonathan Woss reappears from his hols. I Anton Mosimann Naturally: Chocolate (Channel 4) 8.3(l—9pm. ()r ‘l low toget enormous in one easy lesson'. Write down the recipes ifyou dare.

I Cheers (Channel 4) 9—930an Classic reruns from the first series when Coach was idiotic and Diane was chaste rather than chased.

I Casually (BBCl ) 9.30— 10.20pm. More fun with the formalin at llolby General. I Clochemerle (BBCZ) 9—9.3tlpm. The dated (but much funnier) precursorto 'A 110 'A 110 starring Roy DotriCe. Wendy Hiller. Kenneth Griffith. Bernard Bresslaw and Madeline Smith.

I Have I Got News ForYou (BBCZ) lt)—l().3()pm. Angus Deayton asks questions in the most condescending manner possible to rival captains Ian llislop and Paul Merton.

I Dream On (Channel 4) ill—10.35pm. Nina (Julie Carmen) is arrested for attacking a chemical plant and Martin (Brian Benben) is his usual unsympathetic self.

I Punk(('hannel4) l l.15pm—12.15am. Lots of people with a penchant for showing their nipples w hile looking seriously under-nourished strut their stuff from fifteen years ago. Featured are the Pistols. the Banshees. the Clash and the Pop. amongst others.

I The Great Rock and Roll Swindle (Channel4)12.15—2.()5am.‘Seminal'. ‘picaresque‘. ‘anarchic' and other Guardian terms have been liberally applied to this Julian Temple film since the day it was released. It‘s basically just the story of a group of lads with one collective brain-cell which Johnny. Steve and Paul shared amongst themselves while Sid careered off on a parabola to

oblivion ’immortality.


533223 2.50 35% 3.99



58 The List 11— 24 October 1991





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I Going Live (BBCl )‘)am-12. l5pm. Would you look at the workmanshipon that gofcr. Who knows w hat the produccr~ 1 were thinking of. but they‘ve got \"ic Reeves on the show this morning. That should ruffle l’hillip’s coiffure a bit. ' I Sounds OlThe Sixties ( BBt‘: ) 7.3D—Spm. The series for pop nostalgists. replaying ) BBC archive footage. including such ' greats as the Beatles. the Stones and Jimmy Saville. I Birds OT A Feather ( BB( '1 )8. l5— 8.45pm. Linda Robson and Pauline ()uirke star in the prisoners' wives sitcom. with Lesley Joseph as the lasciyious neighbour Dorien.

I The House Of Eliotttlmcl) S.45—‘).4l)pm. The liuuic ( oulure drama continues. with the liliott sisters ( Louise Lombard and Stella (ionct ) still trying to break into the big-time.

I Pale Rider (Scottish) sins-) 1 . lllpm. Clint liastwood hopped back onto his donkey after a nine—year absence for this. one his better efforts as the anonymous gun-slinger. Made in 1985.

I Nona ( BBCZ) 930- l lpm. Now thisis bizarre; Les Dawson stars in thisTV’ adaptation of Roberto (‘ossa‘s Argentinian farce centring on prostitution. bankruptcy and death. l Ie. also does it all in drag. as Nona isa

I Saturday Night Clive (131K ‘1)

9.40» 10.30pm. Aussie clever-dick Clive James. takes his usual irreverent look at global TV. joined by guest pundits.

I The Big Sleep ( BBCI)

ll).35pm--12. 10am. An tip-dated version of the classic Raymond Chandler y am with Robert Mitchum as Marlowe. Bogart he ain't but as modernisations go. it‘s passable enough.


I Scotsport (Scottish) 5-6pm. Highlights from one of the weekend‘s top Premier Division and reports on the Rugby World Cup.

I Equinox (Channel 4) 7--Spm. Continuing to inhabit the quirky sector of science. the programme this week looks at all ofthe chemical elements through the eyes and poems of Roger Mc(iough.

I Blind Date: Wedding olthe Year (Scottish) 7. [5—7.5llpm. For those ofyou who find once a weekend simply not enough. here's your chance to get an extra dose of (filla and one of the very few couples who can actually stand the sight of each other after the date. ITrainerlBBe‘l)8.lS—9.1lipm. Mark (ireenstreet stars in the ‘horse opera‘ set in a racing stables.

I London's Burning (Scottish) 8.50—9.5(lpm. The boys from Blue Watch with another combination of heroics and family drama.

I Screen One: A Question olAttribution (BBC1)9.2(l—lll.3()pm. PrunellaScalesas the Queen and James Fox is Anthony Blunt in this TV adaptation ofAlan Bennett's play.

I Jonathan Ross: Live from Broadway (Channel 4) (3.3(k7pm. The lad himself returns and out-wogans Wogan with an all star line-up from that Big Apple place. I Inspector Morse ((‘hamiel 4) 8.30— 10.30pm. A repeat run for the last series. with John Thaw as the aesthetc detective. I Border Warfare (Scottish) 9- lllpm. John McUrath's fervent assertion ofScottish pride. filmed when the production was presented at Tramway as part of the Year of Culture celebrations. I A Restless Nation ( BBCl)

ll). l()-1(l.4llpm. Kilst Wark prescntsthc series looking at the post-war politics of Scotland. By way of archive footage. the series examines the dispute oy er sclf-detcrmination. and what it actually

I Sport in Question ( Scottish)

1035-1 1 .35pm. ()ur Archie with another debate on a sporting topic.


I Boon (Scottish) ‘)-~ lllpm. Michael lilphick as the mt)torcy'cle—obsessed

priy ate eye. on the trail of more wrongdoers.

I Without Walls: Films of the Third Reich (Channel 4) 9— lllpm. Disturbingimages from the Nazi propaganda archive which progressed from scummy home movies in the 30s to glossy productions in the mid-40s but all with the same aim: to com incc the (ierman public that forced euthanasia was morally correct.

I Bottom ( BBCZ) 9-0.3llpm. The lavatorial sitcom series starring Ade lidmondson and Rik Mayall.

I Making Out ( Blit‘l risotto lllpm. Continuingthe gritty comedy drama setin an electronics factory with Margi Clarke starring as Queenie.


I Inside Story: Suicide Killers ( 1313(1) *)_3li« 10.20pm. The story of Tamil suicide squads (like the one that disposed of Rajiv (ihandhi ). including an interview with one oithe Tigers.

I The Golden Girls (Channel 4) lll-lllfitlpm. The scnility sitcom series with the usual batch of innuendoes and dirty jokes.

I Paul Merton: The Series (Channel 4) lll.3(l~l lpm. Continuing the showcase for the cynical stand-up still best known for his y ulgar interventions in Whose Line Is It A I1_)' l'l'(1_\' .7 .

I Us (Channel 4) l l~l 1 .45pm. A new series looking at black family life in ‘llls Britain.

I Sumo (Channel 4) l l .45pm--12.3llam. Further coverage of the bus/m taking place at the Albert Hall. featuring sortie of Japan‘s heftier talents.


I Bagdad Cale ( Channel 4) SSH—9pm. Whoopi (ioldberg stars as the harassed cafe owner. Brenda.

I Minder(Scottish) 9— 10pm. Arthur Daley and his new side-kick in another adventure.

I Smith And Jones (BBCI warp lllpm. Repeated comic sketches with Mel and Griff.

I 40 Minutes: Short, Sharp and Shocking (BBC?) ‘).3()— ll). lllpm. A new deterrent aimed to stifle your average casual's activities by showing them around your average prison. Do they venture into the showers though'.’

I So You Think You've Got Troubles ( BBCI) Ill-10.30pm. More post-AlfUarnett sitcoming with Warren Mitchell and assorted bigots. See preview.

I Scottish Booksls‘eouish)11.15—1.45pm. Jenny Brown introduces discussion and reviews of the latest literary releases.