still does in lreland). llsdistinctiy'e

dark brown colour and rich malty taste is largely due to ‘chocolate malt‘ kilned at ‘)l) degrees.

The quality of the pint that arriy es in your hand can also be aflected by the way it has been treated in the pub. Some landlords pride themselves on the temperature ot their cellars and their ability to judge

; exactly when a cask is ready to tap.

()thers don‘t bother. 'l‘he do/en pubs listed below have been chosen because they have the widest

selection of real ales. but there may

74 'l he l.lSI ll

be other worthy hostelries in


Remember the gorgeous Hanover staff? They're now selling the finest selection of beers in the city to accompany the best value food in the city.

. . . enjoy us.

(ilasgow that specialise in serving one beer to perleetion (see the l)(’t'll' (ii-em l’mr). Both methods of dispensing. air pressure or handpump. are traditional. and approved by (‘.-\.\lR.'\. though

w here it is electric. watch out that you are not being lobbed off with a keg y ersion ofyout chosen real ale brand.

[Ii/1U New (New: PM! ( ilasgow Real :\le ( iuide can be obtained from Robin [{y cry. 34 Victoria Street. Dumbarton (iS‘2 llll’ (0389(12315). price £2.5l) ( inc pckp).

I Athena Taverna 77s l’ollockshaws Road. 424(IS5S. Belhayen St) ~. (aledoniiln 7f) -, Bass. guest beers (air).

I Bahbity Bowsters lo is Bittekt'riars Street. 552 5ll55. .‘ylaclays 7t) -. Sll -. l’orter ck Scotch .-\le (air).

I Blacktriars 3t» Bell Street. 552 5024. Belhaven (at) -. 'l‘etlcys Bitter. .-\rrols St) -. guest beers (air).

I Bon Accord 153 North Street. 34s 4427. 'l’heakstons Best Bitter. XB. ()ld l’eculiar. Mcliyyans Sll -. \"otinger's .\'o. 3. guest beers (handpump).

I Boswell 2" .‘ylansronhouse Road. langsidc. (62 0812. Belhaven St) -. (’aledonian St) - ty (iolden l’romise. Bass. guest beers ( handpump).

I Brewery Tap lll55 Sauchiehall Street. 339 SSob. Belliay en on (air). (‘aledonian "(l -. .’\l'l't)l.\t\ll -.’l'etleys Bitter. guest beers l electric).

I Horseshoe i7 i)rtiry- Street. 33) 3H5 l . ('aledonian 7t) —. (ireenmantlc. .‘ylaclays so - (air). Bass(handpump).

I Johnny Scobies 4 london Road. .‘ylaclays (it) - ck Si) -. (‘aledonian (iolden l’romise. St) - ck l’orler (air). I MOlllYS l25fi Argy le Street. 5‘54 sot)? Belhayen till tK Nil -. (ireenmantlc. .‘ylar'stons l’edigree. (‘ourage Directors ( handpump).

I Scotia l 12 Stockw ell Street. .552 Sbol. \laelays all ck Sll -. (irccnrnantlc. l'hcakstonsBcst Bittet'lair).

I Tennents l‘ll By res Road. 33‘) limit). (ireenmantlc. Slaclays 7t) -. ('aledonian Sf) - tk (ioldcn l’rornise. Bass. lllc‘ilk’sltttis XB ck Best Bitter (handpump).




24 ( )ctober WU]

I Victoria 157459 Bridgegate. 552 (M40. .‘ylaclay's 7i) - ck SO -. ’l‘lieakstons Best Bitter. (ireenmantle Ale & St) - (air).


I Sophie Grigson’s Ingredients Book Sophie (irigson (Pyramid. £20). ‘What is the difference between raddiehio di verona and raddiehio di casel‘.’ And how do you prepare jicami‘.” If these are the kind of questions that perplex you. then look no further. . . lam sorry I just couldn‘t help quoting the press release. In fact. the book may look extraordinarily lavish with Jess

Sophie (irigson remains refreshingly down to earth. even apologising for


apologise. She has prepared a visual feast and offers lots of useful advice and dernystification: for example. purple basil may be chic. bttt make pesto out of it and it will look like mud. and. as she says. why on earth do recipes tell you to toast or roast spices before use when what they mean is dry-fry thern‘.’ Apart from the general suggestions under each ingredient heading. at the end ofthe various categories. oils. vegetables etc. there are several really cookable recipes. 'l'agliatelle with broad beans. soft goats cheese. mint and olive oil; onion bhajees with flaked almonds; cabbage with coconut milk. alspice berries. chillies and carraway seeds; hot toddy with maple syrup. butter. cider and rum. . . they all sound delicious.

i ls'oppel‘s luminous photography. but l l

sell indulgence. She has no need to

Bring on the paperback. (CF)


I Caledirect From the beginningol()ctobet‘. ethically sound. high—quality Arabiea coffee will be available from health food and \yltolcfood shops and t)Xl‘:\.\1 and 'l‘raidcratt outlets. Rest assured that the money you pay for your caletierc-lull is going straight into the handsof much-exploited farmers in Mexico. (‘osta Rica and Peru. by -passing

C\pettsl\ c middle-men.

‘l hesc green beans will

ey en be w rapped in

recy clcd paper. IAIcoholic Drinks—A Guideto Strength Labelling ‘l’his leaflet is a drinks iritlustry initiative. aimed at combating alcohol misuse. According to lidinburgh l'niycrsity 's Alcohol Research (iroup. over hall ot’young drinkers do not know what they are tipping dow it their throats. or w hich concoction is most likely to hay c them lurching home. 'l‘he leaflet explains

the alcohol by volume labelling(AB\")required by the EC. and setsout clearly the range of strength of different drinks. it will be available from off licences free of charge.

I Oddbins 2—5pm every Saturday. Britain's leading wine merchants are continuing with their inspired. free. in—store tastings in selected branches. During ()ctobcr roll up and sample red. white and sparkling wines from Italy. sparkling

w incs from around the globe or tcn~year-old malt whisky from Talisker. You never know. you may even be tempted to buy a bottle or two.

I Edinburgh Beer Festival Mcadowbank Stadium. 'l'hurs ill—Sat l2 October. 47 l lpm Thurs.

l lam »l lpm liri ck Sat. If those on the liast ('oast hay e been tempted by this issue's real ale report. here'san opportunity to try out a wide variety of beers under one roof.

I Cate Byzantium 0 Victoria Street. 220224 1. lllam—5.3llpm Mon~Sat

(may stay open later at weekends in the future). l'ndcr new Indian ownership. the cafe continues to offer traditional fare such as coffees. cakes. filled rolls and croissants. salads and baked potatoes. but it has increased its range to include proper. very“ reasonably priced. lndian meals. A friend of mine is still waxing lyrical overa vegetable curry he had the other day - he only had £2. but the chef wouldn't hear of him eating the dish unaccompanied and threw in a chapati for free!

I The Grain Store 3t) Victoria Street. 225 7635. The proprietors chefs builders assured me a couple of days ago that they would be open on Monday. despite the fact that they were still knee-deep in rubble at the time. I wait with baited breath because during the Festival. before the overhaul of what used to be l.illigs. they were serving the kind of fresh. simple French meals that have 1.1.8"! people

rhgypgrttllfl [131.

1 rs



“sensed pasteuraflt

LUNCH 12—2.30pm EVENINGS 6—1 lpm (last orders 10.30pm)

10, anchor close, Cockburn street EDINBURGH 226 5145

50, east tountalnbrldge