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Non-alignment pact

Where do I begin in expressing my dismay at your unfunny comparison between the SNP and the Nazis.

fuelled by the SNP‘s new logo‘.’ It was

indeed disappointing to see such a

thing in The List. rather like being let

down by a friend. All very sad. Who wrote this‘.’ Who thought it funny‘.’ Do you have anyone in your

office recently ex-student magazine‘.’

A juvenile delinquent political journalist aiming for the very bottom. perhaps?

lam outraged by your cheap and unworthy comments. indeed. you ought to apologise. A quarter of Scots (M( )Rl. 29:9’91 . Sunday Times) support the SNP and it is. if

one knows anything ofwho and what the Nazis were and did. not a thing to

joke about.

I support the SNP because I know a

Scottish Parliament will be. for one

thing. tolerant and non-racist. I have

never been and am not anti-English and your despicable article only

served to make me feel anti- The List.

Your comparison of the logos was also quite invalid as the new SNP logo is fluorescent yellow and black and any party logo would look

strange if turned upside down (for example. the 'I’ories‘ flaming torch would look like a toilet brush).

Humour. wit. by all means be

wags: mockery is cheap. though. and

in this instance your angle was contemptuous.

Withdraw your remarks. please. Assure us that this was an error of judgement. a bad joke. a mistake. G. McLean Member. SNP Glasgow Central. Rosemount Street Glasgow Thanks for the comments (J. McLean, they are noted and bring to mind a witticism wltich was in vogue when the SNI’ decided to boycott the Scottish (‘mzstitutitmal ( 'oni'ention: Q: How many SNP activists does it take to change a light bulb."

A .' I'm sorry. we're not participating in this joke.

For afurther Lisstake of machinations political. look no further than pagefit'e ofthis very issue.

Humour me

I feel I must write to you after reading my first ever copy of The List. with added student power. from cover to cover. It certainly will not be my last copy.

What a mag! Free condoms. holidays. films, gigs. videos and alcohol! Certainly worth far more

than the cover price (not that it is too

cheap). Then there is all that information! It must take you guys ages to get it all together.

I really liked the features. a good ‘blend‘ of facts and opinion. That Trevor Johnston sure gets all the lucky jobs— first Robin Givens and then Liza Minnelli (wooooaghh!)

Then there‘s Craig McLean mixing it

with the Fini Tribe and lucky

Having problems removing those safety pins‘.’ Got sore feet from stomping at the ceilidhs‘.’ Think that hanging‘s too good for them‘.’ Why not write to The List. You might win a bottle ofJose Cuervo Tequila.

(’atherine Fellows. getting to munch all that scrummy cheese. Yum Yum! But best of all. there is the letters

page. Wow. out ofsight! I notice that

you even give away a bottle of tequila to the best letter each issue. So how about it guys‘.’

Mark Williamson.

Lawerence Street


Well. hey thankstor the letter .llark. us guys A N!) galls appreciate the sentiment. .\'ot badlor a first attempt. but as experienced readers will know. you l] have to do a hell ofa lot more grove/ling to win the tequila. Keep trying.

Over my head

I must agree with Andrew (iibbon Williams' views on the winning design for an extension to the Royal Museum of Scotland in Iidinburgh. The picture of the model of the

proposed building which you show in

The List 15‘) makes it look like nothing more adventurous than a pumping station for the Picadilly Circus toilets around (‘hristmas time.

What is that stupid thing stuck on the top'.’ Not a roofgarden. surely. if so then it will get blown away in the first east wind. The design does. indeed. manage to ‘turn the corner‘. but at what cost‘.’ All that space is wasted. and unless the design is changed I hardly think that it will be used by the public. At least the steps up into the current museum are used to sit on.

l Quite what .\lr(}ibbon Williams means by ‘that tired old (ills device: the elevated terrace‘ is a bit above rue. I suppose he is referring to the battlernent thingies along the top of those blank. blank walls. What with i that and the post-modern tower. the 1- whole mess looks more and more like a prototype for the privatised prison service. i But I tnust disagree with Mr Williams‘ conservative view that this monstrosity is like our splendid Burrell (‘ollection building. It is nothing of the sort. 'l'he Burrell Collection is housed in a building j which has a modern elegance all of : itsown. Whether or not it is

‘Scottish‘ is immaterial.

Sian Anderson




I sit last. an originalopinion.’ I think

l the Bttrrell building is nice too. so have a very biased bottle ofJose Cllt’l't‘t) Tequila. Perhaps it will help you dream up a more imaginative solution to .‘luld Reekie's Museum muddle.


i The modern dance

You CAD!!! IIurt. hurt and confused. that's what we are. How

couler Mabbott be so beastly as to accuse us of \‘y'impefy‘.’ I lis flippant little statement in The List 15‘) caused us to miss our macrame class. we were so upset. Fair enough though. with the Joyriders getting increasingly god-like maybe we‘re not the loudest band in the city that can still carry a tune but to accuse us ofoutright wimpery is a bit much.

We can only assume that you‘re referring to ‘l'nfinished Story". the final track on the last demo. That's not wimpy man. it‘s more sort of plaintive and heartfelt. probably. or tnelancholic. yes. that's it. melancholic definitely.

Anyway. we’re prepared to let it he and we won't resort to sending you the sex e red head of your favourite teddy bear or dumping a load of slightly perfumed pressed flowers in The List's reception area. We haven‘t wimped out. honestly. Some of the new stuff is splendidly grungey and smelly. sortie of it is maybe a bit slower. but still grungey and some of it is somewhere in between. sort of slow and smelly and grungey but with nice bits in.

'l'om's New Shoes (Wimps'.’ Schmimps!)

Manor Place


Life stinks

I read with interest Mr Alan Mclnnes‘ letter in The List 158. As the person responsible for getting the 'ever-punctual' Big George on stage. I would like to make a few comme nts.

from the time mentioned (‘five

past midnight‘). I can only assume that the gig in question took place in a late night venue (roofless perhaps). The band are not responsible for on—stage times at such venues. this being decided. promoters'bar staff etc. 'l'hey want you. the public. in as early as possible to ensure healthy bar takings. To suggest in a sarcastic manner that George and his band were not punctual is unfair. we dislike such late starts also. We often have to be in the venue before the advertised times. so spare a thought. As Charlie Watts said: ‘It‘s tnore like five years work and twenty years hanging around.‘

Richard Devlin

Big George Punctuality Adviser ()ban Drive


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