generation"? Well. ifa generation lasts the length ofthis EP. l mightbe

of spacey techno deviations by Language and Tru Funk. but forthe


I Frank Ku-urnba Lacy: i

Tonal Weights & Blue Fire most part it‘s polished forced to consider it. (Tutu) Frank Lacy has 3 narcotic soul and dub with All-consuming babbling played in both Art l the kind ofquirks that hippy (con)fusion that Blakey's‘ Jazz Messengers I provide the glaze on the arrests the mind and

and The Henry Thrcadgill Sextet. which underlines his adaptability. but this eagerly-awaited set rather floundcrs at times on that very eclecticism. lt isa curiously mixed bag. but at its best it illustrates what an original and exciting performer and arranger the trombonist (he also plays flugelhorn and organ here) can be. although it also demonstrates that he is no great shakes as a singer. Lacy was hugely impressive when he played with Blakey in Aberdeen a couple of years ago. as was the pianist from that edition of the Messengers. Geoff Keezer. His debut on Blue Note. Here and Now. isa fine example ofthe current upsurge in jazz piano. and is well worth checkingout. (Kenny Mathieson)

I Urban Dance Squad: Lite ‘N Perspectives ola Genuine Crossover (Ariola) For about its first minute. this album is a surprise. but a surprise only in that last year's ‘Deeper Shade Of Soul' and its chattering. unsullied funk groove is no preparation for this LP's catalogue of styles. Eye of newt.child not yet of woman born. anger personified and fluffy toy animals are the ingredients for the jigsaw collage on the sleeve. but L'DS's musical cauldron bubbles to a less abstruse recipe. cross-fertilising genres which may once upon a time have been

cherry on the icing on the cake. (Fiona Shepherd) I The Dylans: The Dylans (Situation 2) Prudently. The Dylans leave their second single. ‘l.emon Afternoon'. off their

- debut LP. ln itsidentikit

bagginess (how trite. how dated). it would have been the final rusty nail in their slightly ajar coffin of hope. First single. ‘Godlikc‘. and last one. ‘l’lanet Love‘. are included. and both are mighty enough in their own flashback way to dissuade easy (ills-freaks labelling. For some perverse reason. they

: aspiretothe vibeoftheir ' labelmatesThe

Charlatans. ladling on the Hammond and jerky rhythms »- this most easily spotted on ‘Ocean Ride'. which apparently is Burgess and co‘s next single. ()r is it? Maybe I'm getting confused. it's all Blur-ring into one big

_ (‘arpet ofretro-grooving. ' Where will it all end'.’ Stop

the world. I'm gettingoff. ((‘raig McLean)

I Robyn Hitchcock And The Egyptians: Perspex lsland (Go! Discs/MM) Much-loved by American campus radio. obscure in his homeland. That‘s been the Robyn Hitchcock angle for as long as I can remember: and despite Perspex Island being a very good. very charming LP. that‘s most likely how it will remain for the time being. (This could all change. though. if ‘So You Think You're In Love' is

captures the imagination. but lay offthe absurd claims. lads. From the band who once pleaded exemption from the Poll Tax on the grounds that they were not ofthis planet. (FS)

I Curve: Clipped (Anxious) Audaciously Curvacious and birling around like a pulsar on a tight stroboscopic spin. For now. (‘urve are hemmed in. poking the corners of their tiny cage. but still— just managing tosound glorious. From here. there‘s nowhere to go but somewhere else. (AM) I Sugar Bullet: Rise (Virgin) A more cohesive and laid-back groove than their raggamuffin-esque debut. ‘World Peace'. ‘Rise‘ has bags of commercial potential too. So smooth. you barely know you're taking it in. Flip it over for the more bruising fusion of ‘The Beat That‘s Sweet To Eat'. (AM)

I Mercury Rev: CarWash Hair (Mint Films) Basically the Yerselfls Steam LP boiled down to a six-and-a-half-minute capsule. injected with a dose of plaintive Dinosaurian choonfulness and brought to a brassy flourishing close. Not a little beguiling. and a sure-fire indie hit. (AM) I The Starlings: Sale In Heaven Dead EP (Anxious) A Ray Shulman production. STARRING: sensitive acoustic refrains. maverick primal drums. conspiratorial vocal


taboo bedfcllows. but in this age ofdiametrical possibilities slot neatly into the Chili Peppers'

whisperings. More together than their last 27 Iil’. yet still uncategorisable. Suffice to say that the title track is wondrously mellow and will curdle your cuticles. ((‘McL)

IThe Forget-Me-Hots: 2 Fay Wray EP (Soho Square)

the hit it deserves to be.) (‘ontrary to popular opinion. Hitchcock isn't a lyrical genius. but there

, are plenty of memorable couplets in here. and one or two great songs. the kind you only need to hear once and you're singing them all day. (Alastair

melting pot. L'DS coy er all bases and then some. but by now record buyers know to expect the unexpected. (Fiona Shepherd)

IVarious: The Hard Sell a Mambo") “s'ium high meet-Sigma (Earth Recordings)’I‘he v 8""“‘h'S_D“h"”""'5 proceedS from this 3 debut. 2 Pay Wray was compilation are tobe 1 INevv FastAutomatic quucfc‘j h}me dividcdequally between ; Daffodils: AllOverMy Face ' Acme Mitch . A. Vin...“ ' pl "A ° Wh. pastassocraeo ‘. . H . imcfiggmgfi: dnms ( ay gamsam) '\ whichpartlyexplainstbe 7

it‘s taken two years asa New FADS fan to realise they are white funk's answer to Pink Floyd I can‘t say. but suddenly it‘s the meandering structure oftheircompositionsthat i provide the centre of interest extended lazy i workouts like this for the listener to wait expectantly for What Happens Next. Unfortunately nothing does. but the anticipation was fun. (FS)

IThe Moonllovvers: The

g Groove Power Big Fast Duh ; EP(P0pGod)‘Byfarthe most imaginative and creative band of this

Yank college rock bedspring that propels the oft-girly vocal yells. Fluffy pop on top. grainy guitar steel beneath. a punch- drunk knock-out blow.

I A House: Endless Art (Setanta) Immediate points for the Edwyn Collins production. with a swiftly following bonus prize for ‘Endless Art”s sheer off-the-wall contrarincss. A roll call of history's prime arty movers. called out over choppily turbulent guitars and lo! classical snatches. Quite quirky. quite classy. (CMCL)

collection of aching soul mantras and kitsch 6()s-influenced dance gems would have me parting with the cash for nothing more significant than the local Round Table Wheel of Fortune. There's no need to push the cause (the disabled and Sickle Cell Anaemia). because anyone familiar with Bristol‘s fertile dance empire will know this release comes quality assured. The musical influence and guiding hand ofarea giants Massive Attack pervades throughout. with a couple




The List 25 October— 7 Novembe; I991 33