Ten events that shook the world, or at least enlivened a wintry Central Belt tor tourteen days or so.

I ‘Bit more oil the sides Madam?’ Donna Orlando looks unimpressed by her new coitleur in American Connexion's The View at Edinburgh Theatre Workshop. See Theatre preview.

Vic Reeves Big Night Out Not funny anymore or still a genius. Find out at Glasgow Pavilion, ifyou had the foresight to buy a ticket six months ago.

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I Rik Mayall chats to one at

I the reviewers otWaiting For mood wedding Glasgow‘s Mitchell -

Godot lie is also currently ~ . ° . . ‘at ‘b ) sso w 50$ appearing maiuvem'e 'I he re ec< me me here in

comedy Drop Dead Fred. Cuba for an adaptation of a Lorca Film preview tells you cork"-

more. The Featherstonehaughs Take care with the pronunciation. The dance troupe bring the informal. cinematic Big Feature to Glasgow‘s 'I‘ron Theatre.

Jute City David Kane's epic. ambitious drama set in Dundee and the Highlands goes out on BBC] with an impressive cast.

Ring My Bell Live and dangerous TV

On Channel 4 with Laurie Pike _ presenting a rough and ready phone-in show. I ‘What do you mean, in the style at Muriel Gray?’

asks John Sessions. playing Boyz N The Hood Ice Cube of NWA

an ""100, type in me an notoriety stars as a chubby teenage drama Jute City, See“; gang kid in an intelligent portrait of preview. growing up in the ghetto. directed by

23-year-old John Singleton.

Homicide David Mamet's latest stars Joe Mantegna as a Jewish cop getting caught up in a war between racists and Zionist vigilantes. Powerful stuff.

I List pin-up Laurie Pike brings her sultry tones to a

telephone receiver in your

area soon. Why not give her orone at her celebrity guests a ring. See TV preview.

Taj Mahal The idiosyncratic

., bluesman explores pan-African /‘3 I musicalheritage witha superb

I I, ’1 eight-piece bandatEdinburgh's 9'! , Queen‘sliall.

James Almost chart-toppers earlier this year. Fanatical followers will gather at Glasgow Barrowland and Edinburgh Playhouse for a chorus or two.

. Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine Promoting the excellent hard-hitting current single. the exotically-named lads play the Barrowland.

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