_ Hungry for

Overthe weekend at the 1—3 November, Oxlam is hoping to open the eyes, ears and stomachs ol Scotland to the role that the West is playing in creating conditions ol poverty and hunger in the Third World. The events will be among the lirst in the organisation’s 50th Anniversary Year and will mark the launch at a new campaigning network.

‘We want people to join a global challenge to poverty,’ says Judith

Robertson, Campaigns Organiser tor Oxlam in Scotland. ‘Oxlam works with

poor people all over the world, but we

recognise that we won't be able to achieve our long term aim at eradicating poverty unless things


change in the West.’

While reports ol lamlne, lreak weather disasters and outbreaks ol disease hit the headlines all too regularly, Oxlam estimates that a small child dies every 2.4 seconds alter a short and less newsworthy lite ol poverty. This year, the annual sponsored last hopes to raise money for work in relation to the long-term production at load and agricultural projects.

Meanwhile, on the morning ot 3 Nov, a group at invited guests will assemble at the Edinburgh Filmhouse tor a Hunger Breaklast, when load will be randomly divided in proportions that represent the actual income levels at the world’s high, middle and low income countries. In other words, 15 per cent will enjoy a gourmet meal; 25 per cent will eat a simple dish ot rice with beans or broth; and 60 percent will get rice and water.

‘The response lrom the Scottish public to Oxlam appeals is usually excellent,’ Robertson continues, ‘but it is important that we don't just push the tundraising aspect, although it is obviously a vital part of Oxlam’s work. The point ol the Hunger Breaktast is that poverty is caused by an unlair distribution at the'world’s resources. (Alan Morrison)

Fast Action Packs are available lrom Oxlam in Scotland, Freepost, Glasgow 63 78R.


And so farewell then, Thames, TSW, TVS, TVAM. We shall not see your like again. ‘Ouality broadcasting’,

n . (Scene: A Job Centre in downtown . Soho. Sundry characters scan a board marked ‘media yacancies’.) Sooly (reading aloud): ‘Receptionist for Carlton Communications wanted. Furry unfunny puppets need not apply.‘ Bastards. And Sue‘s up the stick as well. Zippy lrorn Rainbow: Bastards. Bungle, the amiable giant bear: Never mind. Zippy. Geoffrey says he can get us jobs reading the weather on Sunrise. Zippy: Oh yeah? Have I ever told you how much 1 hate you. you overgrown orange git? Mike Morris: Forget it. boys. Greavsie got in there first and Rumpole of the Bailey's doing horoscopes. Times are tough. Lorraine Kelly‘s doing the lunchtime go-go pubs to make ends meet. Detective Burnside lrom The Bill: Makes yer sick. dunnit. A bunch of fly operators from the West move in on our manor. stick 50 million nicker

- in a few greasy palms and we‘re out

on our arses faster than a GBH gets parole. I don‘t like it one bit. Who is this character Carlton anyway? Give

mean hour in the interview room

with him and I‘ll rattle his fixtures and fittings for ‘im.

Michael Barrymore: 1 ‘m alwight. you : alwight?

All: Shut up. you lanky twat! (Sounds of music come from outside,

1 where three people are busking.)

Rod, Jane and Freddy: All together, kids. ‘We hate the ITC. we hate the lTC, the wankers put us out of work and kicked us offTV. . .‘

Sealed bids are in vited for a valuable Thames TV programme listing brochure, released on the day the franchise results were announced. Bids should beforwarded to The List, where they will be judged solely on their financial scale, with no reference to quality. Also available: three TVAM mugs, slightly chipped.




I SPOKES: The contact number given in The Lists 1991 Student Guide for Lothian Cycle Campaign SPOKES was incorrect. The correct address and telephone number for the organisation is St Martin‘s Church, 232 Dalry Road, Edinburgh, EH11 2.10 (3132114). Apologies to those concerned.

I Arts 2000: Glasgow‘s full proposal for the Arts 2000/Visual Arts City 1996 nomination will be submitted to the Arts Council ofGreat Britain on Nov 15. Following the first round of submissions, Glasgow was shortlisted along with Hampshire, Bradford and the Northern Region. Both the City and Regional councils envisage Arts 2000 not as a one-off project, but as a means to enhance visual arts and design provision and activity within the Glasgow area on a permanent basis. The overall winner will be announced late January.

I Animal Test Protest: Campaigners, politicians and celebrities from across Europe will be gathering in Brussels on Sat 9 Nov for the first ever international march and rally calling upon the European Parliament to vote for a ban on cosmetic tests for animals. The British end of the campaign is being organised by the British Union for the Abolition ofVivisection (BUAV) and is backed by the likes of Alexei Sayle. Annie Lennox and Bob Hoskins. Details on coaches departing from Manchester, Birmingham and London are available from BUAV, 16a Crane Grove. lslington. London N7.

I Stirling Leisure Complex: Plans have been unveiled for a new £3 million leisure complex at Stirling‘s Springkerse Industrial Estate. Central to the complex will be a 3500 capacity turfpitch football stadium which would become the new home for Stirling Albion Football Club. The Club have been given until the end of the current season to stop playing on the synthetic pitch of home ground, Annfield. Detailed costs of the scheme will be known in December. and it is hoped that the work will be completed by November 1992.

' I Crusaid: The Scottish arm of

national AIDS fundraiser Crusaid is holding a concert in St Mary‘s Cathedral. Edinburgh on Sat 2 Nov

at 7.30pm. The programme will

include works by Mozart and Purcell performed by the Cathedral Choir and musicians from the St Mary‘s Music School. Tickets (£5/£3.50/£2) are available from David MeNally. 80 Marchmont Crescent. EH9 1HD (667 7505) or at the door. Stock is

also needed for the Crusaid stall at the Charities Christmas Hypermarket, to be held at the Assembly Rooms from 28—30 Nov contact number as above.

I London Film Festival: Berry '3 Brood and Tickets for the Zoo are the two Scottish entries in the British Cinema strand at the 35th London Film Festival, which runs from 6—21 Nov. The former was made on a budget of £2,000 by the Gorbals Unemployed Workers’ Centre, while the latter is the work of Edinburgh-based Cormorant Films, who have already achieved success in the documentary field. Both films deal with the harsh reality of living in urban Scotland, but tackle themes of drug abuse, poor housing and unemployment from different viewpoints. Tickets for the LFF go on sale to the public from Sat 1 Nov (071 928 3232) and the programme (£5 mail order) is available from the Finance Office, National Film Theatre, South Bank, London, SE1 8XT.

I Environmental Fair: Fifteen of Scotland’s leading environmental groups will be on hand to raise awareness about green issues when Wildfare comes to Glasgow City Chambers on Sat 26 Oct between 10.30am and 4pm. The event, organised by the Scottish Wildlife Trust, will feature exhibitions, stalls, video shows and competitions. Admission is 25p (10p), with funds going towards the SWT’s Clyde Area Branch.

I National Trust i0! Scotland: On 1 Nov, the National Trust for Scotland

' resumes direct management for the

16th Palace at Culross in Fife. The Palace was the first property bought by the organisation (now celebrating its diamond jubilee, after its formation in 1931) and since then it has been under the guardianship of successive Secretaries of State for Scotland and maintained by Historic Scotland. The property will now undergo extensive restoration before being re-opened to the public in 1993.


I Sick Kids Appeal: Not many people could attempt to climb Mount Everest in around four hours, but that’s the task Sandy Cumming, Manager of Edinburgh’s Balmoral Hotel Health Club has set himself in

; order to raise money for the ' Edinburgh Sick Kids Appeal. To

i i

make things a little easier. Sandy will do the entire 29.000 feet ascent at the city's Waverley Market on a stairmaster gym machine. Sponsors can pop into the Hotel now. or go along to give encouragement on the

day. A

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