I Scottish Women (Scottish)

10.45pm—l 1 . 15pm. Sheena McDonald returns with a new series. starting with a discussion on what makes a criminal. and what it's like to be married to one.


IThe Black Bag (Channel 4)8—8.3l)pm. Return of the documentary series dealing with issues of particular relevance to the black and Asian communities. Tonight‘s programme focuses on women serving long prison sentences for drug smuggling. I Bottom (BBCZ) 9-9.3(1pm. The weak but watchable farce continues with Richie and Eddie throwing a party.which involves Richie fracturing several limbs. most of them hisown.

I DEA: Undercover Eddie ( BBCI) ‘).3(1—1().3(1pm.A real-life Miami Vice documentary covering the American Drug Enforcement Administration. As always. ‘unprecedented access‘ has been granted. The first programme introduces us to undercover agent Eddie Follis as he attempts to plot the destruction ofan international Nigerian drug-trafficking organisation.

I Making Dut(BB(‘l ) 9.3(1—1l).2()pm. The drama hots up. as Carol May (Shirley Stelfox) faces up to her disastrous choice in husbands. and Queenie (Margi Clarke) steels herself to tell the truth about the new lodger Tyrone.

I Tribute To Tom Anderson ( BBCl) 1().5(1—11.2()pm. A homage to the Shetland fiddler who died last month. introduced by his most famous pupil Aly Bain.

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I Empty Nest (Channel4) 11.45pm—12.15am. Richard ‘Bert in Soap Mulligan returns for a new series ofthe weak sitcom about a Miami widower and his lovable St Bernard. llohum.


I Hawaii Five-O (BBC! ) 2. l 5—3.05pm. ‘Book him Dannol' Look out for anew upsurge in absenteeism at work. asJack Lord returns as Steve MeCiarrett in a rerun of the classic 70s cop show. Eat your heart out Cop Rock. this is the real McCoy.

I Specials (BBCl ) 8—8.50pm. Percy (Jack Watson) is the Special who just doesn‘t know when to retire a sort of Danny McGrain in uniform who dodders around causing more problems than he’s worth. I Timewatch: Rarvests or Iron/The Watch On The Somme (BBCZ) 8. 10-9pm. Two contrasting films capturing the grim reality of World War 1 . The first uses archive footage to show the realities of life at the front. and the second follows German writer Ludwig Harig on a pilgrimage to the Somme.

I Travelog (Channel 4) 8.3(1—9pm. A new season of the travel show means further opportunities to be nasty about the frankly appalling Robert Elms. Fellow irritant Andy Kershaw heads off to Mongolia tonight to try out his daft Northern vernacular on the locals.

I Children Of The North (BBCZ)

9.25—10. 15pm. A Compch contemporary thriller set in Northern lreland. based on the trilogy of novels by MS. Power. See

L preview.

I The Golden Girls (Channel 4) lil—lil.3()pm. Blanche goes to the library to pick up a date as well as some reading matter.

I Paul Merton: The Series (Channel 4) 10.30—1 1pm. The final show in a disappointing series. Merton's crisp one-liners just don't seem to stretch to fill a half-hour.


I The Land That Time Forgot ( BBCZ) b—7.3()pm. World War 1 supply ship survivors are somehow transported to a prehistoric island inhabited by dinosaurs and ape-men. Faintly ludicrous film. notable only for the fact that it will be simultaneously relayed in sign-language for the deaf— a television first.

I The Time Tunnel (Channel 4 ) (>— 7pm. Robert Duvall turns up in this one asan evil nutter who plants a nuclear bomb at the Time Tunnel Complex. The usual chase through time and space ensues. 11o hum 11.

I Bagdad Cale (Channel .1) sin 9pm. Whoopi (ioldbcrg continues to go way over the top as cafe-owner Brenda. in the American comedy.

I MindertScottish) 9— 10pm. More Cockney chicanery with Arthur Daley in The Greatest Show In ll'rl/t'silen. featuring

karaoke nights down the Winchester club.


I Alexei Sayle's Stull ( 8m ‘2 ) 9 -‘).3llpni. The fat Scouser warns tis of the dange rsof falling dolphins. and \ isits the 1 lunchback of Notrc Dame in medieval Paris.

I 40 Minutes: Autogeddon ( BB( ‘2) ‘).3(1—1(1.1()pm. ()scar-winner.leremy lrons performs the lleathcote Williams poem A (Huger/don. which. as you hipsters who caught it at the lidinburgh Fringe will know. takes an ironic look at the car from a bewildered alien's point ofview.

I So You Think You've Got Troubles( BB( '1:

10— 10.3(1pm. Warren Mitchell stars as lvan Fox. a Jewish widower living in Belfast.

I Drop The Dead Donkey (Channel J.)

11)— l().3()pm. Topical newsroom comedy.

as the team face up to the visit of a Rtissian ;


I Fear In The Dark (Channel 4)

10.3(1—1 1.30pm. Christopher Lee looks at people's fascination with horror movies. using clips from classics and recent releases. Followed by a special l lalloween double-bill of The Hunger and "Hit: Vampire Bat. See preview.

I NB(Scottish) ll).45-~l1.15pni.Forsyth. Campbell and Burnett Pl.(' return w ith more snappy arts coverage.


I Thunderbirds (BB( '2) o n.5npm. i'uu/i ()fl)(’(I!/l is the title of this one. featuringa hapless batik employee trapped in a new security vault. The lugubrious Parker features heavily.

I Roseanne (Channel 4) o—o._‘~()pin. Becky

wages a teen war ofsilencc against her mother.

I The Insiders ( BBCI ) 7.2n 7.5(ipm. The penultimate programme in the series sees

Gordon Kennedy up in Stornoway. trying

clam diving and surfing. under the watchful eye of local Muriel Mackinnon. I Cheers (Channel 4) 9— 9.30pm. Sam and Diane are forced to face up to their

feelings for each other. ie mutual loathing.

in the classic repeats.

I Casually ( BBCl ) 9.31)- 1l).2(lpm. Jimmy 3

Jewel turns up in l lolby ( habitual drunk Sid Towers. who injures his one good leg and upsets the nurses. Typecast again. Jim'.’

I Clochemerle ( BBCZ) 9. .<).3npm. The

rerun satire continues. with the local priest I

(Roy Dotrice ) preaching against the village's new urinal.

I Have I Got News For You ( 138(2) ll)—l().3l)pm. MP Clare Short and comic Nick Hancock join the regulars in the topical quiz game.

72 The List 25 October— 7 November 1991

I Dream On (Channel 4) 1t)— 1().35pm. The wonderfully provocative sitcom continues. with Martin (Brian Benben) being seduced on the photocopier by his boss Valerie. This you've got to see.

I The Word (Channel 4) 11.15pm—12.15am. Including an exclusive interview with American star Keanu Reeves. and Laura Dern of Wilda! Hear! notoriety.

I Mystery Train (BBCZ) l 1.45pm—2. 15am. Richard ()‘Brien introduces more horror tack. including a classic B-Movie from 1956 The Cool A ml The Crazy. 2! hard-hitting expose of the world of teenage dope addicts. Sounds triffic.


I Rugby World Cup Final (Scottish) 1.55—4.45pm. Knocking players groggy with sly left hooks. running punch-ups in the first minute. kicking opponents in the head when they go down and spittingat the ref and calling him a cheat. Just some of the treats we've had so far from the ‘gcntleman'sgame' that Billy Bragg described rather graphically as ‘a load of middle-class wank’. The final has been reached at long last and it's the Brits versus the Antipodeans live from 'I'wickenham. Perm your own choice from lingland. Scotland. New Zealand and Atistralia. with the likely outcome being the William Webb Ellis Trophy remaining south of the liquator for the next four years.

I Sounds DlThe Sixties ( BBCZ) 7.3()—spm. The series for pop nostalgists. replaying BBC archive footage. including such greats as the Beatles. the Stonesand .limmy Saville.

I Birds Of A Feather ( BBCl )8. 15—8.45pm. linda Robson and Pauline Quirke star in the prisoners' wives sitcom. with Lesley Joseph as the lascivious neighbour Dorien.

I Performance: Top Girls ( BBCZ)

9.31)» 10.50pm. Caryl Churchill's satire has been described as the best play of the 8(ls. A successful female company boss hosts a dinner party for female friends and colleagues. Deborah Findlay. Lesley Manville and Lesley Sharp star.

I Saturday Night Clive (BBCl) ‘).4(L~lll.3()pm. Aussie clever-dick Clive James. takes his usual irreverent look at global TV. joined by guest pundits.

I Monkey Grip (BBCZ) 11.25pm—1.115am. A slice of social realism from Down linder. Noni Hazelhurst stars asa determined single mother trying tocope with her drug-addict boyfriend Colin Friels.

I Rallaouine—Child DiThe Terraces (Channel 4) ll.3()pm- 12.20am. Not a soccer movie. but a subtle Tunisian taleof a 13 year-old lad's sexual awakening. Ferid Boughedir's film won awards at Furopean and American festivals.


I Scotspon (Scottish) 5—6pm. Highlights from one of the weekend's top Premier Division games.

I Equinox: Human Waste (Channel 4)

7 Spin. Sewage. sanitation and stuff. Fascinatineg grotesque.

I Trainer(BBCl)S.15—‘).1()pm. Mark (irecnstreet stars in the ‘horse opera' set in a racing stables.

I Not Mozart: M Is For Man. Music. Mozart (BBCZ) 9.40— it). lllpm. First in a seriesof tributes to Wolfgang Amadeus. opening with a typically quirky Peter (ireenaway special. Pete and Wolfgang seem made for each other.

I Rebels With a Cause: The Bad And The Beautiful (Channel 4) lilpm—lZ. 1(lam. Hollywood on Hollywood as Kirk Douglas stars as a 'l'inseltown producer. deserted by the talents be nurtured. lt'sa surprisingly pointed. if melodramatic. film. made all the more watchable by constant reference to actual moviesand


I Cutting Edge: Volvo City (Channel 4) 9—1ilpm. Profile of a Jewish community in North-East London.

I Rumpole or The Bailey (Scottish) 9—10pm. Leo McKern stars as the tubby brief (legal experts will no doubt write in to point out the inaccuracy of thisterm) wondering whether to withdraw his labour. seeing as everyone around him seems to be on strike.

I Scottish Women (Scottish)

10.45—1 1.15pm. Sheena McDonald chairs a debate entitled Here Comes The Bride. tackling the cost ofgetting wed.

I 4-Thought: The Big Picture Show (Channel4) 11.()5pm—12.()5am. Emma Freud presents the first ofa innovative analytical series. opening with a demonstration of the methods and hi-tech tools available to the modern TV producer.


I Quantum Leap (BBCZ) 9—9.50pm. A new series of the imaginative time-travel science drama that makes Channel 4‘s The 'ITHH’ Tunnel look like a dated piece of605 catnp. Which it is. come to think ofit.

I Without Walls: For Love 0r Money (Channel 4) 9—llipm. A report on the Turner Prize. the most prestigious award for the visual arts.

I Making Out ( BBCI ) 9.30—1i).2(lpm. The comedy drama series continues. with Margi Clarke starring as Queenie. backed up by a host ofgrotesques and eccentrics. I Rough Justice: Murder Dr Mystery? (BBCl) 10.20—1 1pm. Return ofthe investigative series presented by David Jessell. opening with a report on the mysterious death of a baby.


I Children Of The North (BBCZ)

9.25— It). 15pm. Second part of the political thriller based in Northern 1re1and.Sec preview.

I The Golden Girls (Channel 4)

10- 10.30pm. Dorothy plucks up courage to face her brother's funeral. Expect lots of mourning gags.

I 8 And M (Channel 4) 10.30—1 1pm. A new improvised comedy series starring heavyweight Mike McShane and innuendo-ridden charmer Tony Slattery. Sec preview.

I Us(Channc14)11—11.45pm.A series looking at black family life in 911s Britain.


I Minder(Scottish) 9—10pm. Arthur Daley and his side-kick Ray venture into haute cuisine in an episode entitled Too M any Crooks.

I 40 Minutes: Anyone For Tennis? (BBCZ) 9.3()— l(). 10pm. John Pitman’s film uncovers the protocols. snobbery and camaraderie of a London tennis club. Whatever he uncovers. you can bet it won‘t be anyone who's actually any good at the game.

I So You Think You've Got Troubles (BBC!) iii—10.30pm. More post-AlfGarnett sitcoming with Warren Mitchell.

I NB (Scottish) 10.45—1 1 . 15pm. Out and about on the Scottish arts scene with the usual trio of presenters.

I Scottish Books (Scottish)

11.15—1 1.45pm. Jenny Brown introduces discussion and reviews of the latest literary releases.