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- - “m sermr-nvlm- \\ 9 single building would soon //’ K "' o / :- I Princes Street Walkway need to be demolished /;/ // x - \r’ ‘<\\\

The strange design ofthe and reconstructed, new buildings (John However the planners

. . I 3. The destruction ofsome ' Menznes. Littlewoods etc) could not agree how to . _ : 2000 homes as we" as the I on Princes Street stems carry the walkway across V

Pear Tree pub to make

from a formal Castle. Frederick and I Inner Link Road- . way for a car park The i requircmcm laid d0“ in Hanover Streets and the Edinburgh's Corporation : Pear Tree survived but i the 605 that all new regulation was withdrawn manners i much ofthe pleasancc and f d'~“"CI(’Pmcms 5h”Uld_ in the 03T1Y8()5thnthc _ In 1966. city planners St Leonard‘s Streetwere i“0'90th 1‘ PCdC-‘man "CW C&A blinding W85 k” proposed a radical ! demolished. St Mary‘s walkway on the first floor allowed to be errected "- developmcm for i Street had a narrow 1‘3"“- Thc idea “'35 With a Straight frontagc- , Edinburgh‘s roads. These f escape after vociferous ' ' plans blighted the ' campaigning by local

Southside for years and conservation groups.

involved: 4. A six-lane motorway

1. A speedway along across the Meadows and

Queen Street ending in a along the top of the Water

tunnel under Charlotte of Leith in Stockbridge.

Square. a 5. A huge circular road at

2. Tunnels going under 3 Tollcross was also

the Royal Mile and ; envisaged and the

through Calton Hill to end ! proprietors ofthe

at a roundabout on ; now-defunct Goldberg‘s

Picardy Place at the topof store chose their site to be Leith Walk - the only part of the project actually realised.

on its circumference.

I BBC Headquarters During the mid-705 with the prospect ofa Scottish Assembly about to open on Calton Hill, the BBC planned to move its Scottish headquarters through from Queen Margaret Drive in Glasgow to a new purpose-built complex beside the Playhouse on Greenside Place. This design by Arup Associates

was one ofthe three I Empire Theatre shortlisted schemes and After more the forty years W '- __. . } it npaéégbbcefigibuilt in of dithering over plans for ages-QR . ‘1 wwwxflw M caf y bbl d h an opera house for g“ 33816 n0 8 t c

Beeb's licence fee income.

Edinburgh. something is

/ ' at last being done. The Dis"‘“c°“"ci"°c°""y I- 5225’: purchased the old Empire i '

\‘s u: so 3 . g i... ‘34-: ~ —. Thcdtrcendhavc , .. _ . Illospltalltylnn . '3» M commiSSionedarchitects ' - " ' ' for“ g 1,“? a. . ~ p . z : Insteadofthepromised " " Law& Dunbar Nasmith - r“ ' '-‘ , !

BBC Headquraters, this is what we are going to get. Another new hotel, this time for Hospitality lnns and designed by Covell Matthews. The lower half ' of the site has already

' opened as a multi~storey carpark.

to convert it into a world class lyric ' theatre. The

recently unveiled plans , include the replacement l ofthe existing and rather

drab facade with a new

glass enclosure over three storeys high which will be ; set back from the street. 5

. ' —L E_

The List 8—21 NoveTnBer 1991 13