Thomson, Andy Garcia. 101 mins. A notable shift away from the Bard for the golden boy of British theatre in his first Hollywood outing. Branagh plays cynical, Los Angeles-based private detective Mike Church, an expert at tracing heirs and missing persons. His latest case involves discovering the identity of a beautiful young woman who has no memory ofher own, but relives the nightmares of a murdered woman. Old-fashioned Hitchcockian thriller, carried offwith much style. Glasgow: Cannon Clarkston Road, Cannon The Forge, Cannon Sauchiehall Street, Grosvenor. Edinburgh: Cannon, UCI. Central: Cannon. Strathclydc: Cannon, Kelburne, Odeon Ayr,UC1Clydebank. UCl East Kilbride.

I Doad Ringers (18) (David Cronenberg, US, 1988) Jeremy Irons, Genevieve Bujold. Heidi Palleske. 115 mins. Extraordinary examintion of sexual jealousy on identical twins. lrons plays gynaecologists. arrogant Elliot and the more studious Beverly Mantle, who fall in love with fading actress Claire Niveau when their clinic treats her infertility. As the emotional turmoils mount up, the trio become involved in a frightening downward spiral of drug-induced mania. Deeply melancholic, irrationally powerful exercise in wayward psychology, which boasts magnificent and carefully differentiated characterisation from Irons. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Do The RightThing (l8) (Spike Lee, US. 1989) Spike Lee, Danny Aiello, Ossic Davis, John Turturro. 119 mins. New York‘s deprived Bedford-Stuyvesant district on the hottest day of the summer, and racial tension escalates between Italian-American Sal (Aiello), his two sons and the mainly black local community who make up the bulk of his customers. As the situation worsens and violence looks a possibility, Sal’s black delivery boy Mookie (Lee) ponders how

to do the right thing. A forceful exploration of the socio-economic and

cultural causes behind white racism, Lee‘s

film also operates as a tightly controlled multi-character drama. Glasgow: GFT. I Doc Hollywood (12) (Michael Caton-Jones, US. 1991) Michael J. Fox, Julie Warner, Bridget Fonda, Frances Sternhagen, Barnard Hughes. 104 mins. On his way to an obscenely lucrative position as a LA plastic surgeon, smug doctor Ben Stone (Fox) misses the interstate exit and ends up in mythical small-town America, where he is sentenced to eighteen hours community service for demolishing the local judge’s fence. Good natured humour and tentative romance keep the movie bubbling along, but despite Fox‘s talents as a light comic actor, he doesn‘t quite pull this one off. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge, Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: UCl. Strathclydc: La Scala,UC1 Clydebank, UCl East Kilbride. I Doctor Petiot ( 12) (Christian de Chalonge, France, 1990) Michel Serrault, Pierre Romans, Zbigniew Horoks. 102 mins. See review. Glasgow: GFT. I Driving Miss Daisy (U) (Bruce Beresford, US, 1989) Jessica Tandy, Morgan Freeman, Dan Aykroyd. 99 mins. The winner of four Oscars, including Best Film and Best Actress for Jessica Tandy. This film adaptation of Alfred Uhry‘s Pulitzer-winning play, charts the relationship between gentlewoman Tandy and her chauffeur Freeman. The narrative spans several decades of gradually shifting attitudes and developing racial consciousness. An affecting mosaic of everyday pride and prejuduce which reveals a deeply-laid insight into human behaviour, presented throughout with wonderful pacing. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Drop Dead Fred (12) (Ate de Jong, US, 1991) Rik Mayall, Phoebe Cates, Marsha Mason, Carrie Fisher. 99 mins. When she isn‘t seeing Gremlins, it seems that Ms

Cates is conjuring up her imaginary childhood friend Drop Dead Fred (Mayall in his Stateside debut) despite the fact that she‘s now well into adulthood. Puerile comedy that fails to be enlivened even by Mayall's manic performance. Glasgow: Odeon. Edinburgh: Odeon. UCl. Strathclydc: UCl Clydebank, UCl East Kilbride.

I Earth Girls Are Easy (PG) (Julien Temple. US. 1988) Geena Davis, Jeff Goldblum, Michael McKean. Charles Rocket. 100 mins. A small spaceship crash-lands in a Californian manicurist‘s swimming pool. Out step three furry aliens to enjoy the plastic delights ofbeach culture and, once they shave off their fur. the attentions of the native girls. Emphatically, but quite creatively. tasteless musical comedy which. on the whole, does a good job of lampooning the social whirl in which consumption is king and jargon the language of fools. For sure. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

I Edward Scissorhands (PG) (Tim Burton. US, 1991 ) Johnny Depp. Winona Ryder. Dianne Wiest. Vincent Price. 105 mins. Burton follows up the excesses of Batman with this fairy tale for the 90s. which works as a welcome return to the darker side of the genre. Depp is the unfinished creation ofThe lnventor (Price). who lives alone in a crumbling mansion. unable to even scratch his nose without needing stitches. Discoverd by a friendly Avon lady. his talent for coiffure and topiary makes him a neighbourhood favourite until tragedy strikes. Beautifully shot, tenderly acted and full ofhidden depths. Edinburgh: UCI. Strathclydc: Odeon Ayr, UCl Clydebank, UCl East Kilbride.

I Edward II (18) (Derek Jarman, UK.

1991 ) Steven Waddington, Tilda Swinton, Andrew Tiernan. NigelTerry. 90mins. Christopher Marlowe‘s 16th century play was a tale of illicit love. jealousy and regicide. Jarman‘s reworking ofthe script

makes the central themes more relevant to the present day, with particular emphasis on the repressed love between Edward and his friend Gaveston. Glasgow: GFT. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Elvis Live —That's rho Way it Is (U) (Denis Saunders, US, 1970) Elvis Presley. 108 mins. A celebration of the King’s return. after nearly a decade in the doldrums. to live performance, Saunders‘ largely uncritical documentary combines footage of Presley‘s Las Vegas concerts with interviews with fans and entourage. Oodles of material for Elvis Obsessives, but only the odd glimpse of former glories to enthuse the uncommitted. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Elvis On Tour (PG) (Pierre Adidge/Robert Abel, US, 1972) Elvis Presley. Vernon Presley, Jackie Kahane. 93 mins. Watchable. but unrevealing, portrait of the King and his courtiers on tour, with additional clips from the Ed Sullivan show, culminating in a ‘history of Elvis‘ montage. As bitty as itsounds. Edinburgh: Cameo. I The Emperor‘s Naked Army Marches 0n (15)(KazuoHara.Japan,1987)Kenzo Okuzaki, Shizumi Okuzaki. Kichitaro Yamada. 123 mins. Hara‘s doumentary on Kenzo Okuzaki, who staged a one-man campaign to lay the blame forJapan‘s conduct in WWII at the feet ofthe Emperor, defies the conventions ofthe genre and touched on so many ofthe country‘s taboos that no majorJapanese distributor would handle it. Rough and raw, but undoubtedly compulsive. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I The Fisher King (15) (Terry Gilliam. US. 1991 ) Robin Williams. JeffBridges, Amanda l’lummer, Mercedes Ruehl. 137 mins. A suicidal former radio DJ (Bridges) and a drop-out former professor of medieval history go in search ofthe Holy Grail in contemporary New York. The visual splendour of Gilliam’s previous movies— Time Bandits and Baron

V ’—.l|.-

“Wullie’s come a long way to see his son—— All the way back from the dead.”

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