Hart on Night and Day. Nicki Sudden was. and and Harold Mabern has now REM have lashed


I uueen: Greatest Hits ll Ron Caner and themselves on board in an (Padophone) Quite DeJohnette on Straight effort to make Sudden the something when a band Street. All solid gold. but star that logic dictated he

can confidently celebrate the Rubalcaba and Allen never could be. An their longevity and setsjust shade it for me. endearing, country-tinged continuing mass appeal by (Kenny Mathieson) acoustic number this.

issuing a superbsecond I liumllialta: played fairly straight. with ‘Greatest Hits‘ collection. Uruparnpa/Live at the the haywire lyrics saved Queen are such an Edinburgh Festival for the B-sidc. (AM)


institution. You know the (flumillalta Recordings) . Anion And The Moon;

$0085- 1981 ‘0 1991. We always been i Colour You/Chase It (Beaux

‘Under Pressure', ‘lt‘s A impressed by the variety Beam) studious debut e .p_ Hard Life‘. ‘I Want To of sounds South American grassroots gigging

Break Free‘. ‘One musicians can produce by apprenticeship partly

Vision‘. ‘Radio Ga Ga'—

! blowingthrough different

fulfilled. Kilmarnock‘s

so no quibbles. Just say that these are exhilarating instances of Queen‘s operatic pomp-rock— overacted. frequently

lengths or bamboo» and Anton And The Moon the fun range» from turn their attentions . delicate to full-blooded. vinylwards. And like in mde‘0 manlcvarc the gigs. it's ‘Chase lt‘that displayed“) Stirrmgdfca wins out. lumpy piano and ham moments 0‘ ! 0n the POP!!!“ 301M“ jumpy drums tussle with emotional melodrama folkies‘ new recordings. chugga-chugga guitars; an driven by May‘s singular ; The first is dedicated to altogether mmc “near Suitarwork and Mcrcurt‘s l “MothcrEarth, the thrillthan the slightlv eloquent vocal delivery. cosmos and the infinitc‘, uneven .Colour Y()u'~_ Once the Nureyev of and includes songs tothe Strident mighty‘ and hard-YOCK. Queen have miners and native eyepswsnghuy epic. blossomed effortlessly Amazonians. some Jaggy pop of bristling into being p0p‘s very own conveyapowerfulanger peaks. (CMCL)

1 1th November


Operation Spirit, Good Pain, Heaven Wore A Shirt, Negation.

available on CD and 1-2"

Quentin Crisp. Here‘s to at human and I wring out; The Next Big cat. nos: MCDOOI and RARTOOI

volume three. (Paul W. environmental flung (Anya Town) They

Hullah) exploitation. others Should be wearing

I Eric Clapton: 24 Nights lament what has already identikit suits and bobbing

(Duck) Greil Marcus has been lost and destroyed, ; from side to side in .

said that if anyone asked while the title track isa unison. White Oui‘ quite N G S G him where the spirit of i tranquil. melodic u improbably‘ are a beat ,

Robert Johnson resided. ? celebration of the sun‘s

he would point to ‘Layla'. and 1‘" go along with that. So what happened? Eric got the girl. beat the booze and declined from rock titan to the charlatan that pumps out cosy. turgid albums like this. There‘s no mistaking it: by the time he got to the point of playing 24 nights at the Albert Hall. Clapton‘s priorities were seriously out of whack. He played with a four-piece band. a nine-piece. a blues band and an orchestra. and the resulting recording is complacent. spark-free MOR glop. beside which Phil Collins would stand as a fearless explorer of the parameters of the human soul. The pilot light is out. the musiCIans are intolerably wooden, and ‘God"s solos are outclassed by Buddy Guy's at every turn. A sad. sad record. (Alastair Mabbott)

I Gonzalo Rubalcaba: The Blessing (Something Else) The piano trio has been one of the most productive formats in recent jazz, and Cuban pianist Rubalcaba is no exception. Expressive and colourful in up—tempo mode and tender as new grass on ballads, he has the benefit of Charlie Haden and Jack DeJohnette (sounding better than on his electro-dominated Blue Note release Earth Walk) as collaborators. J ust to prove my point about piano trios. I‘ll bring three more deserving titles to your notice, all from DIW. Haden and Paul Motion join Geri Allen on LiveAt The Village Vanguard . George Cables has Cecil McBee and Billy

combo. With impeccably

regenerative power. The second. on limited advance release to tie in wih the band‘s current Scottish dates. is a "best of‘ compilation which effectively captures the energy of the band's live shows. Neither breaks any new ground -- to these untrained European ears, much of the music starts to sound the same after a while -- but the old ground remains pretty fertile territory. (Sue Wilson)

I Jerry Garcia Band: Jerry Garcia Band (Minn/Robert Hunter: Box Of Rain

' (Ryirodisc) Among a flood

of Grateful Dead-related product come these two live recordings from 1990. The double-CD from the band‘s legendary guitarist Jerry Garcia is weighed down with overlong and somnambulistic versions of such standards as ‘I Shall Be Released' (over nine minutes at 59 BPM). But the competent backing band give Captain Trips the space to live up to his psychedelic nickname in songs like ‘Deal‘, which fairly romps along by comparison. For Deadheads it‘s a must. but would have a wider audience if it were a single CD. Hunter is the Dead‘s lyricist and part oftheir extended family. This solo effort explains why he has never been part of the Dead‘s live experience. Box Of Rain? Box Of Pain more like. (Thom Dibdin)


I lllltlti Sudden: I Belong To You (UFO) Greetings to all who noticed that Phones B Sportsperson wasn't in the Swell Maps (he was in the TV Personalities), but

attired panache their first single transcends the alcohol-fuelled madness i of their live performances. l The vocals may be too low i in the mix but the black and white resonances are impeccable enough to ; compensate. Didn't I see them on Sounds ()fThe i Sixties last night? (CMcL) I Captain America: Wow! I (Paperhouse) Here's what you need to know about Captain America‘s maiden thrashabout: ‘Wow!‘ is Pretty Good! A Caustic! Snarling! Leaden! Romp! Sounds! A Bit! Like Gumball! And Grinds! Like A Monster Peppermill! Only quibble being that in an effort to capture that genuine garage spontaneity. it sounds like the band sought one out to record in. A bit more elbow grease in future. and the lustre will shine through. (F5)

I Perspex Whiteout: You Turn On My World (Sunflower) Girls. eh? The root ofall evil and the origin of all pleasure. And. lo. the ‘Spex have one ofthat very species providing the rhythmic backbone to their languid. wistful musings on the subject. Listless vocals. hesitant backbeat and the occasional squall ofindie guitars this is so simple and uncluttered you can almost see those anoraks and that Razorcuts flexidisc collection. Ah. but they do it so well. (FS)


: Daiy Spillane James Delaney~Grcg Boland ~ Paul Moran £03m“ O’Neil]


mm was“


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