There‘s alwa 5 been a L . d-ance element tyo his music. I 03“ LVN?“ PeVilmade They called him Crazy Horse "18 W83! a hill ilk“ IS- . (or was that Emlyn Whaddaya wanna do. ruin. _ Hughes?) Neil Young's me? Laura Wild At Heart . latest gels the critical Dem gets to the wardrobe treatment on the Music review section.

department last again in Rambling Hose. See Film preview.

Ten tedium-tree zones for your fortnightly lrolics.

Amadeus More anniversary celebrations for Wolfgang. this time in the form ofa lively version of

- Peter Schaffer's quirky play at Glasgow‘s Theatre Royal. Look out

I Bays. mo com to make for Toyah Willcox (always a useful decentTVpresenters? l PlCCCOfadVICCl

Make your own mind up

when Roger Tabor presents The Angel With Closed Eyes Hi-tech

a new series on ourteline theatre and dance inspired by Wim Dals- 389 TV “Sllngs- Wenders‘ Wings ()fl)esire. A Japan

Festival event at Edinburgh St Bride‘s Centre.

Scotland v San Marino Ifwe hammer this Italian hilltop on 13 November, we just might make the European Championships for the first time ever. Just maybe. Afternoon kick-off at Hampden Park.

Spinning a Line Traverse Theatre unveils its annual showcase ofplays. talks and readings by untried writers, : featuring graduates ofthe Traverse/

BBC Scotland Enter scheme among _ the performances running until

I .cnme on Mr Loony, "is Sunday 17 November. i tea-towel time.’ Eccentric ; ! goings-on in Roddy Steve Williamson A young British

McMillan's The Bevellers, presented by The Royal Lyceum Theatre. llyou don‘t know whatbevellers are. see Theatre listings. The Trials 0f 02 The last gasp of the hippy generation is re-created in a BBC drama written by the defence solicitor at the original trial. Crazy mannnn. crazy.

saxman blowing up a neat jazz and funk synthesis at the Queen‘s Hall.

The Fisher King Terry (iilliam's latest realistic fantasy sort of thing has a

. . . . . . .. fairly straightending butthe rest isa "I:.‘3.‘3‘3‘3'.'~.'~.'-.'~7 delight. At a cinema nearyou . . .oh, you know.

III-I E < I“ = h


The Field Mice The latest examples of rodents in pop. playing Edinburgh Potterrow and Glasgow King Tuts. Dancier than they were. but still a

I Archetypal Peter Howson images drawn lrom the

darkerside of Glasgow city culture are on display at the


Scottish Galleryin mile POPPY Edinburgh's George Street. See Art listings. Pigtace No. not you missus. they‘re

an industrial dance-terrorism supergroup it says here. pounding the PA at Edinburgh Venue.

James Yes. we know we had them last issue but they’re in Edinburgh this time. Sound. as their new single tells you.

The List 8— Zl November NW 3