Men, muses,

and myths

Miranda France meets Ashley Cook, Glaswegian

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While the cities at either end oi Scotland’s central belt slug it out lor cultural and commercial supremacy, the communities at what Liz Lochhead i has called the ‘pockmarked, slag- i scarred, scraped land' in between 5 struggle with the consequences oi pit \ closures and industrial decline, largely ' .. unnoticed except lor idle glances irom passing Sprinter trains. It is on this landscape that Fred Crayk locuses in . his latest paintings, portraying it as a [

three-year project - initiated by the (ioethe-lnstitut to turn a derelict site in (iarncthill i into a spectacular

playground designed by environmental artist. Dieter Magnus. The playground features a water landscape with sluice gates. an aerial runway. trechotises and a giant chess board.


I Drawn to Trouble: The

blighted, ignored wasteland, scarred

and ruined by the conilict between _ . - , I. l. y. Forging at all Artist liric humanity and name. _ A .K“ t y . . g A “Chi—10H](’N'tillnStrCillll. Beneath lurid sulphurous skies, huge E ' iii-‘3’: ”“ '1“f-",h‘;."f looming bings in sombre browns and , But while these anti-pastoral Although there is plenty 0t emotion. 233,2”): "I .3125“: 32,12, ,hc desolate black overshadow leatureless i landscapes, moral and cultural as there are no people in these paintings. on, , stations tart] .. t-httt- .. orev tl0llStllll blocks Poetlelt thtt mean 5 much as physical, embody and and people are Surely the key to week. llebborn has been dark windows. The surlaces oi the ; dramatise the prolound alienation healing post-industrial wounds- I'm decribctl as the maker of paintings are rippled and cracked, 5 between humankind and nature, and willing to bet that there are large 'thc finest artfakcs hi the roughened and scraped by the coal dust i the human misery it has brought, there numbers at resolute, resilient, leth worm)“. and his and shale grit mixed in with the i is an awkward paradox at work. For it resourcelul individuals actually living works hang in honors thickly-smeared paint. Titles such as was thanks to environmentally in this No-Man‘s Land, determinedly Cf"'“l‘“i‘“l”{”f ‘f'y' I‘l‘.‘ “W ‘Parnossos’ and ‘Harvest’ set on an destructive man-made industries that picking up the pieces and building new f;;;.f,,'n,,fi,'jr;‘,, if,“ ,, mm ironic commentary on the pastoral the region in question once thrived, frameworks tor their communities, who rM‘ulcy hwmlcm, L. ' tradition In oalntlno; poetic beauty is and thanks to their loss that it has would be considerably insulted by the tug at the art world than .. here notable tor its absence, and the sutiered. There is also a sense that unremitting hopelessness ol Crayk’s gcnllc lug. Behind the eleglac sense at loss, characteristic ol Crayk's gloomy pessimism, ehectively vision. (Sue Wilson) smiles. of course. lurks .r . the Wire. is hetlltlteltelt and and stirrineg conveyed though it is, is , Fred Crayk: No-Man's Land is at the """S‘ “W?” ‘“‘“‘“"‘L" i Sharpen“ by 8" untorolvlno ancor. somewhat selt-indulgently overblown. i Talbot Rice Gallery until Sat 16 Nov. i “h” """mg h”"“ J

8— 21 November lWi 61